106 adjectives starting with the letter "T" (2023)

106 adjectives starting with the letter "T" (1)

    Adjectives starting with T


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You may not know it yet, but "T" is one of your favorite letters. From yourstalentedfriends toanotherlake, "T" is the beginning of somehugeadjectives you will never feelunbearable.Adjectivesare words that describe nouns (people, places, things and ideas) and are essential to writing, speaking and simply being a person. "T" offers some of the mostreliable,deliciousadjectives that can be used depending on mood, occasion and personality.

Positive adjectives starting with "T"

If you want to keep a positive attitude, adjectives starting with the letter "T" offer atemptingcombination of options to choose from. From yourstrendsfriends whose clothes always match perfectlyunsurpassedcookie, your life is full of things that deserve itpositive adjective.

consideratediplomatic; can express criticism without hurting othersdecent, prudent, reasonable
talentedto have a natural ability or skill for somethingtalented, expert, brilliant
temptinginteresting, excitingalluring, enticing, persuasive
delicioussuitable, attractive; In good tastesophisticated, charming, exquisite
tastyaromatic; appealing to the taste budsdelicious, tempting, sweet
persistentpersistent; stubborn; holding on tightstrong, persistent, determined
placesoft; delicategentle, loving, gentle
soft heartedcompassionate; soft heartedsensitive, sensitive, kind
terrifyingvery good; intensivelyamazing, wonderful, wonderful
gratefulgrateful; contentgrateful, obliged, obliged
therapeuticmedicinal; having healing powersregenerates, corrects, beneficial
imaginedconsiderate of otherscareful, careful, careful
excitingexciting; temptingelectrifying, captivating, sensational
blossomvery successful; flourishingprosperous, flourishing, flourishing
cleanneat, clean or orderlyorganized, neat, orderly
perfectlyThe highest qualityperfect, best, perfect
titaniclarge size and strengthcolossal, golem, herculean
excitingexciting in a fun wayexciting, charming, alluring
excellentfirst classperfect, extraordinary, perfect
heavystrong and durablestrong, resistant, solid
unsurpassedexceptional; surpassing the usualextraordinary, fantastic, sublime
anothercalm; relaxing environmentcalm, relaxed, soothing
hugevery good; of great scale, size or magnitudehuge, overwhelming, stunning
trendsmodern, in step with the latest fashion trendsmodern, contemporary, trendy
lawnreliable, consistentfaithful, reliable, credible
hottendency to believe in others; take it for grantedgullible, believer, trustworthy


Negative adjectives starting with "T"

As much as we like to keep a positive attitude, some things (and people) simply deserve a negative descriptor. WITHdespoticteachers yesfrighteningworking days orunbearabletasks, every day brings new opportunitiesto attemptout.

tabuwhich society considers unacceptable or inappropriateforbidden, forbidden, forbidden
stickyrevulsion; it's not fashionablecheap, flashy, dirty
tactlessinsensitive to the feelings of otherscareless, thoughtless, callous
sufferinglate, latelate, incorrect, late
distastefulbland or boring; devoid of aesthetic valueboring, tasteless, uninspired
torn apartpoderan, pohaban; koristi sedamaged, torn, worn
nekvalitetanbright; effective but cheap to maketasteless, vulgar, cheesy
aggravatingphysically or mentally demanding; burdensomein effort, fun, stress
strenuouslong and tiring, often characterized by monotonyboring, trivial, boring
closelycharacterized by mental or nervous tensiontense, stressed, wounded
terrifyingextremely scarydisturbing, creepy, horrible
frighteningunpleasant; tryinghorrible, disgusting, terrible
irritableirritable; irritatingly impatientvexed, peevish, peevish
irritableprickly, covered with thorns; heavytroublesome, thorny, irritating
dangerouslyominous; it was intended to be hostilethreatening, disturbing, ominous
unbearablecause someone to feel irritable or exhaustedirritating, irritating, tiresome
strenuousstrenuous; causing fatiguedemanding, exhausting, exacting
cheeringcomplex and difficult to follow; full of twistsconvoluted, circuitous, convoluted
toxictoxic; having a harmful effectnoxious, noxious, pernicious
tragicextremely sad; suggests tragedysad, fatal, miserable
treacherouscharacteristic of someone who betrays trusttreacherous, deceitful, deceitful
traumaticmentally illterrifying, terrifying, unspeakable
cunningit involves betraying one's own countrydisloyal, treacherous, betrayal
problematiccausing difficulties or problems; which leads to irritationdisturbing, annoying, irritating
absentneglect of duties or obligations; absent (usually at school)missing, missing, unaccountable
to attemptirritating, difficult; straining patience and enduranceheavy, heavy, heavy
despoticoppressor, dominant, cruel; abuse of powerdespotic, authoritarian, brutal
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Neutral adjectives starting with "T"

Most things in life are not as binary asGoodandbad. You often need these neutral adjectives for descriptioncloselyPants,pouringstorms andcoolHouse

adapted(dressed) fit and well-cut, with a neat appearancecustom, custom, custom
clawedarmed with claws or clawsclaws
tamehe is not wild; domesticatedgentle, domesticated, harmless
tangentialdeviation from the main point; barely touching or slightly joinedunrelated, divergent, aloof
noticeablecan be recognized by the sense of touchpalpable, palpable, concrete
intricateinterlaced or mixed; complicatedintricate, twisted, complex
equivalentequal or nearly the same ascomparable, comparable, identical
closelystretched or tightenedtense, stiff, firm
teachableable to learn; (of a subject or idea) that can be learnedavailable, qualified, trainable
crowdedoverflow; is swarmingobilan, pun, pun
eloquentdiscoveries with significant impactconvincing, significant, solid
timerelating to time; relating to material and temporal issuesearthly, worldly, physical
temporaryit only lasts for a limited period of timeunstable, transitory, short-lived
coolsummer; lack of enthusiasmhalf-hearted, bland, unenthusiastic
thinskinny slimtank, far, fin
closelycomfortable; closely aligned with each othertight, tight, tight
Right nowshowing up at the right time; at the right momentconvenient, convenient, convenient
smalljacket opposite; minusculemicroscopic, miniature, tiny
tolerantaccepting; endure withopen, indulgent, gentle
in totaltotal amount; everything from somethingabsolute, complete, comprehensive
hothot as hell; passionatedry, sizzling, fiery
tropicalsomething special or from the tropics; warm and humidequatorial, sultry and hot
tubularround and emptycylindrical, tube-like
cloudyopaque; of unclear appearance, meaning or impactcloudy, cloudy, cloudy
nadutswollen, bloatedbloated, swollen, swollen
flickergreat, great, greatbright, bright, shining
uvrnutdistorted; gnarledtangled, tangled, tangled
typicalordinary; expectedconventional, ordinary, normal


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Adjectives starting with the letter "T" to describe people and personalities

You will never find two people with the same personality. There can be one persontalkativewhile the othersilent. You can have ittireda friend ortimidAssociate. Whoever you meet, they are therereliableadjectives ondescribe each personality.

silentrestrained in speech, prone to silence in conversationquiet, restrained, laconic
assume responsibilitiescapable of assuming responsibility or controlpowerful, capable, enthusiastic
talkativetalkative, talkative; likes to talk to otherstalkative, eloquent, sociable
highto have growth, growthtall, lofty, slender
anti-alcoholicassociated with abstinence from intoxicating drinksteetotaler, sober, moderate
Explosiveprone to sudden and frequent mood changesmoody, irritable, unpredictable
anointedeffectively concise and informativeshort, rough, expressive
fat headstupid, boringsmart, smart, smart
callousinsensitive to insults, criticism and reproacheshard, hardened, impermeable
exactextremely attentive to details; to have mastery of a craft or talentcomprehensive, intensive, meticulous
savingthrifty, cautious in spendingmiserly, economical, miserly
buriedcheap, stingythrifty, thrifty, penny pincher
pursed lipscharacterized by very little conversation or suppression of emotionsquiet, reserved, guarded
timideasily startled; showing a lack of courage or braveryshy, cowardly, weak
timidpun strahashy, worried, scared
tiredsleepy, need sleepexhausted, tired, tired
tirelesshaving seemingly endless energyenergetic, determined, tireless
inertinactive or slow; boring, apatheticlethargic, lazy, indolent
rezakexpressive or energetic in expressionpointed, clear, distinct
stairsfrightened or frightenedafraid, timid, fearful
worriedtroubled by conflicts or problemsworried worried worried
earthyaggressively hostile, eager to quarrel or fightwarlike, brave, combative
sincerelyloyal, faithful, honesthonest, loyal, honorable
reliabletrustworthy or reliabletrustworthy, reliable, authentic
Twitteraodefeated by romantic feelingsin love, in love, obsessed


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Example sentences for adjectives starting with "T"

Donein totaladjectives starting with the letter "T", it's worth looking at example sentences to learn how to use all these adjectives correctly.

  1. Thetalenteda musician could expertly play any composition on the piano with one listen.
  2. No matter how often she falls, shepersistentattitude meant she always got up and tried again.
  3. Finally, it's time to throwtorn apartshirt.
  4. Just what she needed after a busy daytastyhamburger to cheer her up.
  5. i need morenoticeablemanual to really learn the concept.
  6. The list of strange seasonal drinks told me it wasn't yourstypicalcafe.
  7. He kept telling side stories that aretangentialto the main lesson.
  8. It was a dogtimidat first, but he quickly liked me.
  9. He becamecallousafter so many years of criticism.
  10. He considered the process of making furniture unusualstrenuous.
  11. Theanotherthe forest was more relaxing than the busy city.
  12. Hertrendsfriends always knew what was in fashion.
  13. The company offered severalexcellentWork.
  14. Theunsurpassedthe cake made my day.
  15. She came backperfectlyshape after a good sleep.
  16. After so much study, they really needed itRight nowpause.
  17. Duct tape was just thattemporaryrepaired until contact with mechanic.
  18. TheintricateWorking with the yarn was really hard work.
  19. Her muscles werecloselyafter an hour of lifting weights.
  20. The team wasgratefulfor a day off.


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Lots of great words to a "T".

Now that your brain is fulltastyadjectives that start with the letter "T", you can add even more parts of speech to your vocabulary. Knowing as many T-words as possible will give you an edge in all word games and improve your writing and speaking skills.

  • Nouns starting with the letter "T"
  • Verbs that start with "T"
  • Words to a "T" for word games


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