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The purpose of this article is to present a thoughtful and wonderful list of positive words that start with the letter T!

Whether you're going through a breakup, a tough time at work, or just trying to get over a setback, a few positive words to yourself can magically get you back in the game.

If you startthink positivethen you will see extraordinary changes in your life.

So let's go straight to this list of positive words that start with the letter T:

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Complete list of positive words starting with T

To get you started, we have a complete list of positive words that start with the letter T. Sticking to these words will make you look talented.

The Holy of HoliesequipmentRate
contactMatchingMade to measure
TakeTake controlTalent
talentedTo talkTalkative
Can tanTandemNoticeably
Flavor creatortastydelicious
deliciousdeliciousHe taught
Teacher, teacher, professorTeachingTim
Team memberTeam serviceTeam player
Team spiritteamworktee book
ModeratelyKusicAn attempt
PurchaseConditionWith a soft heart
SootheTo softenGently
FortunatelyGratitudeA thank you note
Thank youThanksgivingWorthy of gratitude
AccuracyAt full speedConceived
imaginedForethoughtIt encourages thinking
Three timesSavingSaving
Thumbs upTickleTickling
Little onesCleanclosely
TimeTrue to traditionTimeless
ActualityRight nowTime
Saving timeShadeitching
Little onesDelightExciting
Dress upTitleCertificat of ownership
Title holderStaringtickling
ExcitementTostPani toast
TodayPravdaHe took
TootleThe topTop brass
of the highest rankThe highest levelTop row
The tallestExcellentDressing
The highest qualitytop layerLamp
TorchbearerTostmasterIn total
WholeFully tubularcontact
MovementheavyTough love
ReloadA journeyTraveled
MolassesTreasureTo heal
stepped onStandDana
A journeyTriple crownTrisagion
Police officerTrophyCarefree
TroubleshootingTroveSHE'S RIGHT
True bluesincere heartReally
UfnyFoundationWith trust
He saysTrueTell the truth
TruthfulnessTo attemptCar
TubularTuitionI'm sorry
A melodistTurbochargerTurgentnyj
milestoneTutorPrivate lessons
TwitterA powerful manCylinder

Positive words starting with T to describe a person

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to describe a person because it is hard to find the right words. Sticking to the following positive words that start with the letter T can be your lifesaver in such situations.

RateconsiderateTake control
Teacher, teacher, professorTimTeam member
Dress upTogetherTolerant
The topTemperamentAnother

Positive words that start with T to encourage you

Encourage yourselfthe key to a happy life, true? Inspirational words that start with the letter T can be very helpful. Be sure to read these words to feel the joy.

deliciousTealTeam member
ConfirmationThankWorthy of gratitude
TitanicThe topExcellent
heavyA journeyTriumph
SHE'S RIGHTtrumpConfidence

Positive words that start with T to praise others

Do you sometimes lack the words to praise others? These kind words that start with T can help you in such situations. Trust me, a compliment can literally make someone's day.

Team membertemptingPersistent
Title holderExcellentCylinder
TransformTo healOgroman
TrendsetterTrue blueUfny
ReliableTrueA melodist
A powerful man

Positive words starting with T - definitions and examples

After reviewing the list of positive words that start with the letter T, the next step is to review the definitions and examples for further study.

The Holy of Holies: a large building or tent used for evangelistic services.

equipment: equipment needed for a task or sport; running; equipment.

- Oprema za fishing.

Rate: ability and sensitivity in dealing with others or in difficult matters; sensitivity; understanding.

"The inspector gave me this message tactfully and prudently.

considerate: having or showing skill and sensitivity in working with others or solving difficult matters; careful; sensitive.

"They need tactical advice.

Tactics: an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific goal; strategy; diagram.

“The minority tried to take control of the Council using stalling tactics.

contact: associated with the sense of touch.

– Vocal and visual cues lose importance as tactile cues increase.

contact: another word for touch.

Matching: (of clothing) elegant, close-fitting and well-cut.

– Tailored suit in charcoal gray color.

Made to measure: (of clothes) made by a tailor for a particular customer.

– Tailoring of suits.

Take: to grab (something) with hands; reach and hold; to catch; grab.

Mrs. Morgan took another cookie.

Take control: to take control, command, care or guardianship.

Talent: natural abilities or skills; talent; ability.

"He has more talent than any other player.

talented: to have a natural ability or skill for something; talented; skilfully.

– A gifted young musician.

To talk: to speak to convey information or express ideas or feelings; to talk or communicate with words; to talk; to vote.

The two men were talking.

Talkative: likes to talk or is willing to talk; chatty; talkative.

The chatty driver continued to speak.

High: large or greater than average in height, especially (in relation to the object) in relation to width; large; high.

– A tall man with broad shoulders.

Tamasah: a large show, performance, or celebration, especially related to dance.

- We can expect a happy tamasha from his sound.

Tame: (about an animal) not dangerous or afraid of people; domesticated; Home; broken.

“The fish are so tame that you have to push them away.

Tandem: bicycle with seats and pedals for two people, one behind the other.

- I went in tandem to Paris.

Noticeably: tactile; tangible; contact.

"The atmosphere of neglect and abandonment was almost palpable.

Really: in a real way that can be touched, felt, seen, experienced, etc.

Spicy: has a strong, spicy taste or smell; spicy; rough.

- Spicy salad.

Tanned: (of a person) who has brown or dark skin after exposure to the sun.

"He looks tanned and healthy.

tempting: to torment or annoy (someone) with a look or promise of something that is unattainable; hound; torture.

"Such ambitious questions have long tempted the world's best thinkers.

tempting: to torment or tease with the look or promise of something unattainable.

A tantalizing look at the career he could have had.

tempting: in a way that torments or bothers with the sight or promise of something unattainable.

The solution seemed tantalizingly close.

Tarzana: The protagonist of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Jungle Tales series.

delicious: showing good aesthetic judgment or good behavior; discriminating; sensitive.

- A delicious bar.

Delicious: in a way that demonstrates good aesthetic judgment or appropriate behavior.

– A tastefully decorated house.

Flavor creator: a person who decides or influences what is or will become fashionable.

delicious: the formation of adjectives that denote someone or something that is considered an exceptionally good example of their particular kind.

delicious: with taste; in a delicious way.

delicious: (about food) pleasant, distinctive taste; delicious; tasty.

– A delicious bite.

He taught: to impart knowledge or instruct (someone) how to do something; to educate; teach.

"She taught him to read.

closely: stretched or contracted; not loose; closely; stretched.

– The fabric remains taut without glue.

teach: to impart knowledge or instruct (someone) how to do something; to educate; teach.

"She taught him to read.

Teachable: (persons) capable of learning through teaching.

"When we think we have it all figured out, we can't unlearn it."

Teacher, teacher, professor: a person who teaches, especially in a school; pedagogue; tutor.

- Professor of history.

Teaching: the profession, calling, or job of a teacher.

"I started teaching because I like working with children.

Tim: a group of players who make up one side in a competitive game or sport; Group; team.

- Village cricket team.

Team member: another team member

Team service: a collection of ministers with national ministerial references and ministerial accreditation and any other ministers that the senior minister may appoint as part of the team.

Team player: a person who plays well or works as a member of a band.

Team spirit: a sense of camaraderie between group members, which allows them to work together and work well together.

"The Mets' team spirit has never been stronger.

teamwork: combined group action, especially when efficient and effective.

"My group has a good sense of teamwork.

tee book: snickering or giggling, especially mockingly.

She obeyed him and hit him with a fan.

Ludny: to be full or overflowing; be full.

"Every garden teems with wild animals.

Anti-alcoholic: choice or characterized by abstinence from alcohol; abstainer; reserved.

– Abstinent lifestyle.

Abstainer: a person who never drinks alcohol; abstainer; Woof

He was a non-smoker and teetotaler most of his life.

Television: appearance or behavior that is attractive on television.

– His telegenic charm seems to be his main asset.

Say: give information orally or in writing to someone; inform; inform.

- I told her you would come.

temp: refers to Tempe, a valley in Thessaly which the ancient Greek poets celebrated for its beautiful scenery.

Moderately: relating to or denoting a region or climate characterized by mild temperatures; treasure: light; merciful.

– Sage can be grown outdoors in cool, temperate climates.

Kusic: to induce or try to induce (someone) to do something which he finds attractive but knows to be wrong or unwise; lure; lure.

- There will always be someone who will be tempted by the rich booty of poaching.

An attempt: to want to do something, especially something bad or unreasonable; desire; desire.

He resisted the urge to call Celia at the office.

tempting: liking or being attracted to someone, even when it is inappropriate or imprudent; tempting; attractive.

- Attractive financial offer.

tempting: In a way that you want to do or have something.

Sustainable: the ability to maintain or defend against attack or opposition; ability to maintain or defend against attack or objection; justified.

"This simplistic approach is no longer sustainable.

Persistent: the tendency to hold something tightly; clinging or tight fitting; reliable; adhesion.

- Strong grip.

Persist: to hold something firmly; Exactly.

He held tightly to the supports so as not to fall.

Persistence: the quality or fact that something can be firmly grasped; intervention; endurance; persistence.

- Limpet endurance itself.

Purchase: owning land or real estate as a tenant; apartment; hold.

– The holding took over the farm for lease.

Condition: showing gentleness, kindness and affection; protective; Decent.

“He was so kind and sensitive.

With a soft heart: having a kind, gentle or sentimental nature; Decent; friendly.

- Loyal and affectionate friend.

To soften: to soften (meat) by pounding or slow cooking.

- By marinating, you will additionally season the meat and soften it.

Gently: with tenderness, kindness and love.

He spoke fondly of his parents.

Tenderness: gentleness and kindness; liking; sentiment.

He took her in his arms with great tenderness.

Strain: relating to voltage.

– Tensile strength.

Terrifying: of great size, quantity, or intensity; huge; huge.

"There was a terrible bang.

Excellent: with high intensity; largely.

Incendiary bombs flashed sharply.

Vow: a person's will, especially the part relating to personal property.

Father's will and testament.

Witness: testify as a witness in court; testify;


"He testified against his own commander.

Confirmation: a formal statement attesting to one's character and qualifications; reference; support.

- Matching testimonials.

Confirmation: a formal written or oral statement, especially given in court; sworn statement; statement.

- Eyewitness accounts.

Tetragramaton: The Hebrew name of God transliterated into four letters as YHWH or JHVH and pronounced Yahweh or Jehovah.

Thank: to express gratitude (to someone), especially by saying "Thank you".

"Only you can thank for the difficult situation in which you found yourself.

Grateful: satisfied and relieved; relieved; content.

"They were grateful that the war was finally over.

Fortunately: gratefully.

She gladly accepted the chair offered to her.

Gratitude: feeling happy or grateful for something

A thank you note: an offering in thanksgiving.

Thank you: expression of gratitude; gratitude; recognition.

- Thanksgiving for the harvest was held.

Thanksgiving: an expression of gratitude, especially to God.

He prayed in thanksgiving for their safe arrival.

Worthy of gratitude: worthy of gratitude or appreciation.

Theocentric: to have God in the center of attention.

– Theocentric civilization.

Theologian: to have God in the center of attention.

– Theocentric civilization.

Theology: an inquiry into the nature of God and religious faith.

- Theological profession.

Therapeutic: relating to the treatment of diseases.; treatment: recovery; healing.

– Diagnostic and therapeutic content.

Therapeutic: Of or relating to the treatment of disease; healing.

Therapeutic: in a way that should help in the treatment of the disease.

internist: a person qualified for a particular type of therapy or treatment.

- Its depressing properties began to be respected by careful therapists.

Therapy: treatment to alleviate or treat a disorder; treatment; drug.

– Course of antibiotic therapy.

Meditate: to have a certain opinion, belief or idea about someone or something; be careful; to be of that opinion.

- She thought that nothing would be the same again.

Thinker: a person who thinks deeply and seriously.

"She didn't think, but she had common sense.

Desire: feeling the need or desire to drink something; dryness; dehydration.

They quenched their thirst with spring water.

Exactly: complete in every detail; it is not superficial or partial; rigorous; deeply.

– Planners need a thorough understanding of the topic.

Thoroughbred: (of a horse) thoroughbred, especially a breed descended from English mares and Arabian stallions and usually used as racehorses; pure blood; genealogy.

“Some riders only buy thoroughbred horses.

Ultimate: involving or dealing with every detail or aspect of something.

– Thorough reform of the entire economy.

Exactly: correct; heavy; in detail.

He searched the house thoroughly.

Accuracy: great care and attention to detail.

"His teaching was conscientious and thorough.

At full speed: absolute (used to emphasize the degree to which someone or something exemplifies a trait).

Conceived: absorbed in some thought or embraced; imaginary; reflections.

- Eyebrows gathered in thought.

imagined: in a way that suggests being lost in thought.

He nodded thoughtfully as I finished speaking.

Forethought: the state of being absorbed in thoughts.

His face grew strange with thought.

It encourages thinking: encouraging careful consideration or attention; interesting; provocative.

- Thought provoking questions.

Three times: three times.

Dean was married three times.

Saving: the quality of prudent and unwavering use of money and other resources; transparency; prudence.

– Values ​​of savings and self-reliance.

Saving: the quality of being cautious in spending money and resources, especially by avoiding waste.

Saving: careful and lavish use of money and other resources; prediction; careful.

"He was brought up sparingly and carefully.

Thrill: a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure; stimulation; game.

– The thrill of jumping out of a plane.

Enthusiastic: to feel or show great excitement and pleasure; very excited; excited; raised.

"Everyone was very enthusiastic when they arrived.

Jail: a novel, drama or film with an exciting plot, usually involving crime or espionage.

– A tense thriller about a diamond heist that ends tragically.

Exciting: causing excitement and pleasure; exciting; movement; full of action.

– Exciting adventure.

Exciting: in an exciting way.

Progress: (of a child, animal or plant) growing or developing well or strongly; wriggle; progress.

- The new baby was growing.

Flowers: successful and growing; blossom.

– A successful business that George built.

Tron: ceremonial chair for a ruler, bishop or similar person.

– King Solomon's Great Ivory Throne.

Thumbs up: an expression of satisfaction or approval; approval; stamp of approval.

"They hope that viewers will evaluate the series positively.

Tickle: lightly touches or pokes (a person or part of the body) in a way that causes mild discomfort or itching, and often laughs; stroke; domestic pet.

I tickled him under the ear.

Tickling: lightly touches or pokes (a person or part of the body) in a way that causes mild discomfort or itching, and often laughs; stroke; domestic pet.

I tickled him under the ear.

Little ones: a small piece of delicious food; delicacy; delicacy.

– When you go out with your puppy, always have a treat with you.

Clean: neat and orderly; neat, clean; orderly.

"His meticulously cleaned apartment.

closely: fastened, attached, or tightly closed; are difficult to move, undo or open; compact; concentrated.

She tied the handkerchief in a tight knot.

Time: an indefinite, continuous progression of existence and events in the past, present and future, taken as a whole.

– Travel through time and space.

True to tradition: (of a custom or tradition) respected or respected because it has been around for a long time; traditionally; adopted.

- According to tradition, the eldest son was named after his father.

Timeless: does not depend on time or changes in fashion; durable; classic.

– Antiques add a timeless atmosphere to the dining room.

Actuality: the fact or quality of being performed or occurring at an auspicious or beneficial time.

– The managers were satisfied with the timeliness of the deliveries.

Right now: made or taking place at an auspicious or beneficial time; convenient; convenient; well timed.

- Timely warning.

Time: at the appropriate time; early enough.

- Ensuring timely completion and submission of requests.

Saving time: reducing the time it takes to do something.

- He had no idea that this time-saving idea would turn into a profitable business.

Shade: lightly tinted; shade.

– A mass of white flowers with a pink tint.

itching: to feel or cause slight tingling or pricking; thorn; Stab.

She was shaking with excitement.

perfectly: top class and quality; perfect.

- An athlete in excellent shape.

Tireless: to have or show great effort or energy; energetic; energetic.

- A tireless activist.

Tirelessly: with great effort or energy.

– He worked tirelessly to spread environmental awareness.

titanium: a person or thing of great strength, intellect, or importance.

- A titan of American industry.

Titanic: of exceptional strength, size, or power; colossal; gigantic.

– A series of titanic explosions.

Tytani: a bacterial disease characterized by stiffness and spasms of the voluntary muscles.

Little ones: a small piece of delicious food; delicacy; delicacy.

- Always have a treat in your pocket when you are with your puppy.

Delight: to arouse (someone's) interest or mild excitement, especially through sexual images or words; arouse; wake.

"The press is paid to excite public opinion.

Exciting: causing mild excitement or sexual interest; voluptuous.

“She leaked horrifying details about her clients.

Dress up: make minor improvements; groom; clean.

She put on the colors and stroked her hair.

Title: title of a book, work or other work of art; Name; subtitle.

– Author and title of the book.

Certificat of ownership: a deed or document that provides proof of a right, especially ownership of real estate.

Title holder: a person who is the current champion of a major sporting event.

– The current title holder in the men's competition.

Staring: burst into a short, half-suppressed laugh; to giggle; to giggle; to giggle.

Her stuttering made the children giggle.

tickling: liquid purification action in the heating and cooling process; distillation; Purification.

– Oil distillation process.

Excitement: a state of nervous excitement or agitation.

"His head was spinning and he was talking total nonsense.

Tost: sliced ​​bread toasted on both sides by radiant heat, like a grill or fire.

She spread butter on a slice of toast.

Pani toast: a woman responsible for toasting, introducing speakers, and making other official announcements at a large social event.

"He was introduced by a local lawyer who was in charge of the toasts.

Today: today or during today's day; today.

"He turns thirty today.

Pravda: a small child just starting to walk.

He took: a unit of thermal resistance used to measure the insulating properties of fabric, clothing, quilts, etc.

Together: with or near another person or people; together; together.

They walked down the dark stairs together.

Together: the state of closeness with another person or people.

"The feeling of family unity was strong, and the neighbors were excluded.

Tolerable: tolerable; tolerable; tolerable.

"A stimulant that makes life more bearable.

Tolerable: in an acceptable (but not outstanding) manner.

Tolerance: the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behavior that you do not like or agree with; indulgence; tolerance.

– Tolerance of corruption.

Tolerant: showing a willingness to allow opinions or behavior with which you do not necessarily agree; open; understanding.

We must be tolerant of others.

Tolerance: the practice of tolerating something, especially a difference in opinion or behavior; indulgence; generosity.

"The king demanded greater religious tolerance.

Tolerant: One who tolerates.

delicious: (about food) temptingly delicious; delicious; juicy.

- Tooth bite.

Tootle: to produce a series of sounds by blowing a horn, trumpet or similar instrument.

He blew his horn.

The top: the highest or highest point, part or surface of something; top; top.

Doreen was standing at the top of the stairs.

Top brass: yellow alloy of copper and zinc.

- Brass plate on the door.

of the highest rank: of the highest rank or level.

- Top batsman.

The highest level: one that includes those with the most power and authority in an organization or country.

Top row: the first line in business or organizational accounts that lists the amount received from a sale, rather than the final profit or loss

The tallest: highest in physical position; the tallest; top; the tallest.

– we watched a squirrel climb the highest branches of a nearby tree.

Excellent: Highest quality; perfect; main; first grade.

– Hotel at the highest level.

Dressing: a layer of food poured or spread over another type of food to add flavor.

- Cake with marzipan icing.

The highest quality: Highest quality; perfect.

– Top quality organic products.

top layer: at the highest level or quality.

– Medical faculty at the highest level.

Lamp: portable battery-powered electric lamp; light; battery lamp.

"Shops were looted and burned.

Torchbearer: a person carrying a ceremonial torch.

– Some of the original feminist torchbearers.

Tostmaster: the person responsible for toasting, introducing speakers and making other official announcements at a large social event.

In total: contains an integer or an amount; whole; complete.

– Total cost £4,000.

Whole: the whole of something; whole; whole.

– All their current policies.

Fully tubular: cool or cool, derived from catching a wave and entering a tube.

contact: to enter or be in contact with; to meet; join.

He leaned back so that only two legs of his chair touched the floor.

Movement: arousing feelings of compassion and gratitude; movement; influencing.

“Your loyalty is very touching.

heavy: (of a substance or object) strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough handling; durable; strong.

– Robust backpacks for climbers.

Tough love: promoting the welfare of a person, especially an addict, child or offender, by imposing certain restrictions or requiring him to take responsibility for his actions.

path: A mark or line left by something that has passed.

Handel: the act of buying and selling goods and services; the market; human trafficking.

– A move to ban all trade in ivory.

Trademark: a symbol, word or words legally registered or established in use to represent a company or product; logo; emblem.

– Mark or register as a trademark.

Tradition: the transmission of customs or beliefs from one generation to another, or the fact that they are transmitted in this way; oral history; inheritance.

- Members of different castes are traditionally associated with certain professions.

pioneer: the person who does something first; innovator; pioneer; innovator.

- He was a pioneer of many ideas that are standard today.

Shallow: to teach (a person or animal) a certain skill or type of behavior through practice and instruction over a period of time; teach; coach.

– The program trains people for advancement.

Coach: a person who trains people or animals; instructor; coach.

– Owner and trainer of racing horses.

Exercise: the act of teaching a person or animal a certain skill or type of behavior; instruction; teaching.

– Additional staff training.

Characteristically: a distinguishing feature or characteristic, usually belonging to a person; Characteristically; attribute.

– A traditionally British trait of self-deprecation.

Another: no interference; composure; calm; calm.

Her calm look.

Pribranost: the quality or state of being calm; composure; stillness; relief.

“The only noise that disturbs the peace of village life is the allocated cars.

Pribranost: the quality or state of being calm; composure.

Transaction: conducting or managing (a business); negotiate; lead.

– Traders perform transactions on the public stock exchange.

cross: to be or exceed the extent or limits (area of ​​operation or conceptual sphere); to exceed; exceed.

"It was a problem that went beyond the technological space and reached other parts of society.

Unsurpassed: outside or above the range of normal or physical human experience.

– The search for a transcendent level of knowledge.

Transcendentalno: relating to the spiritual realm; supernatural; inhuman.

– The transcendental meaning of the soul of every human being.

move: to move from one place to another; transfer; hands down.

- He intends to transfer the assets of the fund to the State Treasury.

Transfiguration: Change in shape or appearance.

Scared: to cause (someone) to freeze in horror, astonishment or astonishment; hypnotize; hypnotize.

He was horrified by the pain on her face.

Transform: make a significant change in form, character or appearance; To change; to change.

"Lasers have changed cardiac surgery.

Transformation: marked change in form, character or appearance; To change; To change.

"British society has gone through a radical transformation

transforming: causing a significant change in someone or something

– The transformative power of technology.

transfusion: transfer (of blood or blood components) from one person or animal to another.

"Usually blood tested for cytomegalovirus is transfused

Temporary: lasts only a short time; unstable; temporary; temporary.

- Temporary cold.

Transnormal: above normal.

Transparent: (of a material or object) transmits light, so that you can clearly see objects behind them; see through; Of course.

- Clear blue water.

Transparent: easy to understand, clear.

Reload: transfer (of cargo) from one ship or other form of transport to another.

"They had to load the blocks with a crane onto the chartered ships.

A journey: to move from one place to another, usually a distance of some length.

"The ship was going from Libya to Ireland.

Traveled: to move from one place to another, usually a distance of some length.

"The ship was going from Libya to Ireland.

Molasses: thick, viscous dark syrup made from partially refined sugar; molasses.

Enough of this molasses, let's get back to the point.

Treasure: quantity of precious metals, gems or other valuable objects; wealth; valuables.

"The ransom was to be paid in diamonds and treasure.

To heal: to behave in a certain way or to deal with someone; use; serve.

"They treated her brutally.

Trekkie: a fan of the American sci-fi TV series Star Trek.

Ogroman: very large amount, scale, or intensity; huge; huge.

“Penny has put in an incredible amount of time.

Trends: to make very modern or current in style or influence.

– The cafe has been remodeled so that it looks like a wine bar.

Trends: currently popular or widely discussed on the Internet, especially on social networks.

– Today's most popular topics.

Trendsetter: a person who is at the forefront of fashion or ideas.

Trends: very modern or current; trendy; trendy.

“I liked being able to go out and buy fashionable clothes.

Stand: national leader; advocate of human rights.

Stand: the Roman legionary journal.

Dana: an act, statement or gift intended to show gratitude, respect or admiration; recognition; praise.

The music video is an homage to musicals from the 1940s.

Sleek: trigonometry

circumcision: to make (something) neat or of the required size or shape by cutting off irregular or undesirable parts; cutting; hairdresser.

- Mow the grass with a sharp mower.

Trinity: three persons of the Christian divinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

- It is said that God is a trinity in unity.

A journey: to catch one's foot on something and stumble or fall.

He tripped over his cat.

Triple crown: an award or distinction for winning a group of three major sporting events, especially (in rugby union) the victory of one of Britain's four home nations over all the other three in the same season.

– The surfing year will finally end with the Hawaiian triple crown.

Trisagion: a hymn, especially in the Orthodox Church, with a triple invocation of God as a saint.

Triumph: a great victory or achievement; win; to win.

– A garden built to celebrate Napoleon's many triumphs.

Triumphant: made, made, or used to celebrate a great victory or achievement.

- A huge triumphal arch.

triumphantly: joyful and proud, especially of triumph or success.

triumphantly: in a way that shows great happiness or joy at a victory or achievement.

– The fleets returned home in triumph.

Triumwirat: ruled by three persons who share power and responsibility.

Trinitarian: consisting of three in one (used especially in connection with the Trinity).

- Triune God.

Carefree: they do not appear or cause problems.

– Correct installation will ensure trouble-free operation.

Troubleshooting: analyze and solve serious problems for a company or other organization.

"When managers solve problems, it strengthens the whole team.

Trove: a storehouse of things of value or pleasure.

"There was a treasury of rare wines in the cellar.

SHE'S RIGHT: according to fact or reality; exact; normal.

- True story.

True blue: steadfast in his devotion; extremely loyal; stamen; loyal.

"I am a convinced true blue patriot.

sincere heart: loyal or faithful.

“A paladin with a sincere heart.

Really: true; true; sincerely.

- Speak honestly.

trump: (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a playing card of a suit chosen to have a higher rank than the others, which can win a trick if a card of another suit is drawn.

– Raiser gets the first lead and plays trump.

Trumpet: (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a playing card of a suit chosen to have a higher rank than the others, which can win a trick if a card of another suit is drawn.

– Raiser gets the first lead and plays trump.

Confidence: a strong belief in the credibility, truthfulness, or ability of someone or something; confidence; belief.

- Relationships must be built on trust.

Reliable: He can be trusted; reliable.

Confidentially: believed to be reliable or true.

– A reliable advisor.

Confidentially: reliable (plural reliable) A person who believes.

Ufny: having or imbuing complete faith in one's trustworthiness, truth, or ability.

- Confident acceptance of power.

Foundation: an estate planning tool that allows you to set aside money and/or other assets to later be distributed to beneficiaries named in the trust.

With trust: in a reliable way.

Fidelity: Trust is the quality of loyalty and reliability.

Ufny: showing or tending to believe in one's honesty and sincerity; not suspicious; convinced; doubtless.

"It's stupid to trust other people too much.

Reliable: reliable

Firmness: the ability to count on him as honest and truthful.

"He must prove his credibility to you.

Reliable: he can be counted on as honest and truthful; reliable; reliable.

– Leave the spare key with a trusted neighbor.

Lawn: he served for a long time and was considered reliable and faithful; reliable; reliable.

“My trusty old Morris Minor.

He says: the quality or state of being real; truth; truthfulness.

He had to accept the truth of her accusation.

True: speaking or expressing the truth; honest, virtuous; honest, virtuous; reliable.

"I think you're confusing rudeness with honesty."

Tell the truth: in a way that expresses the truth; sincerely.

– Stories must be transmitted truthfully and accurately.

Truthfulness: the fact that it is real; Real; honesty; truth.

"We had to assess the credibility of the evidence.

To attempt: to make an attempt or effort to do something; attempt; endeavor.

He tried to catch his breath

Car: the ruler of Russia until the 1917 revolution.

Tubular: long, round and hollow like a tube.

– Tubular deep crimson flowers.

Tuition: teaching or teaching, especially to individual students or small groups; teaching; instruction.

– Private French lessons.

I'm sorry: melody, which especially characterizes a certain piece of music; melody; air.

She left the theater humming a happy tune.

A melodist: has a pleasant melody; melodic; melodic; melodic.

– A musical full of melodious songs.

Turbocharger: to equip (an engine or vehicle) with a turbocharger.

– If you want to top up your own vehicle, the legal problems are not so simple.

Turgentnyj: swelling and distension; overloaded.

milestone: the moment when there is a decisive change in the situation, especially with positive effects; usherette; crossroads.

“This could be a turning point in Nigel's career.

Tutor: a private tutor, usually one who teaches one student or a very small group; teacher, teacher, professor; instructor.

– Volunteer adult literacy mentor.

Private lessons: the office, power, or protection of a teacher.

Teaching: a period of tutored study at a university or college for an individual or a very small group; lesson; class.

– Formal teaching consists of lectures, exercises and practical exercises.

Twitter: chirping of a small or young bird.

- You can hear the gentle chirping of birds.

Shine: (a star, light, or shiny object) shine with a brightness that changes constantly from bright to dim; glimpse; shine.

Lights flickered in the distance.

Shine: (a star, light, or shiny object) shine with a brightness that changes constantly from bright to dim; glimpse; shine.

Lights flickered in the distance.

Immediately: used to describe something that shines in an attractive way

Rogal: spin quickly and lightly, especially repeatedly; pirouette; vortex.

She twirled enthusiastically to show off her new dress.

Twitter: (bird) makes a call consisting of repeated light, tremulous sounds; twitter; sizzling.

Sparrows were chirping under the eaves.

A powerful man: rich, influential person in business or industry; magnate; the powerful.

- Press tycoon.

Cylinder: pertaining to or having a tympanum.

Tip: a category of people or things that share common characteristics; Decent; diversity.

"This type of heather grows better in a drier environment.

Car: Russian Tsar before 1917.

- Assassination of the emperor and his family.

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