75 beautiful kitchen ideas and designs - May 2023 (2023)

Do you want to discover beautiful kitchen ideas that will inspire your new kitchen design? You have come to the right place. You can discover millions of kitchen designs and ideas; from kitchen islands and cabinets to all kinds of kitchen lighting ideas such as pendant lights or under-cabinet lighting. Whether you're looking for all-in-one kitchen design inspiration, ideas for a small kitchen, or maybe just tips on how to upgrade your kitchen decor, Houzz has tons of pictures to inspire your next kitchen project.

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Which kitchen design to choose?

With so many kitchen ideas and photos to look at, you might get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing your own kitchen design. If you are updating your kitchen, you know what an important and important decision the right design is - the kitchen can be the center and heart of your home, and it is unlikely that you will invest in a kitchen renovation again in a few years. But don't worry, focusing on important elements like layout, cabinet style, countertops and appliances will help you create the kitchen design of your dreams. Additional elements such as kitchen lighting, cabinets and decor can appear in the kitchen planning process. ANDkitchen designer or fittercan help you decide on the layout of the kitchen in terms of the layout of the kitchen elements, appliances and island (if you have one), but if you prefer to take care of it yourself, you can focus on where you want to place the key elements of your kitchen - oven, hob , sink and refrigerator. Sure, you may be limited by space, but try to think of the easiest and most efficient layout based on how you normally like to cook and prepare food. If you are tired of constantly carrying dirty pans and pots around the room to the sink, place the sink closer to the oven and hob. Once you've sorted out the basics, consider additional layouts such as where to store bins, where to put cutlery and where to install small kitchen appliances.

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Should you include a kitchen island?

Today, there are many kitchen island ideas; it seems that most kitchen designs include a kitchen island, if not multiple islands. However, if the layout does not work, especially if you have a small kitchen, there is no need to add a kitchen island. You can add a breakfast bar or counter to your existing kitchen cabinets, or stick with a good old-fashioned dining table if you don't need extra work surfaces. Still, if you have room, check some outkitchen island ideasto see if the designs for your kitchen inspire you. There is a wide variety of island designs to suit different needs - you can have built-in sinks, ovens, hobs, wine racks and all sorts of drawers and organisers, you can have separate counters and counters extending from your island or you can opt for a kitchen island on wheels to make your kitchen layout more versatile.

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How to choose kitchen furniture and cabinets?

When choosing kitchen units and cabinet styles for your fitted kitchen, consider the more practical questions first – how many units do you need? How many cabinets and drawers do you need? Do you need additional kitchen storage space built into the cabinets? It is always best to overestimate how much space you will need in the kitchen, because we all have a habit of filling up as much space as possible. Then you can consider the style and color of your kitchen cabinets. Shaker cabinets and cabinets with raised and recessed panels offer a more traditional kitchen cabinet look, while flat cabinet doors give a more modern and contemporary feel. However, choosing raised or recessed panels in a striking color such as navy blue, green or black can still suit contemporary kitchen ideas.White kitchensit can give a sleek and clean look, but keep in mind that if you want everything to stay shiny and fresh, you may need to clean the cabinet doors a little more. Of course,gray kitchenis a neutral color choice that can be combined with bright and rich hues if you want your custom kitchen units to contrast with a worktop, countertop, floor or all of the above. Exposed shelves and storage are also popular for their eclectic, Scandinavian and industrial look, so you can opt for glass-fronted cabinets or no wall cabinets at all. Keep in mind that it will take more restraint in what you can store and more effort to make it look presentable compared to what is hastily packed behind the closet door. Handles for kitchen units are also another element to decide on – do you want traditional round knobs, modern metal rods,country kitchencup holders or perhaps an ultra-sleek kitchen without any handles?

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What kitchen storage ideas should I consider?

If you want your kitchen to be well stocked and equipped, but you don't want it to be cluttered, you need to rely on good kitchen storage. Besides the usual built-in kitchen cabinets and drawers, there are many other ways to keep your kitchen tidy. Although a large kitchen pantry is the dream of most homeowners, it may not always be a reality. However, there are now plenty of pull-out compartments and drawers with trays and shelves that double as mini kitchen pantries, and handy cabinet organizers that fit inside the doors allow you to make the most of your cabinet space. You can also look at corner drawers and wardrobes that open to reveal plenty of extra storage space. Rails or small shelves along kitchen walls or partitions can help you hang dishes or pans or store small items like herbs and spices in an otherwise empty space.Shop for extra kitchen storage for your home at Houzz

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Are there any small kitchen ideas for small rooms?

If you're working with a kitchenette, an open kitchen with one wall, or just a fairly small kitchen, there are some small kitchen ideas that will help you get the most out of your kitchen and dining room. If you find that you are not using the back of your cabinets (perhaps they have become a graveyard of outdated cans), you can opt for shallower kitchen cabinets to free up extra space in front of the cabinets. As mentioned, open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets are popular and should make the space feel more open and less confined. However, if you have the space for it, cupboards and kitchen cabinets that maximize available floor-to-ceiling space mean you can use it all for valuable kitchen storage. Wall or ceiling brackets can be a useful solution for hanging pans and pots if you run out of cabinets to store them. Kitchen ideas and accessories such as baskets, trolleys and storage containers are both aesthetic and practical as they provide additional storage space. Kitchen appliances such as refrigerators or dishwashers can be hidden in built-in cabinets in custom-made kitchens so that they fit into the layout and do not make the space dense. Discover all the small kitchen ideas you might need by browsing through themphotos of compact kitchens.

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Which lighting for the kitchen should you choose?

Practical lighting is needed in the kitchen - no one wants to chop, cut and cook in a dirty room. Ceiling lights for the kitchen are probably the right choice, but should you opt for built-in spotlights or traditional hanging ceiling lights? While an LED spotlight in the kitchen will provide excellent light, it may not suit a non-contemporary design. Traditional chandeliers can match other kitchen styles, and of course, kitchen pendant lights come in a variety of styles, colors and designs. While a popular choice is to use one or two pendant lights above the kitchen island, you can also opt for one pendant above the dining area or several throughout the kitchen. Of course, if you want to illuminate your worktops well, the best solution is under-cabinet lighting. Talk to your kitchen supplier about pre-installing this for you or there are many easy to install options that you can install yourself or with the help of a lighting specialist or electrician. Are you in the market for lighting for your kitchen? Since you'll find some inspiring kitchen lighting ideas here, check out ourslighting products for the kitchento find new lighting for your kitchen project.

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What is the most popular kitchen layout today? ›

An L shape is one of the most common layouts for kitchens. It requires less space and offers more flexibility in the placement of workstations. This plan works well when the kitchen adjoins a casual room, like a family room or eating area.

What kitchen styles are out of style? ›

Faux Finishes

“Faux anything [such as quartz that looks like marble] is definitely a kitchen trend going away for the luxury consumer in 2023. For the discerning client, natural stone for floors, countertops, and backsplash is the only way to go. It is a classic look for the kitchen that transcends trends.”

What is a timeless look for a kitchen? ›

"A timeless kitchen is one with ample storage, optimal space planning for the 'kitchen triangle,' and easy access to everything you use regularly." The kitchen work triangle is the triangle formed between the sink, stovetop, and refrigerator—or the three main points you're always moving between as you cook in the space ...

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2023? ›

White is still the most popular kitchen cabinet color in 2023 and beyond. However, we are seeing a shift towards warmer and more natural tones. We cover the best colors for cabinets from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams like Simply White, Dove White, and Chantilly Lace.

What colour is in for kitchens 2023? ›

"Neutrals like white, cream, gray, and greige are trending in 2023," says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr Paint Company. 'Blank Canvas is the perfect warm, welcoming white with a transformative power that offers limitless design opportunities," she adds.

What is the least efficient kitchen shape? ›

The Traditional Work Triangle

It offers the least efficient kitchen plan but maximizes space.

Where is the best place to put a refrigerator in the kitchen? ›

Near a countertop or bench.

You'll want a place to put groceries as you load them into the refrigerator and to set fresh ingredients as you pull them out. Part of a kitchen “working triangle.” This is the classic “rule” for kitchen layouts, though it should be considered more of a guide.

Where should kitchen sink and stove be placed? ›

As per Feng Shui, the sink should be placed in the northeast corner of the kitchen, and the stove should be placed in the southeast corner. This kitchen sink placement and stove placement is said to bring good health, wealth and prosperity to the household.

What is the best countertop for kitchen 2023? ›

Quartz has been the most popular kitchen countertop material for several years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. This popularity is largely due to its durability, which ensures quartz will withstand everyday wear and last a long time.

What backsplash will never go out of style? ›

Choose a classic backsplash

Subway tile is the most enduring choice for a backsplash. Avoid bold, trendy colors, and instead look for white or neutrals. Keep it simple, and bring in color elsewhere in the kitchen, with more easily replaced items, such as dish towels, art, bowls of fruit and rugs.

What backsplash is outdated? ›

Tiny Backsplashes

Skinny backsplashes are out of style, we are happy to report. A ceramic tile or glass backsplash that stretches from counter to cabinets is much easier to keep clean, and is more likely to catch spills and splatters.

What makes a kitchen look classy? ›

Colours such as creams and beiges can make a kitchen look elegant and expensive. If your kitchen is modern, you can use dark colours, such as blacks and greys, which can make it look lavish and extravagant. White reflects light and makes the space look bigger, so complement white with some wood and metallic highlights.

What cabinet colors never go out of style? ›

5 Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors That Will Never Go Out of Style, According to Interior Designers
  • Greige. A mashup and gray and beige, greige is a versatile color that pairs with a variety of countertop and backsplash materials. ...
  • Navy. ...
  • White. ...
  • Sage Green.
Jan 5, 2023

What color cabinets are most timeless? ›

White is the most timeless cabinet color of all, with popularity dating back over half a century. It's hard to beat the crisp, clean beauty of bright white cabinets. They lighten the entire room and lend a refreshing, airy feel.

What color is replacing gray 2023? ›

Here, designers, decorators, and color experts reveal why beige is replacing gray for 2023, and how to decorate with beige for a beautiful scheme every time.

What is the trend color for 2023? ›

Digital Lavender, Luscious Red, Sundial, Tranquil Blue and Verdigris are the color names for 2023.

What color of appliances are in style 2023? ›

Black is becoming popular in all rooms of the house, not just the kitchen. Black is the new Neutral in 2023.

What is the two tone kitchen trend in 2023? ›

Two-toned cabinetry is a popular trend for 2023. This trend allows you to mix and match different colours or finishes for a unique and personalized look. The two-toned trend is a great way to add depth and interest to your kitchen cabinets without going overboard with colour.

What is the color of the year 2023 and design? ›

The Pantone Color Institute named Viva Magenta as its official color of the year for 2023 for its joyous yet powerful nature. A red with subtle notes of purple, magenta flawlessly complements many different color palettes from those on the richer, jewel-tone side of the spectrum to even a lighter, earthy palette.

What is the sustainable design trend in 2023? ›

Biophilic design has become a staple in sustainable architecture for 2023, promoting a strong connection between humans and nature within the built environment. This design trend incorporates natural elements, such as plants, water features, and natural light, to create spaces that enhance well-being and productivity.

What is the best layout for kitchen items? ›

Cooking and baking pieces should be kept close to where you do food preparation. Utensils should be in the drawer nearest to the prep area as well. Glassware might be best near the sink or refrigerator. Make a coffee or tea station that includes sugar, mugs and filters, and place it near the water source, if possible.

What is the most space saving kitchen layout? ›

The most efficient layout for a kitchen, including small kitchens, is the U-shaped layout. Although this layout produces two, deep corner cabinets, clever cabinet additions such as sliding storage units makes light of these previously difficult storage areas.

Should the refrigerator be near sink or stove? ›

The sink, main refrigerator, and stove should be in close proximity to each other. You require a minimum of 4 feet between each point to easily maneuver, and equally not more than 9 feet. This allows easy access to get food from the refrigerator to a preparation point, and then into the oven.

Should a fridge be higher at the front or back? ›

Generally, manufacturers recommend the front of the refrigerator to be approximately 0.25 to 0.5 inches (6 to 13 mm) higher than the back. This should be enough for the doors to close on their own with enough force to make a complete seal without slamming shut.

Which direction should fridge face? ›

The refrigerator should be placed in the southwest corner. Avoid putting the refrigerator in the direction of the north or east. Always ensure the fridge isn't close to a corner or hooked to a wall when positioning it. The appliance can be positioned in the west, north, or northwest directions.

Which direction should kitchen stove face? ›

As per Vastu Shastra, the stove should be placed in the south-east corner of the kitchen, facing east. This position ensures that the cook faces east while cooking, which is considered auspicious.

Where should a dishwasher be placed in a small kitchen? ›

A dishwasher should be in close proximity to a sink and cabinets where dishes are stored with proper access to water hookups. Ideally, it should also be distanced from areas where cooking and food preparation take place to help maximize your creative potential through a thoughtful kitchen design.

What is the kitchen triangle rule? ›

According to the kitchen triangle rule, each side of the triangle should measure no less than four feet and no more than nine feet and, ideally, the perimeter of the triangle should be no less than 13 feet and no more than 26 feet. In other words, not too small and not too large.

What countertops do chefs prefer? ›

Granite Is the Right Ingredient for Professional Kitchens

One of the largest portions of most kitchens is the countertops and worktop areas, making the material used in these areas essential to the quality of the entire kitchen. For many top chefs, the ideal quality material for their kitchens is granite.

What is the most elegant countertop? ›

Marble. There may be no kitchen countertop material more luxurious than marble, a natural stone that complements many high-end kitchens. Available in hues including whites, greys and even greens, marble countertops have long been appreciated by bakers for the naturally low temperature of the surface.

Which countertop lasts the longest? ›

Quartz wins as the most durable material for any kitchen construction or renovation. Having a durable countertop is a lifelong investment and if you plan to sell your home at some point in the future, its value will be higher if you've used a durable countertop like quartz.

What is the most timeless color for kitchen countertops? ›

Gray. Gray is a classic and timeless choice for a quartz or granite counter. Due to its splashed and unpolished nature, this can be a great choice for a rustic style, but it can also suit any modern style.

Should backsplash be lighter or darker than countertop? ›

So, if you have lighter cabinets and countertops, you should incorporate a darker backsplash to provide more visual interest and depth to your space. When you have darker cabinets and countertops, you should bring in a lighter backsplash to make your kitchen feel fresh and inviting.

Is Shaker going out of style? ›

Because of the lack of fussy design elements, shaker style cabinets fit every kitchen style from traditional to modern – they're truly timeless. Solid wood shaker cabinet doors will never go out of style!

What is a timeless backsplash? ›

A timeless kitchen backsplash is a classic design that will never go out of style. It is a simple, clean, and elegant way to update your kitchen without having to do a complete remodel. A timeless backsplash can be made from a variety of materials, including natural stone like marble or slate, glass, or even metal.

Are subway tiles out of style 2023? ›

Yes, subway tile is still on a list of kitchen backsplash trends, even in 2023. Subway tile was THE trend about 10 years ago, and while it's not quite as hot as it was at the height of the farmhouse trend craze, subway tile is a classic choice that'll always look fresh.

What kind of backsplash makes a kitchen look bigger? ›

Add a Reflective Backsplash

Adding a reflective backsplash is a reliable way to make a kitchen look bigger without a large renovation. Using materials such as glass, stainless steel, glossy tiles, and mirrors can provide that reflection to make your kitchen look far bigger than it is.

How can I make my kitchen look expensive? ›

10 Cheap Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive
  1. Update hardware. ...
  2. Use lighter colors. ...
  3. Replace cabinet doors. ...
  4. Change lighting. ...
  5. Use artwork. ...
  6. Paint your appliances stainless steel. ...
  7. Add window treatments. ...
  8. Style your breakfast nook.
Nov 26, 2014

What color makes a kitchen look bigger? ›

Light colors are more reflective than dark colors and they will make your kitchen appear bigger as well as more open and airy. Light blues, greens, or pale yellows are other great colors to make your space look larger than life.

What colors to avoid in kitchen cabinets? ›

'Colors to absolutely be avoided are darker colors and shades of green, blue, red, and purple, which will cast a shadow on food and darken the space. Green and orange, in particular, should be avoided in kitchens,' she warns.

What is a timeless kitchen design? ›

What is Timeless Kitchen Design? A timeless kitchen is one that will meet your standards and last for years to come while maintaining function and design. The main timeless features in a kitchen to look at are flooring, countertops, cabinets, hardware, backsplash, and layout.

What color cabinets look cleanest? ›

White cabinets evoke a clean and sanitary look, while creating a light and airy feel to your kitchen. White or light colored cabinets show dirt and grime more quickly than dark cabinets and require constant cleanup. This is something to consider, especially if you have a large family or small children.

What is the most popular color for kitchen cabinets 2023? ›

White is still the most popular kitchen cabinet color in 2023 and beyond. However, we are seeing a shift towards warmer and more natural tones. We cover the best colors for cabinets from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams like Simply White, Dove White, and Chantilly Lace.

What color cabinets increase home value? ›

Having white cabinets in your kitchen will make your home more appealing to potential buyers and could increase its resale value by thousands of dollars. If you're thinking about selling your home and want to make it more attractive, white kitchen cabinets are a great choice.

What color cabinets are low maintenance? ›

Gray kitchen cabinets look particularly elegant in modern or upscale kitchens. While the color cannot completely hide dust, dirt, and smudges, these won't be as apparent as in stark colors such as black and white. Scratches on gray cabinets are also less visible in comparison to other colors.

Are Shaker cabinets going out of style 2023? ›


A well-loved, class option, Shaker-style cabinets will remain a top kitchen design trend in 2023. Shaker-style cabinet doors are known for their recessed center panel and clean lines. These doors are so versatile they work with various design styles, from traditional to modern.

Are white cabinets going out of style 2023? ›

White kitchens aren't going anywhere in 2023! A white kitchen continues to be a timeless classic design that never truly goes 'out of style'. It may not always be the current trend, but white kitchen cabinets are always beautiful. We'll also continue to see the two-tone cabinet color trend in 2023.

Are dark cabinets out of style 2023? ›

In 2023 we will see a return to dark-stained wood cabinetry in the kitchen. In recent years, lighter tones like birch and white oak have been in vogue, but homeowners are now trending to deeper wood stains to lend a cozy, traditional vibe to their homes.

What are the most popular kitchen cabinets for 2023? ›

"Two-toned cabinets are gaining popularity as homeowners seek to add a touch of personality to their kitchens," Bravo says. "Black and white cabinets are a classic combination that can create a stunning look, while other popular choices include blue and white, grey and white, and even green and white."

What are the appliance color trends for 2023? ›

Warm Colors

And don't forget about the color green. McConnell shared that they're seeing “a rise in green tones for the home for their calming, grounding and authentic appeal. This includes all types of greens from super muted and light, to earthy mid-toned olive and dark, moody evergreens.”

Are grey kitchens out of style 2023? ›

White and Gray Cabinets. Warmth in the kitchen is in, and that means that cool-toned white and gray kitchens are out. Pull in warmer tones by opting for natural wood or sprinkling in gold accents.

Are granite countertops outdated 2023? ›

Interior designer Rudolph Diesel expects granite to fall out of favor when designing kitchens in 2023. "The standard for the last 30 years, granite is finally falling out of favor for more unconventional finishes such as quartzite and porcelain that are set to take kitchen design by storm in 2023," Diesel said.

What is the most timeless kitchen cabinet color? ›

White is the most timeless cabinet color of all, with popularity dating back over half a century. It's hard to beat the crisp, clean beauty of bright white cabinets. They lighten the entire room and lend a refreshing, airy feel.

What are the stone trends for 2023? ›

One of the most exciting design trends for 2023 is the incorporation of meditation rooms, zen gardens, and yoga studios into indoor spaces. Ironically, the hardness and durability of granite, marble, and quartzite make these natural stones ideal choices for cultivating a soft, serene aesthetic.

What metal finish is in style 2023? ›

Silver finishes are making a comeback, and gold and brass will remain staples.

What is the best color for 2023? ›

The Pantone Color Institute named Viva Magenta as its official color of the year for 2023 for its joyous yet powerful nature. A red with subtle notes of purple, magenta flawlessly complements many different color palettes from those on the richer, jewel-tone side of the spectrum to even a lighter, earthy palette.

What is the most popular color for a kitchen? ›

And while gray might be falling out of favor, white is still holding on strong—it's still the number one kitchen color with 35% of people choosing it from 2022 to 2023. Beige nabbed the third top spot with 18%, followed by blue with 6% and green with 5%.

Are Shaker cabinets going out of style? ›

Because of the lack of fussy design elements, shaker style cabinets fit every kitchen style from traditional to modern – they're truly timeless. Solid wood shaker cabinet doors will never go out of style!


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