All hidden supplies in Sneaky Sasquatch - The Hiu (2023)

All hidden supplies in Sneaky Sasquatch - The Hiu (1)

All hidden supplies in Sneaky Sasquatch - The Hiu (2)

Figure RAC7

There are a total of 28 hidden hideouts in the Sneaky Sasquatch landscape for players to find. Most of these hidden hideouts are located on secret paths that are barely visible. Be sure to check the very edges of the maps to find your way!

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All hidden supplies in Sneaky Sasquatch - The Hiu (3)
  1. Kemping B– Players must follow a less noticeable path north of shield B. This path turns left and leads to a small cove in the trees with the first supply in an orange box.
  2. Kemping C– North of the path to Camp C, players can find another hidden stash behind a waterfall. It will be in the cave on the right.
  3. forest place- At the guard post, follow the narrow path on the left side of the building between the guard post and the payphone. This leads to another northern path, where the stash will be right under the cliff.
  4. Park za kampere C– North of the C-RV lot, players will find a small path to the right of an outbuilding that leads to another warehouse.
  5. Park za kampere B– From this camper van, players can follow the path across the road with warning signs. Go past the bear into the cave. Once inside, players must head to the upper left corner and follow the mine cart upwards. At the end of these paths, go to the paths on the right and enter the hole to the north. Keep straight here to reach the warehouse.
  6. More- Go down to the lake and follow the shore to the left. This will show the path to follow. Follow it to the end to find this cache.
  7. Maze– On the other side of the lake, players will find a labyrinth. To achieve this, players must kayak across the lake. In this maze, players can find a hidden stash in the upper right corner. Just follow the path into the maze, go up at the first intersection, then take the next two right. This leads to an opening on the right side of the maze. Approach the outer wall and head south to find a supply.
  8. Bottom right golf course- On the golf course, go to the hole in the lower right corner. Here players just have to hit the golf ball into the hole to unlock the cache. A golf ball should be available in the parking lot.
  9. rupa 4- Across the fourth hole on the golf course, players can find a path that leads to another hidden stash. Here players have to open a hole to unlock the cache. For comparison, here is the hole on the other side of the pond.
  10. Podium of the golf course- To the left of the podium, the first, second and third place players will find the last supplies of the golf course. This requires players to score another hole in one.
  11. Bus station– From the bus station, head south into the forest. This longer path leads to another stash.
  12. Ruta utrke Park- At the perimeter parking lot, go to the lower left corner. Go down the path. On the other hand, to avoid the hive, players must use the car parked on the northern track. Go down the stairs next to the hive and around the pond to get to this cache.
  13. Ruta utrke podium- Approach the podium of the race track and follow the path to the north. Move the car out of the way to get to the supplies here.
  14. Plan- Grab the helmet from the sawmill and equip it. Then go to the helmet area and hide under the saw through the green door. After the sawmill, go left until you see a Sasquatch. The supply is here, in the far left corner.
  15. The hut at the top– Behind the shelter at the top of the mountain, players can find this cache in a cave. Follow the path in the upper right corner to reach the kayak in the water. Use the kayak to get to the other side of the cave where the stash is hidden.
  16. training ground– Players must wear a diving suit to enter the golf course. Hit the golf ball from the shooting range into the middle of the lake, then dive into the lake to find a hidden stash. When underwater, simply hit the ball into the hole to unlock the stash.

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Hidden supplies in the city

All hidden supplies in Sneaky Sasquatch - The Hiu (4)
  1. snake river– Go to the town and follow the hidden path to the south through a patch of forest. Use the canoe in the river to reach the cache in the middle of the lake.
  2. Petrol- Players will find a time-based supply in the upper right corner next to the gas station. This cache is only available to players at 4am. Players can determine what time it is by winning the clock while playing in the arcade. To get there, players must buy coffee for Sasquatch.
  3. Police station– Players must get an apartment in the city before they can get this cash. When you're done, sleep in the apartment and go straight to the police station, you'll be there at nine in the morning. Park on the road to the left of the police station and follow the path between the fence and the woods to the left. Players may need fast shoes and a fast car to get there in time.
  4. Muzeum- Use the doggy search function on the right side of the museum sign to reveal the buried key. Here, go to the left corner of the excavation to find a stash hidden in a forest cove.
  5. Channel slap– After opening the path in the sewers, players can find the first hideout in the sewers. Go down the ladder at the very bottom of the sewer and enter the sewer waterfall. It will be in the back right corner.
  6. R Corp“This hideout is behind Rcorp, but this area can only be accessed through the sewers. PIN 3371 is required to return to this ladder. It will be right next to the container.
  7. Channel diving- Dive into the lower left part of the sewer south of the coastal area. Follow the path up and then right to find the last supply of sewers.
All hidden supplies in Sneaky Sasquatch - The Hiu (5)
  1. Luka– To the right of the port, players will find the way to the forest. Follow the path into the woods and place the beach ball here to get a stash. Players can take a ferry to get a beach ball from a nearby island.
  2. Rich Duck Island- Take the small boat to Rich Duck Island to find the next cache. It will be to the right of the house and the small pond. To unlock it, players must catch fish from the pond.
  3. western shoal– At the western end of the map, players can find a shallow with a bush and a supply in the sea. To unlock this cache, players must open the safe at the north end of the sandbox. The code is obtained by purchasing a camera, becoming a level 3 photographer, and using the zoom lens to photograph the target at the bottom of the spit.
  4. SS Pembertona“This hideout is on the sunken SS Pemberton. Dive from the marina located near the center of the bottom of this underwater area. Players must find a crack in the hull to enter it. It's inside on the left.
  5. pirate treasure- Dive from the lower left part of Rich Duck Island to find a pirate ship. Take the key from the chest on the pirate ship. Then players can take a speedboat off the island to the secret pirate cave. Dive off the small beach to reach the cave. The stash is behind the door with the skull.

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    What are secrets in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    Secret caches are red chests which can be found hidden in various places. They have coins inside when first collected. These coins do not respawn.

    Where is the hidden treasure in sneaky sasquatch? ›

    Sasquatch and animals come to the Goldfish Pond (near the Eastern Highway). A dig spot appears near the pond (it is not there when you visit this area normally). Dig up the spot, and you find a treasure chest. Inside you'll find a Large Sack of Coins (worth 100 coins) and a Gold Bar (worth 1000 coins).

    What is chapter 3 in sneaky sasquatch? ›

    Chapter 3. The lake became polluted, with its water colored green. To solve the mystery, Sasquatch gets hired into the Police force, and keeps on getting promoted until he becomes a detective. Then Sasquatch is tasked with investigating the Lake and the Town sewers, finally uncovering the plot behind Lake pollution.

    What is the R Corp sewer code? ›

    Code for R Corp cellar is 3371 (you can guess it by the fingerprints on the buttons).

    What is the rarest food in sneaky sasquatch? ›

    Rare items:
    • Hotdog.
    • Hotdog Bun.
    • Sushi.
    • Fish (item)

    What happens if you starve sneaky sasquatch? ›

    After 4 in-game hours at 0 hunger points, Sasquatch will pass out. Raccoon will bring him back home, where Sasquatch wakes up the next morning. The hunger level will be set to 2, and Sasquatch will pay 20 coins (or all coins if Sasquatch has less than 20) for the cookies Raccoon fed them.

    How many hours is sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    Main Story15h
    Main + Extras36h 59m
    All PlayStyles59h 11m

    What is the abandoned house in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    The Snow Cabin is located near the Hot Springs at the middle level of the Ski Mountain. Sasquatch discovers this house in a dilapidated state and repairs it with the help of the Construction Duck. Then Sasquatch can sleep here, and quickly travel here with the Map.

    Where is the free money box in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    However, you can call them without finding them first. Cardbord box on the lower shelf in the back of the hard hat building at the Sawmill.

    How do you unlock rich Uncle Duck House? ›

    Rich Uncle Duck can be found on his island with a pond, a secret cache, a dig hole, and a house. The house is locked and empty, and cannot be entered without a glitch. To open the cache, you need to catch the fish in the pond. When you speak to him, he will ask if you want a hint on how to become as rich as him.

    Does Mr Pemberton get out of jail? ›

    Sasquatch defeats Pemberton Jr. by one vote, but as it returns to the campsite to celebrate, it learns that all the animals have disappeared and Mr. Pemberton has escaped from prison. Tracking them to the town port, Sasquatch witnesses the Pembertons caging the animals inside a warehouse.

    Can you steal in sneaky sasquatch? ›

    Stealing from the Port in Sneaky Sasquatch

    Purchase Night Vision Goggles, Sneaky Shoes, and Binoculars to make this heist easier (any money spent will be reclaimed from the theft) Drive to the Port.

    What is r corp in sneaky sasquatch? ›

    R Corp, sometimes spelled R-Corp, is a corporation located in the Town. During the second chapter of the Storyline, Sasquatch gets a job there to disclose Mr Pemberton's illegal plans. After Mr Pemberton is arrested, the corporation continues its operations, and Sasquatch can still work there to earn additional money.

    What to do in the storage room in sneaky sasquatch? ›

    For the storage room code, you need to do the stuff that involves seeing the robbers. they will tell you the code (unknowingly). the code that you got first was the one that the police chief gave to you. this unlocks the room at the bottom, to see those robbers.

    Where is the sewer under the capital? ›

    Starting from the Lower Capital Church exit

    Run to the right and jump over the balcony down into the sewer below.

    How do you steal from Port Sasquatch? ›

    Go to the Fox's shop and enter the sewers. Go to the ladder to Secure Warehouse 2, equip your Sneaking Disguise and Sneaking Boots. Don't go up the ladder before 9:00 PM, or you'll be thrown out of the port at exactly 9:00 PM together with other workers.

    What is the backpack limit in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    The backpack can contain up to 75 food items. Inedible items like Dog Poop also count towards this limit.

    What is the fastest thing in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    The Super Car is a land vehicle. It is the fastest car in the game, but slower than the Sport Bike. It can be bought at the Car Dealership at the Race Track. The car can be upgraded and customized to improve its performance further.

    What is the best thing to sell to the Bear in sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    foods which are sold for 10 coins are bought by Bear for 2 coins. foods which are sold for 20 coins are bought by Bear for 3 coins.
    FoodBear price
    Small Fish10
    Medium fish20
    Beef Jerky, Burger, Fries, Taco, Nachos, Hotdog, Sushi50
    Large fish75
    3 more rows

    How do you get into secure 3 Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    You have to go talk to fox. Once you do, he leads you to a secret part of the sewers that you have to go through. You will eventually be lead to an elevator which takes you to Secure Warehouse 3.

    What happens if you run out of oxygen in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    If Sasquatch runs out of oxygen, the Scuba Duck saves him.

    Who is Pemberton's son in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    Pemberton Jr., also called simply “Junior” by his father, is the main antagonist in the third and fourth chapters of the Storyline. His father is Mr Pemberton.

    How late can you stay up Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    Drinking Energy Drinks allows Sasquatch to stay awake longer during the night. You can stay up until 8:00 AM if you consume enough energy drinks, but at 8:00 you will fall asleep anyway. Usuallly 2 or 3 drinks are needed to stay awake the whole night.

    Is Sneaky Sasquatch safe for kids? ›

    One of the most adorable and fun games on Apple Arcade, Sneaky Sasquatch is a must-try for kids as well as adults. In this endearing game, the player is a sneaky sasquatch trying to collect food by ransacking campsites and selling it to a snoozy bear.

    Can you escape from jail in sneaky sasquatch? ›

    The Dog Handshake Glitch is a glitch which allows you to enter locked areas like secure warehouses at the Port, or escape a locked area like the jail in the Police Station. The glitch allows you to go from an area to the left of the wall, to an area to the right of the wall.

    Can you play Sneaky Sasquatch offline? ›

    Most of these games on Apple Arcade are developer originals that you will not get on other platforms. And like is the case with Apple Arcade, you can download the games and play them offline as well, in some cases, you might still need the Internet connection. WHAT THE GOLF?

    What is the fourth quest in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    Story #4 - Mayor Race

    Pemberton Jr. is going for the Mayor. If he won the race, he will destory the campsite. Sasquatch has to save it!!!

    What is the lost dog in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    Posters about a missing dog can be seen in many places. You can get more information by calling the number, which can be found on a poster, is 555-5678 . The dog's owner is outside of the Pet Shop. He will mention the location where the dog is today.

    What are the gold bars in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    A Gold Bar is an equivalent of 1000 coins. Gold bars are rare, and as soon as Sasquatch puts it into the Backpack, it is converted into coins. One gold bar can be found at the end of the first chapter of the Storyline inside the treasure chest. Gold Bars can be found in some of the Secret Caches.

    What is the name of the rich uncle duck? ›

    'Tis the Season for Scrooge—Scrooge McDuck, that is! Uncle to Donald Duck, Scrooge is the world's richest duck. Created by Disney Legend Carl Barks in 1947, Uncle Scrooge is, according to Barks, “by any measurements the richest character ever to live in the realm of fiction.

    How do you get a valet duck? ›

    The Valet Duck is a character which offers a service of fetching your vehicles for you. To hire them, you need to own at least 2 vehicles, and then you can find them near the Car Dealership. After being hired, the Valet Duck can be found: near the Sasquatch House, fetching cars and bikes (except the bicycle);

    What is the goal of Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    As a charming Big Foot living in the woods, your goal in this exploration game is to stay well fed—and get into a little mischief. You'll start simple, tiptoeing past suspicious park rangers to secretly feast on campers' hot dogs, pilfer fruit from coolers, and rummage through garbage cans for discarded burgers.

    Is Sneaky Sasquatch multiplayer? ›

    Voice chat and multiplayer lobbies makes playing with friends or strangers seamless across games.

    How do you become a sneaky Sasquatch detective? ›

    And to become a Police Officer in Sneaky Sasquatch, you must upgrade your police car, catch up with the racers and write them a fine. To complete the quest chain, write out a few tickets for loose bonnet cargo. Your career growth is rapid because now you are a Detective.

    What happens if you call 911 in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    If you call an emergency number, it will trigger Ranger Danger, but sometimes they will say that they were unable to determine your position, and wish you luck. This does not spend cellphone minutes, but you still need to pay a coin in a pay phone.

    What are all the jobs you can get in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    Sasquatch can get 3 jobs at the port: Crane Operator, Forklift Driver, and Security Guard. The training for these jobs cost money, but once you get a job there it is quite profitable, and also helps to prepare for the Port Robbery.

    What does the ATM do in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    Location. An ATM is a machine which allows you to deposit coins to your Bank account, or to withdraw coins back.

    Where is Mr Pemberton hiding? ›

    In the second chapter, Mr Pemberton plans to achieve the same goal through illegal means. Sasquatch manages to steal his plans and reveal them to the police. Afterwards, Mr Pemberton is arrested and stays in a jail cell at the Police Station.

    What is the code to the bank in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    You must make an appointment the day before by calling 555-BANK ( 555-2265 ) on the Telephone (for example, near the Diner or the Ranger Station) or on a Cellular Phone. The next day, visit the bank and talk to the clerk.

    Where is the bear who really likes fish in sneaky sasquatch? ›

    Near the RV Park Cave.

    Can you steal in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    Stealing from the Port in Sneaky Sasquatch

    Purchase Night Vision Goggles, Sneaky Shoes, and Binoculars to make this heist easier (any money spent will be reclaimed from the theft) Drive to the Port.

    What is the mystery disk Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    The Mystery Disk costs 10 tickets. Upon inserting the disk into a computer (for example, at R Corp), the screen will show a person dancing with elevator music. The application is called "Celery Disk 2.5" in the dancer loading screen.

    What is wrong with the lake in Sneaky Sasquatch? ›

    Storyline. After Sasquatch finishes R Corp storyline, he will discover that the lake is green and polluted.

    How do you scare townsfolk without getting caught? ›

    Scare 5 townspeople

    Tips: Run around the people without any disguise, and avoid being caught by the police. Try to start in the areas with lots of people like the Cafe.


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