All PS4 Error Codes [SOLVED 2023] (2023)

What are the error codes on PS4?

All PS4 Error Codes [SOLVED 2023] (1)

The core operating system and interface of the PS4 is Playstation Network. The operating system was originally called "SO Orbis“,and showed a similar approach to Apple's minimalist design in hisiOS products.Just like many other cutting edge systems like the PS4. The entire PSN is not perfect or stable.

The console suffers from multiple error codes generated due to various types of conditions. You can depend on howup to dateYour software is or when the PlayStation Network server status is down. These conditions can be relatively frustrating for many players at their worst.

Key points

  • You couldal azarmeet oneErrorin itsConsola PlayStation 4if something goes wrong with aRollo, arenetwork connection, or many other things.
  • Error codes on a PS4 usually have2 letterswhich followsset of numbersin onescript code.
  • Hesolutionsbelong to PS4 error codesAndersdepends onThat mistakeare you tryingresource.
    • That's most of themcommon solutionsto the usual PS4 error codes:
  • CE-34878-0
      • Start againYour game or console. Also, you caninitializeyour PS4 to fix it too.
  • CE-30005-8
      • You needsubstituteoSauberAfaulty hard drive. If that doesn't work try thisrebuildtu ps4database.
  • CE-36329-3
      • AttemptUpdateyour system software tolast version.
  • CE-32894-6
      • Make sure yoursInternet connectionIt works perfectly. If so,changeareDNS settingson PS4 andforwardsomeports.
  • CE-37732-2
      • Download your game or appone more time, if the error persists, download the game to aexternal hard drive.
  • CE-34335-8
      • Make sure yoursHDDplugged in and plugged incorrect.
  • CE-34788-0
      • download thelatest firmware updateon your PS4.
  • CE-32930-7
      • remove thosedamagedPlay on your PS4 and run thisdownload processone more time.
  • CE-33992-6
    • Make sure yoursInternethit theminimum requirementsset bysony.
  • Error codes beginning with "public notary"The letters arenot worrisomebecause they are so much easier to fix.
  • Error codes beginning with "northwestThe letters ” usually refer to your Internet or PSN servers. These can be fixed if youreviewareInternet connection.
  • SU-xx" Y "WS-xx” Error codes occur because there is oneProblemwith thefirmwareyour PS4. FastrestartYour console will fix most of these errors.

These error codes consist of at leastof the cardsfollowed by numbers in ascript codeBehavior. They can instantly surprise and confuse players as to what exactly the problem could be.

It should also be noted that these error codes can appear if the game disc has a problem. In most cases, your device's drive itself may have ahanging Parts,Therefore, these errors can appear in the console software. Therefore, you must send your console in for repair or replacement.

So even after all these years, bugs can still cause problems for users. These are transferred to theps5Also, which is a topic we will discuss in another discussion. These error issues can include randomly generated codes that can appear anonymously on the PS4.

Talking about YOU CEOjim ryanhe also discussed that they would continue to release games for the PS4. Mostly incompatible next generation games on PS4 can also cause issues and bugs for your console.

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Solutions to PS4 error codes

Luckily, you have a few ways to resolve each of these error codes in-game. Fortunately, the official Playstation site covers some sort ofconventional solutionsto any form of error.

However, most support sites tend to be lazy in conveying the correct form of an answer to help users. There are even certain bug fixes or workarounds from the Playstation communities that seem to work better in most cases like these. However, it should be noted that these tricks do not always work so easily.

In the past, PlayStation network services often suffered outages or server issues. Sony does not inform players about these situations, which causes error codes to appear on their system. So, during these times, you have to wait helplessly for the services to come back online.

most ofoutsourced error codesIs it due to network problems or originateshardware disastersthis will immediately require other forms of help. But hopefully it won't get to that as we will tell you in detail how to troubleshoot and fix each of these error codes for your PS4 console.

Common error codes on PS4

All PS4 Error Codes [SOLVED 2023] (2)

These error codes are generally classified as„CE-xx…“in the startup code. Therefore, the first two letters are used as shorthand for "common bugs" when variants appear on the PS4. The general rule is that you canunintentionally fixedby the player, or it may just be some kind of external problem.

The most important thing is that these problems are quite common and common for the system, so there is nothing to worry about too much. It's also worth noting that common bugs don't have onepermanent Solution,So you have to get used to seeing them appear on your screen from time to time.

there's a lotfew variantsI found this error on PS4 console. But luckily we have detailed an explanation and a solution for each of them. So let's break down each of these common error code versions.


That is the message in the code."An error has occurred in the following application."This is followed by the game or application currently running on your system. It is most likely one of the most common issues that persists in various games that have poor or innovative optimization.

You can easily fix the error in a number of ways including simply restarting the app from the PS4 UI home screen or restarting the console as a whole. Also, you can also try to investigate if there is something wrong with yours.HDDon which the game is installed.

If the problem persists even after trying and doing all the fixes, you may need to do thisinitializeyour console. This can be done in the settings menu underinitializationideas. Just be sure to back up your save data and installed files, as this is technically a processFormattu PS4.


A vague message will appear"Cannot start application."The bug is one we've come across a few times, but fixing it can be a bit extreme. The reason for this may beblu ray discthat the game has bugs or thecd driveitself may be corrupted or problematic.

In order to solve the problem, we recommend that you eject the disc from your console and check that it is not damaged or scratched. Most of the time, it may also have light smudges on it, which may cause the PS4 drive to not read it properly and not boot.

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Once you are sure that the drive is clean, we recommend that you rebuild the PS4 database. It is a process that essentially clarifies theexcess RAM cachethe console and update it. It's one of thebasic methodsPlayers can use to learn how to fix PS4 error code issues. The steps of the procedure are:

All PS4 Error Codes [SOLVED 2023] (3)
  • Make sure the console is completely turned off.
  • After the first startup beep, press and hold the power button7-8 secondsuntil you hear the 2nd.
  • open thesecurity modePS4 menu.
  • Connect your controller to your system using the USB cable.
  • select and confirm5. Option,which"rebuild database"to start the process.
  • Then the PS4 will reboot and the database recovery process should take a few minutes.
  • If the error persists, we recommend looking forProfessional Helpto fix your unit, which may be the only mistake to blame or try to contactplaystation support.


This is one of the rare error codes encountered by most PS4 users. However, the code still falls into the common error category. The issue prompts players with the statement,"An error code has occurred in the system software."In view of this, the reason behind the problem is related to the console software.

To fix the problem, we recommend updating your system software to the latest version or firmware. Most PS4 consoles tend to receive software updates automatically when you sign into your system. But you can also manually check if the software is up to date by going toIdeastab and underSystem software update.

Alternatively, you can also update the system software using the Safe Mode option which we just discussed in the above database restore guide. You can find it as the third option in this menu. If this doesn't work, you'll have to resort toinitializeyour console or contact support.


The problem is more common among most of the PlayStation 4 users. It prompts you by saying"Connection to servers lost."It seems to throw a lot of players into a state of confusion when figuring out what could be causing this.

First, we recommend checking the status of your network connection before doing anything. This can be done from the Network Settings tab and then selecting the Test Internet Connection option. If this is the cause, we recommend investigating further by contacting your ISP or troubleshooting yourself in your router's settings.

You can also try switching between wireless or wired ethernet connections. The popular solution that most players have found is to try changing yours.DNS settingsby manually setting up a network connection on your PS4. While you're at it, try checking that outPSN Server Statuson its official Playstation website.

Also, you can try applying for astatic IPOption for your router from your ISP. We also recommend port forwarding the following numbers to your router to create a seamless connection between the PSN servers and your PS4 system:

  • TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
  • UDP: 3478, 3479

Hopefully, if you use these ports as intended, you can confirm how to fix this annoying and recurring error code found on the PS4.


That's what the error code says."The downloaded file was not successfully installed on the system. The data may have been corrupted during the download process."Fortunately, the error code is only due to a major problem and is not as common as you might expect.

The problem is caused by one of your downloads being interrupted on the console by external interference such as power outages or even network issues. This, in turn, causes download interruptions and has a small chance of corrupting the main game or application files.

All we recommend is to re-download the game or app to fix the error as soon as possible. In rare cases where it persists, you can try downloading the game to an external hard drive or vice versa to the original drive.

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The error code message is self explanatory. If you browse and select specific games or apps, you will get a message called"No hard disk drive (HDD) detected."

That is, whatever drive you installed the game to, whether it's an external drive or the original drive. You need to check if it is properly inserted or connected to the PS4. These rare cases occur when the PS4 hard drive might become disconnected or the USB cable of the external drive might be badly connected to the system.


It is another error caused by system software update problem which is not the latest version. So you'll be led to a statement of"Unable to use update file."

The problem is just a minor problem that shouldn't be a serious problem. All you have to do is download thelatest firmwareOfficial version of the PS4 softwarePlaystation 4 software updateProperty. Hopefully installing the current software should fix the error code.


Many times when you try to start the game or application, you will find that it doesn't start. It will indicate the message that the"Data downloaded to the hard drive is probably corrupted."The error code is caused by hard drive corruption, so the simplest solution is to re-download the file that got corrupted in the process.

The simplest solution is to delete the corrupted game and restart the game or app download process by selecting it again from the library menu.


The error code is subtly related to network issues. Due to this, the error code message is given as"Internet connection test failed". According to Playstation, it is recommended to check the server status of PSN services on the support site.

If the servers are up to date and working, it is possible that the Internet is causing these problems. It is recommended that you check your network connection. It is also suggested that you have oneat least 5 MB connectionon your PS4 console to have a stable experience on it.

Playstation Network Service Error Codes

All PS4 Error Codes [SOLVED 2023] (4)

We have now covered the most common issues that cause PS4 error codes. It should be noted that there is another category for error codes related to theRed de Playstation (NP-xx..). Fortunately, these are not too worrisome or worrisome, as they have relatively simple causes and solutions.

We will cover thosevery famousNetwork issues throwing errors so you can easily learn how to fix PS4 error codes. As we have already mentioned, the main causes of almost all of them are related to the PSN servers.

  • NP-34957-8:It's aserver communicationMistake. The servers are most likely undergoing maintenance, so we recommend waiting until they come back online.
  • NP-36006-5:The error is related to that.Trophy data is corrupted.You can re-sync your trophies in the Playstation 4 trophy menu or restart the console to possibly fix the problem.
  • NP-31952-0:The theme revolves around"Network connection timed out."In order to fix the problem, you need to make sure that your Internet connection is not unstable or malfunctioning.
  • NP-31730-4:The error code will help you.deliverfrom the Playstation Network. This may be due to a server issue or may be related to your account. Try signing in again to fix the problem and other solutions to avoid it.
  • NP-35000-8:It is similar to error code NP-34957-8. The most logical cause is that the servers will have some kind of downtime. The news will even show that thePSN servers are under maintenance.
  • NP-32062-3:The error says "Data may be corrupted." Most users should not be alarmed as it is reported that restarting the console will fix the problem.

The network connection error

All PS4 Error Codes [SOLVED 2023] (5)

Most of the time, your Internet connection behaves unstable and weak. This leads to a lack of communication with the PlayStation Network servers, which in turn sows the seeds of network errors.„NO-xx…“.You can learn how to prevent and fix these error codes so they don't appear again on your PS4.

The best advice we can give you here is to monitor your bandwidth speed regularly. We also mentioned earlier the implementation of astatic IP addresson your connection by contacting your Internet service provider. Finally, you should always make sure you have bothNat type 1 or Nat type 2on your router.

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This allows your PS4 to play freely through aPoint to point connection (P2P)to PSN servers. Meanwhile, Nat Type 3 will limit this access and other features as well. Therefore, we recommend checking your nat type in the network test settings. Below are some error codes that come from the user's network connection on the PS4:

  • NW-31201-7:A network connection could not be established.
  • NW-31374-8:Connection timed out.
  • NW-31253-4:The response from the DNS server is delayed or unstable.
  • NW-31250-1:Internal Server Error.
  • NW-31205-1:The network connection is unstable or too weak to reach the PSN server.
  • NW-31247-7:The network connection timed out.
  • NW-31294-9:Connection timed out due to unstable wireless connection.
  • NW-31246-6:The DNS configuration is invalid.
  • NW-31456-9:connection error.
  • NW-31453-6:Delayed server response.
  • NW-31194-8:A network connection could not be established.

For all these errors, there is a single solution that simply ensures that your internet works stably so that you can play your games without hindrance and without being bothered by these errors.

Software and web errors

All PS4 Error Codes [SOLVED 2023] (6)

While we have already discussed some software error issues in the common error codes for the PS4. It is worth noting that the console could be generating the codes due to a software malfunction. On top of that, the console firmware can also cause some issues with the code in the background.„WS-xx“.

However, there is an easy way that you can use to fix these error codes related to these aspects on PS4. They usually just involve giving your console afast rebootto solve and prevent. You should nothappen again and againsince they have onehardly everoccurrence in the system. They are known as follows:

  • SU-35931-1:The error code indicates that the"System software update data is partially corrupted."The solution is to try updating the PS4 system software via USB instead of the Internet.
  • SU-30696-4:The error message is"The system software could not be updated."The possible solution is to ensure that you have correctly placed the system software file in the correct folder when updating via USB on the console.
  • SU-30746-0:Say what"The file required for system software update could not be found."To do this, just make sure that you download the latest version of the PS4 software update.
  • WS-36812-0:It's one of the rare "web bugs" on the PS4. makes youunable to join a party.Supposedly you can resolve it by unplugging your console and router and rebooting them in that order.


Although knowing how to find the error code you have on PS4 can be a daunting task in order to fix it. We simplified most of them to make solving them as easy as possible.

Having owned the console for several years, the issues that crop up in its user interface continue to be annoying and cause gamers headaches. So in our guide you will undoubtedly find the best solution for each of the errors. They are mostly related to the PSN service or just the Internet connection.

When all else may fail, theextreme precautionsit can take is to send your console tofixfrom trusted technical specialists. Helast jokeit may just be to contact and speak to a live support agent at Playstation.

This includes our guide on how to resolve and fix multiple PS4 console error codes. We hope you find the detailed help for each of the most common errors useful. Let us know if we missed anything worth mentioning in the comment box below!

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