Books by Sarah J. Maas: 10 Memorable Quotes to Live By (2023)

It is a universally accepted truth that the books of Sarah J. Maas are the most hyped works of fantasy in the reading community right now. The author is widely known for her uncanny characterization skills, her extraordinary ability to create unforgettable fantasy worlds, as well as her gripping romances that will resonate in the hearts of her followers for centuries to come. There are also many who find Sarah J. Maas's books overrated and engage in Twitter wars with her die-hard fans to vent their frustration on her. But regardless of an individual's position on the books of Sarah J. Maas, her influence and impact on the Booking community must be acknowledged.

I am certainly an absolute fan of Sarah J. Maas's books and will probably read anything she writes in the future, as I stand by most of the laudatory claims made about her works. While I don't consider all of her books to be memorable masterpieces that will last for centuries and be cherished as immortal classics by the next generation, I do enjoy all of Sarah J. Maas's books. She remains one of my all-time favorite writers to this day, though I won't be waging war on Twitter over my devotion to her fiction anytime soon.

My love for the books of Sarah J. Maas means a lot to me, and above all other qualities her books may possess, my abiding admiration stems from the power and hope I gain from entering one of her magical worlds. Her characters are not perfect, but they are inspiring, motivating, and I believe that by reading Sarah J. Maas's books I have become a better person, with more understanding of my feelings and a greater desire to succeed in my own being. efforts

I find many of his quotes and quotes to be actual serotonin-inducing phrases and I never tire of reading and rereading the pages of his volumes. When I read one of Sarah J. Maas's books, I feel like my heart has come home. As I am transported to her magical worlds, I feel like I have a warm blanket wrapped around my shoulders.

I've compiled a list of my favorite quotes from all of Sarah J. Maas's books to strengthen you through the toughest of times. Most of these have meant a lot to me at various vulnerable moments in my life and if souls could be recorded I wish mine would bear the mark of Sarah J. Maas books as her magic words will remain in my memory forever. .

"You could shake the stars," he whispered. "You could do anything if you dared. And deep down you know it too. That's what scares you the most."

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For someone like me who suffers from anxiety and often feels petrified when doing something that could affect my life in any way, this quote has always helped calm my mind. I've heard many uplifting quotes in my life, I've even subscribed to a program that sends me some every day, but nothing I've come across comes close to the power this quote gives me. Because each one of us has enough power within us to make decisions that take us through the galaxies. We can not only move the stars, we can shake them from scratch. It is time for our fear to subside so that we can finally rise up.

"No. I can survive well enough on my own, if I get the right reading material."

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For me, reading is like breathing. Those who have followed my posts may know that I read a lot. My saddest days are easily overcome with a good book to drown my sorrows. I've had periods in my life where I couldn't read, and it's really those periods that I remember as being from my past that are really scary, because through all the other difficult events, my books have always been with me. Sarah J. Maas's books in particular have been a great comfort to me over the years, for which I am very grateful.

"We all have scars... Mine are more visible than most."

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I used to be obsessed with not having scars. It's mostly because of the way I was raised, my father was very strict about never scaring me when I fell. Scars were considered pure shame in my family and dealing with them has never been easier in my life. When I broke my leg and needed surgery, one of my father's biggest concerns was what my scars would look like once they healed.

In short, having all the scars has always been a serious sin on my conscience and I have lived that way for most of my life. Seeing the main character Sarah from the first series of her being proud of her and unapologetic about her scars, I found a renewed love and appreciation for the ones she had. I have accepted my scars as a form of healing because that is what the scars on our bodies really show: the great power we have to heal and move on.

"You don't get to choose which parts of her you love."

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How easy is it to idealize someone? In my opinion, too easy. When you have friends, it's definitely easy to love them for supporting and understanding our efforts. It's great to have someone who will be there for you and support you through your toughest times and you are more than willing to do the same. At least in theory. In practice, many friendships and relationships end because people don't live up to our initial expectations. Desperate attempts to change the other person so that we like them more are always tempting, but that just doesn't work when it comes to true love.

You have to be vulnerable and brave enough to show your true self and not constantly try to please others for fear of losing them. It's very tempting, and I've found myself doing it more often than I'd like to admit. But if we love, we must love fully. Love the broken parts of the other person before you expect them to love you. You can't idealize people in the long run. You either love someone completely or you don't love them at all.Uds, but the perception you created around his image. Choose those who are worthy in the long run and love them well.

"Don't feel bad for a moment doing what gives you joy."

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Guilty pleasures may be one of the biggest curses to strike our common language. The simple term implies that we should feel guilty about getting happiness and joy from something we do. It can be an activity, a person, a movie or a book that society disapproves of. In short, social norms have convinced us that we are guilty of liking some things that are not approved of by most people. From now on we can only be excused from this sin by acknowledging our faults by calling the object of our worship a guilty pleasure.

We need to stop allowing society to tell us what is right and wrong in love. Readdarknessyafter this, and watch the movies too, but do it with pride. Do not be ashamed. I was so embarrassed to enjoy things that society disapproved of, but now I am very proud of them. Make noise and don't be silenced. Wear ripped jeans with pride. Enjoy the sordid historical romance and read it in your UNI courses. After all, it's about making us happy, not pandering to society's norms.

“For me there are good days and hard days, even now. Don't let the hard days win."

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I found this quote so uplifting when I felt like I was falling apart. As for me, I am widely known to be a stubborn person. The idea of ​​pushing my way through my toughest times to not let my dark days win is really something that gives me a lot of motivation every day.

I must have repeated that quote to myself a hundred times since I first read Sarah.A court of mist and angerBook. We must never stop fighting through our difficulties because there are always better days ahead. One bad day is enough to completely knock us off our feet, but one thing I've mastered in recent years is telling myself that the best days of my life are definitely ahead.

"I was not a pet, nor a doll, nor an animal.
I was a survivor and I was strong.
I would not be weak or helpless again
It wouldn't, it couldn't be broken. domesticated.

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As soon as I read it out loud, I can feel my inner strength coming to the surface. It is so easy to let yourself become a victim of your history and so difficult to pick yourself up again and again. I always heal, I always survive. Sometimes it's so hard. Sometimes I feel like a huge failure for getting carried away, for letting my so-called loved ones fool me. But I learn from my mistakes. And every time I fall, I know I can pick myself up.

"The world," Aelin said, "will be saved and rebuilt by the dreamers."

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This means a lot to me as I have always dreamed of better days. Even late at night when I can't sleep, I tend to picture myself living my ideal aesthetic life in order to fall asleep. Dreaming has always made me feel better in any difficult situation.If I can dream it, I'm sure I can achieve it.

While people with unrealistic dreams are often blamed socially for wasting the time they could invest in making things happen, I know that dreaming of better days is always a good thing. I am forever grateful to Sarah J. Maas's books for emphasizing so much the importance of always dreaming of a better future.

"Rejoice in your human heart, Feyre. Pity those who feel nothing at all."

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We live in a society that does everything possible for us to hide our emotions, since they are seen as a sign of weakness and vulnerability. But it is our emotions that make us wonderful people. ussonYou must feel deeply. The refusal to show our feelings to the world can only lead to frustration and anxiety in the long run. We must not stop showing our feelings to the world, they are meant to be celebrated and not tolerated.

I'm so excited to see that Sarah has chosen to emphasize so much in her books how her heroines feel deeply and fully all the time, because that's how we should always embrace the world. Be proud when you cry or when you laugh out loud. All your emotions are valid and everyone has the right to feel how they feel. Never forget that.

"Only you can decide what breaks you, curse breaker. Only you."

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Probably my favorite quote from the Sarah J. Maas books, those words were an excellent reminder to me to keep going when it seemed impossible to do so. We all possess much more power than we realize until life's difficulties lead us to express our inner power to save ourselves. I have found some events absolutely impossible to beat if they ever occur. And yet I got over them. Life will come and throw seemingly impossible tasks at us, but we all have the power to overcome them.

The only big difference between our lives and the existence of a fantasy heroine tasked with saving the world is the change of scenery. However, we are equally capable of saving ourselves and the world. We always underestimate the power our minds and bodies have until we are forced to fight for life. We are meant to be broken because we are meant to learn to pick ourselves up. We are much stronger than we ever dreamed.

The dating list could go on and on as my love for Sarah's magical worlds is endless and immeasurable as a sky of colliding stars. I repeated the famous wordsI will not have fearfrom his first book published maybe a million times, and I'll do this every time I'm scared. I have discovered a lot of inner power and self-love since I first came across Sarah J. Mass's books and I really hope that everyone else can feel the same magic that I did.

If you want to dive into the books of Sarah J Maas and discover amazing new series to read right now, come visit us.This article.


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