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  • CE-33984-7 is a common PS4 console specific network error.
  • It usually only occurs when setting up a new Wi-Fi or wired LAN connection.
  • Some PS4 users encounter the error when trying to browse the PlayStation Store, run a connection speed test on the PlayStation 4, or even in the middle of a game.


Unable to connect to Wi-Fi network within the timeout period

Most of the time, it is your WiFi or network router that is causing the PS4 to fail to connect within the time limit.

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EmPS4NW-31247-7 Error, a network error occurs when the console isunable toConnect to the Internet. This error can have several causes and have different signs.

The worst thing about playing online games like Fortnite and Overwatch on yourPlaystation 4have connection problems. If you can't connect to Wi-Finetworkwithin the time frame, it can become particularly problematic. There is also an OK prompt, but no other details such as an error code. A blue screen may appear stating that the Wi-Fi network cannot be connected within the timeout period.

CE-33984-7 error may appearPS4if you don't get an IP address in time (CE-33984-7). This guide can help you to fix this issue.

Error CE-33984-7 is a PS4 specific network issue and usually only occurs when you set up a new wireless or LAN cable connection. Occasionally, PlayStation 4 users are greeted with CE-33984-7 errors when browsing the PlayStation Store, running a connection speed test on the PlayStation 4, or when playing a game on the PlayStation 4.


An NW-31247-7 error can also show "Network connection timed out". Your network connection may be unstable or weak, which some general troubleshooting steps may resolve.

There could be a few reasons why PS4 CE-33984-7 might pop up but the most common causes are listed below.

An error may occur when trying to reconnect to the PlayStation Network servers after suddenly losing connection with them. Also, the console may not get an IP address from your router when trying to reconnect after a while.

PS4 error CE-33984-7 means that your local home network may be down or the server may be down. To find out if there is a problem with the server, you must troubleshoot your console's networking function.

What Causes PS4 Error Code CE-33984-7?

How To Fix PS4 Error Code CE-33984-7 (Cannot Get IP Address) - TechQuack (1)


PS4 and PS5 users have error codes CE-30391-6 related to CMOS. You may not play physical or digital games.

PSN-Server-Problem:To resolve this issue, you must first make sure that it is not a server issue. If the PSN server is down, your account may not be able to validate your digital purchase, causing thiscode errorinstead.

PS4 received an IP address but is not connected to the Internet

TCP/IP router inconsistency:As some concerned users have reported, this issue can also appear due to network inconsistencies caused by an issue with your router. In this case, restarting the router or resetting the current router configuration may solve the problem.


To set up an Internet connection, select (Settings) > [Network] > [Set Up Internet Connection] and follow the on-screen instructions.

Trying to connect my PS4 to the internet with the LAN cable doesn't work. I always get the message that no DNS server is defined. No matter what I do, nothing seems to work. The error code is CE-33984-7.

Console not set as primary device:If you are only seeing this error when trying to access one of your digital purchases, enabling the console as the primary device may resolve the issue. This potential solution has been found to be effective by several users who have encountered this issue.

Console firmware mismatch:There is also a fairly common discrepancy caused by data corruption (usually after an unexpected shutdown or failed update). To solve this problem, you need to do a power backup.

Ce 33983 6

My PS4 seems to not seem to connect to the internet when I try to set up my internet connection as it is giving me the error code (CE-33983-6) "Unable to connect to Wi-Fi network within timeout." Everything in my house connects fine except the PS4.

You may also encounter error CE-33984-7 if your PS4 is unable to obtain an IP address due to a conflict in your home.Network.Using static IP addresses on your devices and sharing the same IP address with another device may cause your PS4 to boot from the network.

Outdated router software:If you are using an old router, this problem could also be caused by a very outdated firmware that is unable to maintain a stable internet connection with your PS4. In this case, you need to update the firmware to the latest version (either by yourself or with the help of a certified technician).

Auto connect setting assigns incorrect values:As reported by some affected users, this issue can also occur when theautomaticallyYour PS4 configuration assigns untrusted DNS. To avoid this, you can configure the connection manually, taking care to assign DNS values ​​provided by Google.

How to fix PS4 error code CE-33984-7?

How To Fix PS4 Error Code CE-33984-7 (Cannot Get IP Address) - TechQuack (2)

Check PSN service status

Make sure there are no issues with the PSN server before starting to troubleshoot the PS4 error CE-33984-7. This could be caused by server issues.

Ps5 can't get IP address within time limit

If you are unable to access your network backend settings, you may need to jailbreak or whitelist your PlayStation 5. Please contact your network administrator to unlock your PlayStation 5.

Ps4 can't connect to server

The Playstation Network (PSN) or the game you are trying to play should not be affected by any existing issues. Check the official PSN Network Status Check Tool for the latest network issues. Also, you can check which servers are available on the game's official website.

The error should now be resolved, but you may need to turn your PS4 off and on again if it is still causing issues. Check your internet connection and see if the problem persists. After an unexpected system interruption or a failed update, some users have found this method to be effective in dealing with corrupt temporary data.

Check aPSN Service Status Pageto see if there are any issues with your account manager or the PlayStation Store.

There is nothing you can do if the PSN status page shows a network connection issue. Sony needs to fix this issue ASAP. Check this page regularly.

Manual connection setup

  1. Settings - Network is where you need to go.
  2. The next window will appear with the option to configure the Internet connection.
  3. If Wi-Fi is available, select it; If a LAN cable is available, select it.
  4. You can configure your Internet connection in several ways on the next screen if you select Custom.
  5. For a wireless connection, network must be selected.
  6. To use PPPoE directly or to configure a custom IP address, select Auto for IP address settings.
  7. Do not specify the DHCP hostname.
  8. Error CE-33984-7 can be fixed by manually configuring your DNS settings. Choose Manual and enter and as your primary and secondary DNS.
  9. If you don't want to use the proxy or MTU settings, select Don't use.

Now you need to check your PS4 internet connection andcheck if the error is resolved. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to turn off the console. This method has proven to be effective for some users who are struggling with an issue caused by corrupted temporary data after an unexpected system shutdown or incorrect update.

Restart or reset the router

In most cases, router issues occur when too many devices are connected to the same wireless network, which can cause PS4 error CE-33984-7.

The problem can be solved by unplugging all unnecessary devices and restarting the router, unplugging it, waiting at least a minute and then turning it back on. If that doesn't fix the problem, restart the router.

common questions

What does "Unable to obtain IP address" error message mean on PS4?

The error message "Error obtaining an IP address" appears when a user tries to connect to a Wi-Fi network. The router assigns an IP address to each connected device. Your device must receive this address to connect to the router. This message means that this is not possible and the user cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network.

What does "Unable to get IP address" mean?

The error message "Unable to obtain the IP address" usually appears when accessing a Wi-Fi network, either a new network or a network registered on your device. This error message means that the router cannot assign an IP address to your device. As long as the problem persists, the user will not be able to access the Internet through this Wi-Fi network.

How do I resolve IP address conflict on my PS4?

  1. First, go to your PS4's settings menu.
  2. Then select Network.
  3. You must select Configure Internet Connection.
  4. You want to choose the configuration.
  5. Now you must choose the method your PS4 will use to connect to the Internet.
  6. Make sure your IP address is set to automatic.

Why won't my PS4 connect to WiFi?

If your PS4 is not connected to the Internet, your PlayStation Network may be offline. Also check your Wi-Fi connection, reset or change router and modem settings. You can also try changing DNS settings on your PS4 to fix connection issues.

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