How to use HEARCareers to find an apprenticeship - Student Academy of Audiology (2023) (2023)

Around this time... the frantic search for an internship begins. You may be wondering: when to start looking, where to start looking and even... what information do I need to apply?

The Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) has you in its offer. Read on to learn more about the proposed Freelance Apprenticeship schedule, the Audiology Focused Externship and Internship Council, HEARCareers, what you need to start your search, and insider tips from your current freelancer, teacher and new professional .

What is the general time to look for an internship?

First, when should you start looking for an internship?

In April 2021, the Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) Board of Education conducted a survey of 166 AuD students regarding internship applications. As for the free practice schedule, here's what they found:

April-July (previous year before the start of practice)72.3% of the surveyed students have started preparations for looking for an internship (ie getting to know the process, creating a CV).
August SeptemberAlmost three quarters (73.5-74.7%) of students started applying for internships. The majority (59.6%) of students submitted five to ten applications during the internship search.
September OctoberMore than two thirds (66.9-68.1%) signed up for an interview.
September, October and November83.2% of respondents recorded the highest number of admissions at the end of the year.

In addition, the Audiology Clinical Education Network (ACEN) has created a general timeline for students to follow when seeking externships in 2022-2023:

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How to use HEARCareers to find an apprenticeship - Student Academy of Audiology (2023) (1)

What is HEARCareers and are there benefits to using it to find job vacancies?

Now that you know where to start, you may be wondering where to begin your search. Look no further than the Academy's year-round jobs and internship board, HEARCareers.

Visit the HearCareers website

Exactly. Forget searching high and low on job boards that don't relate to your industry. There are many benefits to applying for an internship through HEARCareers, including but not limited to:

  • Access and view hundreds of offers from outside audiology practices throughout the year*
  • Filtering option to search by internship in desired location
  • Fully structured externship postings with information on salary, location, internship terms, required application materials, and venue information such as number of audiologists working at the location, vacation days, student preferences, and more
  • The ability to set your account as private, confidential, or public depending on where you are in your research journey
  • The possibility of checking how many times your profile has been viewed and how many applications you have sent

* Our research shows that teachers post job offers with HEARCareers throughout the year, with most offers starting in May and peaking in August and September each year.

Is there a fee to set up a HEARCareers account?

Internship seekers can create a profile and apply for an internship for free through HEARCareers.

How to set up a successful HEARCareers account

If you already have a HEARCareers account, SAA encourages you to review your information, including your resume, to ensure it is current.

If you do not have a HEARCareers account, follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Alreadyjob search site, click on "Login".
  2. When the module is displayed, click on "registration". You will need the following information: first name, last name, email address and desired password. You can also use Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn to log in.
  3. After creating an account, you must confirm your e-mail address. You will immediately receive an email from regarding this.
  4. Once you've created your account, you can log in and go to your "View" dashboard to start updating your profile!
  5. Under 'Profile views' click 'Update your profile'. This will require your CV or you can manually add your information.
    • Prefix
    • Internal*
    • Last name*
    • Email address*
    • Address
    • Telephone number
    • Academy member status*
    • Employment history (employer, position, date of start and end of position)
    • Education history (name of school, degree, date of graduation)
    • Job title
    • Career statement
    • Career categories*
    • Completed education*
    • Are you currently a full-time student?
    • Expected salary
    • Type of employment
    • Are you interested in an internship?
    • Are you interested in entry-level positions?
    • Are you willing to relocate?
    • Do you want to travel?
    • What is your work authorization status?*
    • Loading documents
    • Update your profile visibility
      • Public:My profile and all my selected documents are searchable.
      • Confidentially:Only my profile is searchable, but my contact information is hidden.
      • Private:My profile is not searchable.

* All items marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Are there prerequisites before a student can apply for an internship?

When you begin your search for an externship, you may wonder if you've met all the entry requirements. The good news is that many entry requirements come down to the core course you've completed.

"It is not uncommon for an 'accepted' student to start applying for an internship. Many programs have a designated contact person within their department who inquires about student engagement preferences (if any), discusses previously established relationships with externships, creates agreements between the program and the externship, and may or may not help them with letters on guiding principles and biographies.

(Video) AAA audiologists share their reasons and advice

Samantha Ramirez, AuD, chair of the new SAA Expert Committee and an audiologist and teacher at the Kaiser Permanente Hearing Center in Redwood City, California

Although many of the prerequisites come down to courses you've already taken, it's always advisable to check with each third-party site what they require.

How to start your internship search with HEARCareers

Starting to look for an internship is a long process that can start a year before the internship starts. Using HEARCareers, you can browse a long list of open internshipsHere. Reviewing this list beforehand can give you a good idea of ​​which sites are looking for freelancers, what resources you might need, and where there is a large concentration of freelancers.

When you're ready to start searching, go to the "jobs" tab or clickHere. Although this list includes internships and jobs, you will be able to use the HEARCareers filtering system to find the perfect internship for you with the following parameters:

  • Level:Choose an internship
  • Basic practice:You will be able to choose the setting that interests you the most, such as Hospitals, Private Practice, or VA Medical Hospital.
  • Financial arrangements:You'll be able to browse salary-based internship opportunities such as salary or stipend.
  • Place:If you have a desired location, add it to the filter.

How to choose an internship that suits you

An externship will provide you with a wealth of information and an opportunity to develop and learn as an audiologist. That's why it's important to find an internship that fits your needs.

When looking for an internship, keep in mind the location you would like to be in, the location of the job, and any financial arrangements that may be necessary in your situation.

Students should also consider "whether the internship has a clear explanation of which specialties will and will not be part of the rotation, whether it is within one department or travels between departments, whether it is an individual internship or you will be with other external students, and whether turn internships into job opportunities."

(Video) Master of Clinical Audiology

Sarah Ostlie, AuD, chair of the SAA Advisory Board and clinical audiologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota

Students should also think about "what population the site serves, such as pediatricians or geriatrics, as well as the expected hours spent on the site per day."

Alexis Leiderman, AuD student, 2022-2023. president of the Student Academy of Audiology and fourth year at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York. He is completing his internship at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Additional tips from Dr. Ramirez

When looking for a freelance practice, according to Dr. Ramirez, there are a number of important things to think about, including:

  • Letters of recommendation:dr. Ramirez says that "letters of recommendation are very important in our decisions. I highly recommend that at least one professor or faculty member and at least one clinical preceptor write a recommendation. I tell them that the third letter could be from another professor/clinic leader or even a former boss who is not related to audiology."
  • Resumes and cover letters:For resumes, Dr. Ramirez also recommends students use the American Academy of Audiologyfree resume review service. This service provides real feedback on audiologist resumes and cover letters.
  • Preparation for the interview:If a student is called for an interview, Dr. Ramirez advises students to "practice the interview, some programs will do this for students, but if they don't, they should seek interview practice with their mentors." Reduce your elevator pitch and practice answering basic interview questions out loud.”

You have applied for an external internship. What now?

So you've applied for an internship and you're wondering "what's next?" Many third-party sites will send you an opt-out or opt-out email.

If accepted, these emails will include job descriptions, scholarship, start/end dates, other placement details and a requested response date.

"At my institution, we ask the student to respond (accept or not) within 48 hours - this is not unusual. We also consider pre-employment requirements such as provisional license, drug screening, required induction documents and more.”

Dr Ramirez

Academy and SAA resources for internship seekers

The Academy and SAA have a wealth of resources for students preparing to embark on their internship search.

(Video) Doctor Cliff Show LIVE! S1E1 | What is an audiologist?

If you have questions about looking for internships, HEARCareers, or resource suggestions, please feel free to askemail to our employees.

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