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Creativity. Curiosity. Continuous innovation.

iHeartMedia empowers employees from all walks of life and at all levels of the company to thrive in our ever-changing industry.

We are iHeartMedia

We are America's best friends, voices9 out of 10 people listen every month.It's a huge responsibility to give 276 million listeners a trusted friend, whenever and wherever they need one.

This requirescuriosity, creativity and cooperationto have real conversations and a culture that helps people feel less alone. It takes constant search and innovation to redefine the future of audio through our events, podcasts and apps.

"At iHeart, we're embarking on a journey to reimagine the media world of tomorrow." Bob PittmanPresident and Chief Executive Officer
Fraud alert

We recently learned that dishonest people are impersonating members of the iHeartMedia recruiting team. These groups often offer fake employment opportunities to obtain confidential personal and financial information from candidates. Be extremely careful when sharing any personal or financial information.

To protect yourself and others from falling victim to these scams, keep the following in mind:

  • Applicants should visit iHeartMedia.com/Careers to view all open positions and/or apply on this page only
  • LinkedIn Jobs etc will also direct you to our careers page
  • iHeartMedia Recruiters will arrange all interviews and job offers through the official "iHeartMedia.com" email address
  • Applicants should visit iHeartMedia.com/Careers to view all open positions and/or apply on this page only
  • Be careful if you choose to provide personal information via email or other social media channels. And don't click on links you don't recognize.
In addition, iHeartMedia will never require candidates to make any financial commitment as a condition of employment. If you think you have been contacted about a fraudulent job offer, please contact us at the following address:HR4U@iheartmedia.com

We are committed to a diverse, fair and inclusive workplace where all voices within our company reflect the communities we serve. We live our values ​​every day.

Our values

We should never feel uncomfortable (please politely) expressing different opinions when developing new products, services and processes. Disagreement forces us to examine possible errors; we want to find loopholes to patch in order to make new ideas or existing products even better, and dissatisfiers tell us where to look.

Innovation and curiosity


We are always looking for new ideas. Our success is based on continuous support for new ideas and new knowledge. We must keep looking further - driven by curiosity.

Cooperation, transparency and precise communication


Teamwork is always more powerful. Apart from information that we have to keep secret for market or legal reasons, let's be transparent about what we do. Additionally, take the time to communicate precisely so that everyone knows what they need to do and why, which is the starting point for collaboration.

Respect... Everyone


We should treat everyone as we would like to be treated or as they would like to be treated and recognize that we are a company that serves all of America's diverse communities. We must both represent these communities internally and commit to serving them externally. As a company, we value diversity and respect all voices, inside and outside our company.

Immediate victories and quick decisions


We need to make decisions as soon as we have enough information, not wait until we have "all the information". Everything is better done in advance. This is a strong competitive advantage for us.

Take risks and tolerate
Well thought out mistakes


Mistakes are often a byproduct of innovation - when we try new things, we have to be prepared that many of them won't work and accept that some mistakes made in the search for new ideas are inevitable. If we are afraid to make mistakes, we will never take the risks necessary to achieve breakthrough ideas. When we always make a mistake - yes, we do - it's extremely important to detect it quickly - and then change or fix it as soon as possible, so a quick decision mindset is also important so that mistakes don't become problems.

Chaos is okay


When we develop new ideas, they are often so new and different that they don't yet have a structure around them. And new ideas are our driving force.

Watch to make a difference


Our stations and our company are an integral part of local communities, just like each of us. We should remember that even as we work to strengthen our company, we need to think about what we can do to strengthen our communities, both on and off the air.

Honesty and integrity


The only way to be great is to be reliable, and the only way to make great decisions is to base them on truth. We must be honest and fair in everything we do, both internally and externally.

iHeart benefits

Health and beauty

Our comprehensive benefits package includes medical, dental and vision insurance, as well as family life and accident insurance.

Free time

Our vacation policy offers 15 paid holidays, half a day before major holidays plus a holiday.


Employees can participate in a 401(k) program through Fidelity with a company that connects with qualified employees. Our benefits programs also include ways to save on taxes through various types of flexible spending accounts.

parental leave

We support employees throughout their lives, including the development of their families, through our parental leave policy, as well as additional short-term voluntary incapacity for work.

Other benefits

We offer voluntary benefits at discounted rates, including pet insurance, legal and auto/home insurance and identity theft insurance.

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Policy iHeartMedia

    The Insurance Transparency Final Rule requires some group health plans to post information on a public website about a provider's in-network prices and historical out-of-network allowable amounts and charges for covered items and services in two separate machine-readable (MRF) files .

  • merit
  • BCBS
  • HMSA

iHeartMedia is an equal opportunity employer. We believe our creativity and productivity are best in a diverse workforce. That's why iHeartMedia strongly encourages people from all walks of life to apply for positions for which they are qualified.

We employ employees based on their experience, talent and work qualifications. We provide equal employment opportunity (EEO) to all employees and job applicants without regard to race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, creed, disability, pregnancy, ethnicity, national origin, citizenship, marital status , veteran status, genetic information, or other legally protected classifications or statuses under applicable federal, state, and local laws. iHeartMedia complies with applicable state and local non-discrimination laws in each location where the Company has facilities. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment and employment decisions, including but not limited to recruitment, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, discharge, termination, transfer, leave, compensation and training.

iHeartMedia expressly prohibits any form of unlawful employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, gender identity or expression, age, disability, pregnancy, veteran status, or any other protected classification. Unlawful discrimination affects the ability of iHeartMedia employees to perform their expected job duties and will not be tolerated. All managers and employees are expected to help meet the Company's equal employment opportunity goals.


Does iHeartMedia pay well? ›

The average iHeartMedia salary ranges from approximately $43,867 per year for a Front Desk Receptionist to $411,135 per year for a Senior Vice President. The average iHeartMedia hourly pay ranges from approximately $20 per hour for a Street Team Member to $86 per hour for a Radio Promotion Director.

How much do you get paid on iHeartRadio? ›

Iheartradio pays an average hourly rate of $551 and hourly wages range from a low of $471 to a high of $637. Individual pay rates will, of course, vary depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee.

Is iHeartMedia a good company? ›

iHeartMedia Reviews FAQs

Is iHeartMedia a good company to work for? iHeartMedia has an overall rating of 3.2 out of 5, based on over 2,523 reviews left anonymously by employees. 43% of employees would recommend working at iHeartMedia to a friend and 35% have a positive outlook for the business.

How much does iHeartRadio pay podcast hosts? ›

Total Pay Estimate & Range

The estimated total pay for a On-Air Personality at iHeartMedia is $69,140 per year. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The estimated base pay is $53,732 per year.

What newspaper pays the most? ›

The New York Times, not surprisingly, is the best-paying paper in town. Copy editors start out at $70,000 and earn up to $120,000. Mid-level editors can make $110,000 to $250,000, while those closer to the top net $300,000 to $400,000.

How much does Best Buy pay audio techs? ›

Average Best Buy Audio Visual Technician hourly pay in the United States is approximately $19.34, which is 14% below the national average.

Is iHeartRadio bigger than Spotify? ›

Music variety

Spotify has over 50 million songs in the library, making it the perfect music streaming platform for music lovers. On the other hand, iHeartRadio has approximately 30 million tracks, which may be limiting for music lovers.

Does radio earn really pay? ›

Yes, RadioEarn is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that will pay you for listening to the radio. The earning opportunities this site offers are actually, at first, surprisingly pretty straightforward.

Does anyone still use iHeartRadio? ›

As of 2019, iHeartRadio was functioning as the national umbrella brand for iHeartMedia's radio network, the largest radio broadcaster in the United States with 128 million registered users as of 2019. Its main competitors are Audacy, TuneIn and Sirius XM.

Why does iHeartRadio keep closing? ›

iHeartRadio Keeps Crashing: Android

The first thing you should do is try restarting your device. Often a simple reboot will fix most issues, which is also a great time to check for any outages that could be happening. If the service itself experiences problems, other users will always be quick to report it.

Who is iHeartMedia competitors? ›

The main competitors of iHeartMedia include Urban One (UONE), Urban One (UONEK), Townsquare Media (TSQ), GreenTree Hospitality Group (GHG), WW International (WW), Vitru (VTRU), MasterCraft Boat (MCFT), Traeger (COOK), OneWater Marine (ONEW), and Funko (FNKO).

Is iHeartMedia the same as iHeartRadio? ›

Of the company's major businesses, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment will become iHeartMedia; other company brands, including iHeartRadio, Premiere Networks, Total Traffic and Weather Network, Katz Media Group and RCS, will retain their current names. For more information, visit the iHeartMedia Fact Sheet.

Which podcast platform pays the most? ›

In conclusion, podcast platforms that pay the most to creators vary depending on the platform's business model and the monetization options available. Luminary and Spotify are known for paying creators well, while Apple Podcasts and Stitcher offer a range of monetization options.

How much do podcasters make salary? ›

Podcast Host Salary
Annual SalaryWeekly Pay
Top Earners$40,000$769
75th Percentile$36,000$692
25th Percentile$28,000$538

How much do podcasts with 10,000 listeners make? ›

Typically, a podcaster with around 10,000 downloads per episode can expect to earn somewhere between $500 to $900. Very successful podcasts can earn much more, reaching up to $30 million in annual income. How much money you can make podcasting depends on a few factors.

Is iHeartRadio worth it? ›

Overall, iHeartRadio is the best completely free streaming radio app I've seen. It takes some of (but not all) the best features from TuneIn Radio Pro and combines them with Pandora-like functionality. The custom stations are ad-free, programming is top-notch, and the app is easy to use.

How much does a VP of sales at iHeartMedia make? ›

The estimated total pay for a Vice President Sales at iHeartMedia is $370,659 per year.

What is the difference between iHeartRadio and iHeartMedia? ›

iHeartRadio (often shortened to just "iHeart") is an American freemium broadcast, podcast and radio streaming platform owned by iHeartMedia.

Is iHeartRadio good or bad? ›

It lacks a few features offered by competing services, such as Hi-Res Audio and the ability to rewind live radio, but iHeartRadio is a solid listening option in a packed field.


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