NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Flamingo English Going Places (2023)


Q1.Where were the two girls most likely to find work after school?
Responder:Sophie and Jansie would soon be leaving school. There were only a few months left. Jansie knew full well that they were both destined for the cookie factory. Sophie had wild dreams about her career. Jansie was realistic. She knew that they were not paid well to work in the store and that Sophie's father did not allow her to work there.

Q2. What possibilities did Sophie dream of? Why does Jansie stop her from having dreams like this?
Response:Sophie wanted to open a boutique. It would be the most incredible store the city had ever seen. She would alternatively become an actress and run the boutique as a side business. She also thought of becoming a fashion designer. Jansie had her feet planted firmly on the ground. She wanted Sophie to be sensible and drop all her utopian plans because they all required a lot of money and experience.

Q1.Why was Sophie upset when Geoff told his father that he had met Danny Casey?
Responder:Sophie knew her father well. He would be furious if he knew that she met the young Irish footballer Danny Casey. She didn't tell him. When Geoff told her father, he was angry. He turned M's head away from her to sneer at her. Sophie squirmed where she was sitting at the table.

Q2.Does Geoff believe what Sophie says about her encounter with Danny Casey?
Responder: No, Geoff doesn't believe what Sophie says about meeting Danny Casey. First, he looks around her in disbelief and says, "That can't be true." Again he says, "I don't think so." Sophie then recounts how Danny Casey came and stood over her. Geoff asks her, "What does she look like?", so he doesn't seem convinced that Sophie ever met Danny Casey.

Q3 Does your father believe your story?
Responder:No, Sophie's father doesn't believe her. When Geoff tells Sophie that Sophie met Danny Casey, Sophie's father looks at SopMe with disdain. He completely ignores her. He thinks it's another "wild story." He starts talking about Tom Finny, another great football player.

Q4 How does Sophie include her brother Geoff in her fantasy about her future?
Responder:Geoff was always the first to reveal his secrets. Then she told him about her meeting with Danny Casey. She also told him about her plan to meet him next week. She suspected areas of her life that she knew nothing about. She longed to meet her. She wished that one day he would take her with him. She found herself riding behind Geoff.

Q5. What country did Danny Casey play for?
Responder:Danny Casey played for Ireland.

Q1 Why didn't Sophie want Jansie to know about her history with Danny?
Responder:Jansie was very interested in things that were none of her business. She wanted to know other people's business. She would spread the word throughout the neighborhood. So Sophie didn't want Jansie to know about her history with Danny. It can also be a mutual rivalry and superior ability on her part. Sophie was surprised to learn that Geoff had told Jansie her history with Danny.

Q2. Did Sophie really know Danny Casey? [Delhi 2014]
Responder:No, Sophie hasn't actually met Danny Casey. She was very intrigued by the young Irish footballer. She imagined his arrival. She sat in the park waiting for Casey and she knew he wasn't coming. She was sad. Sadness was a heavy load to bear. She was always lost in a dream world imagining Casey running into her.

Q3 What was the only time you saw Danny Casey in person?
Responder:The only time Sophie got to see Danny Casey in person was when the family went to United on Saturday. Sophie, her father, and little Derek went down near the target. Geoff continued upstairs with his friends. United won two to nil. His idol Casey scored the second goal. She saw the Irish genius round two tall defenders on the edge of the box. She beat the reluctant goalie from a dozen yards. Sophie smiled proudly. She was very happy.

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Q1 Sophie and Jansie were classmates and friends. What were the differences between them that appear in the story?
Responder:Sophie and Jansie are very different in taste and temperament. Sophie has fantastic dreams and floats in a fairyland. She is an incurable escapist who can't get out of her dreams. Jansie is down to earth, she's down to earth. Sophie wants to do something challenging. Jansie knows that these things require a lot of money that her families don't have. Jansie also knows that they were destined for the cookie factory. She even advises Sophie to be sensible and practical. Sophie thinks Jansie is "curious" and doesn't want to trust her.

Q2. How would you describe the character and temperament of Sophie's father?
Responder:Sophie's father has a chubby face that looks dirty and sweaty. He doesn't seem like a soft or cultured man. Sophie fears his aggressive masculinity. He is realistic and does not believe in the crazy stories of his daughter. He loves to watch soccer. She hopes young Casey will be as good as Tom Finney. She wants the young soccer player to stay away from all distractions. She yells instructions to Casey on the playground. When the Irish genius bests the reluctant goalie, Sophie's father whoops with joy and pride. He goes to a pub to celebrate the victory.

Q3 Why did Sophie like her brother Geoff more than anyone else? What did she symbolize from your point of view?
Responder:Geoff is the only person who listens to Sophie's fantasies and dreams. His father is too bossy and aggressive. He hates Sophie's fantastic stories. Even little Derek makes fun of her getting rich. Her classmate Jansie is "nosy" and she can't be trusted with a secret. He alone can be trusted with Geoff to keep all of Sophie's secrets to himself.
From her perspective, Geoff symbolizes an older brother who grew up and visited places unknown to her. She wished that one day her brother would take her to these places. He is sympathetic and warns her that Casey could have multiple girls. He warns her that she would never show up again. She speaks quietly so as not to break the heart of the young dreamer.

Q4 What socioeconomic level did Sophie belong to? What are the indicators of her family's financial status?
Responder:Sophie belongs to a middle-class family. She is an escapist and has wild dreams. She dreams of things that she can't have in real life. Jansie tells him that the boutique needs a lot of money. Sophie knows that the family has no money. She says, "If I ever make money, I'll buy a boutique." Even little Derek understands the unrealistic nature of her.
Geoff's occupation reflects his socioeconomic background. He is a trained mechanic. He drives to work across town every day. His jacket is shapeless. Your father lacks sophistication. He is a man who breathes heavily. He is sitting at the table with his vest. He grunts and knocks one of little Derek's shoes off his chair onto the couch. In the same room where he stacks his dirty clothes in the corner is a stove. Sophie's father is cycling to the pub. All these indicators confirm his lower-middle-class family origin.

discuss in pairs
Q1 Sophie's dreams and disappointments are all in her head.
Responder:Sophie is a young schoolgirl from a middle-class family. She wants to get out of the situation she finds herself in. She is an incurable dreamer and escapist. She dreams of opening a boutique. Sophie's down-to-earth classmate Jansie tells Sophie that opening a boutique requires a lot of money and experience, and she has neither. Floating in her own dream world, Sophie dreams of becoming an actress or fashion designer. She also dreams of a hero. She develops a fascination with Danny Casey, the soccer wunderkind. She only sees him in action once, when he scores United's second goal. She imagines him approaching her and tells her brother about the meeting. She keeps waiting for him at the next appointment, but he doesn't show up. He is sad and constantly carries the weight of sadness. Therefore, her dreams and her disappointments are creations of her mind.

Q2. It is normal for adolescents to have unrealistic dreams. What would you say are the pros and cons of fantasizing like this?
Responder:Teenagers have boundless enthusiasm and ambition. They have sweet dreams and keep fantasizing. It is natural that they do. Every teenager is a dreamer. Every great scientist or writer has a dream. Without striving for something, one cannot strive for that goal. Dreams lead to the golden gate of success. Some teenagers float in the world of fantasy. You have unreal dreams. It's like a child asking about the moon. Their feet are in the mud and they dream of the stars in the sky. Such fantasies lead to disappointment and disappointment. The dreamer who does not achieve his dream is called a failure. Those who realize their dreams become heroes and the best in their fields. I think it's better to have dreams even if we don't make them come true. Who would have dreams if teenagers don't? Do these gray-haired, gray-bearded individuals have dreams? Let teenagers enjoy their natural activity and dream of a golden future. You will strive to translate them into reality.

Consider the following expressions. The highlighted words are not used literally. Explain what they mean.
• Words had to be ripped from him like stones from the ground.
•Sophie felt a tug in her throat.
Cuando sostiene su cabeza sobre sus hombros.
•On Saturday they made their weekly pilgrimage to the United States.
•She saw him…he ghosting past the heavy defenders
Response(i) Meaning of the sentence: You had to get the words out of it. He was so silent that words had to be wrenched out of him with great effort or force.
(ii) Meaning of the sentence: ... a lump in the throat. Sophie felt a lump in her throat and annoyed.
(iii) Meaning of the sentence: …keeps head on shoulders. If he is sane or intelligent.
(iv) Meaning of the sentence: … they made their weekly pilgrimage. They went to the soccer game every week as if they were visiting a sacred place.
(v) Meaning of the sentence: … phantom past. Do a silent move or run to dodge/deceive.

Consider the highlighted words in the following sentences:
1. "When I leave," Sophie said when she got home from school, "I'm going to open a boutique."
2. Jansi, who took her under the arms in the street, seemed to hesitate.
3. "I'll find it," Sophie said, looking far down the street.
4. Jansie, knowing that they were both destined for the cookie factory, became melancholy.
5. And he went in through the open door to the street and left Jansie outside in the rain.
-If we add "ing" to a verb, we get the present participle form. The present participle is usually used with "be" forms (is, was, are, were, on) to indicate the present tense, as in "Sophie came home from school."
-We can use the present participle only without the auxiliary verb when we want to indicate that an action is being carried out simultaneously with another.
-In example 1, Sophie "said" something, "Said" is the main story here.
- What Sophie was doing while "saying" is indicated by "coming home from school". So we get the information that two actions are happening at the same time. We convey the information in one sentence instead of two.
- Analyze the other examples in the same way.
-Find five other sentences from the story that use present participles in this sense.
Response1. "She thinks money grows on trees, doesn't she, Daddy?" said little Derek, holding on to the back of his father's chair.
2. She was aware that there was a vast world waiting for her...
3. She saw herself riding behind Geoff.
4. Here I am, she said to herself, wishing Danny would come, wishing he would come
and feel the passage of time.
5. He waited and thus measured the changes that were taking place inside him.
6. Sitting here and waiting and knowing that he won't come, I can see the future...

Notice these words from the story.
•“chuffed”, which means pleased or very pleased
• “curious”, meaning curious
•"gawky", which means clumsy, uncomfortable.
These are words that are used informally in colloquial speech.
Make a list of ten other words of this type.
Response (i) "Boutique" means a store that sells fashionable clothing or expensive gifts.
(ii) "Father", which means father.
(iii) "to pick up" meaning to pick something up with a spoon.
(iv) "leveraged", which means that some information is extracted with difficulty or force.
(v) "murmured", that he "murmured".
(vi) "pub" meaning a place to have a drink.
(vii) booed”, that is, mocked.
(viii) "damn", meaning "go to hell!"
(ix) "ghost past", which means that it moves without being seen or heard.
(x) "huh", which means an expression expressing disagreement.

- Think of a person you would like to have as a role model.
- Write down the points to discuss or the questions that should be asked if you were asked to interview this person on the TV show.
1.Welcome Sunil to our chat program. How do you feel at this stage of life?
2.Sachin Tendulkar broke his record for reaching the highest count of hundreds of tests. How do you react to this?
3. What helps you stay fit and smart at this age?
4. What are your current international commitments?
5. What do you prefer, writing books on cricket or commenting on TV?
6. Have you ever thought of coaching India?
7. Would you like to be closely involved in nurturing emerging talent when the offer comes from the right place?
8. What are your plans to help players get better deals?
9. How do you balance your international commitments with your personal commitments?
10. What are your interests besides cricket?

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1. Look for other stories or movies that have a place in this theme of hero worship and fantasies about movie or sports icons.
Responder:Extension Activity: To try under the teacher's guidance.


Q1 What does Sophie dream about after leaving school? Why do you call it a "dream" and not a "plan"?
Responder:Sophie dreams of her own boutique. It will be the best deal the city has ever seen. She says that if she ever gets any money, she'll buy a boutique. She doesn't mind becoming an actress to run a boutique. Since she has no money and no experience, this is called a "dream" and not a "plan."

Q2. What are Sophie's other dreams besides a boutique?
Responder:Sophie's biggest dream is to own a boutique. She wants to be a bit sophisticated and get over her lower-middle-class status. Her other dream is to be an actress because "there's real money in that." Also, actresses don't work full time. She can take care of her first love, the boutique, on the sidelines. She has another option. She can be a fashion designer and do something challenging.

Q3 Why -Jansie says, "Soaf, you really should be sensible"?
Responder:Jansie learns of Sophie's family history and her financial situation. She knows that they are both destined for that cookie factory. Sophie dreams of big and beautiful things like a boutique or a career as an actress or fashion designer. All these things require a lot of money and experience. Sophie hasn't either. Jansie is down to earth and advises her to be sensible and stop having wild dreams.

Q4 Do you compare and contrast Sophie and Jansie?
Jansie is Sophie's classmate and friend, but she doesn't have "wild dreams" like she does. Why?
Responder:Sophie and Jansie are classmates and friends, but the resemblance ends there. They are distant from each other at poles of thought and temperament. Sophie is an incurable dreamer and escapist. She dreams of big and beautiful things that are out of her reach.
On the other hand, Jansie is realistic and practical. She knows that they are poor and will have to work in the cookie factory after graduation. She is aware that big things require a lot of money and experience, which they don't have. It is better to live in reality and think accordingly.

Q5. What is Geoff's job? How is his sister Sophie different from him?
Responder:Geoff is a grown boy. He left school three years ago. He is now a mechanic's apprentice. He has to cross town to go to work every day. He speaks little, but listens to the "wild stories" of his sister. But he is not a dreamer like her. He knows the financial limits of his family. He warns Sophie against entertaining dreams of a celebrity like Danny Casey.

F6. Why was Sophie jealous of Geoff's silence?
Responder:Geoff was almost an adult now. He spoke little. The words had to be ripped from him like stones from the ground. Sophie was jealous of his silence. She knew he was somewhere when she wasn't talking. He was in the field, she had never been in those places. She wanted to share her brother's affection.

F7. What does Sophie tell Geoff about meeting Danny Gasey? How does Geoff react to this?
Responder:Sophie tells Geoff that she met Danny Casey. Geoff is surprised. He looks around abruptly and asks, "Where?" Sophie replies that she met him in the arcade. Geoff can't believe her. He says, "It's never true." He asks her, "What does she look like?" She replies that she has green eyes and isn't very tall. Geoff still isn't sold on her.

Q8 How does Sophie's father react when Geoff tells him that he met Danny Casey?
Responder:Geoff informs his father that Sophie had a meeting with Danny Casey. He turns his head on her thick neck to look at her in disbelief. Her facial expression is filled with contempt. He ignores the news and keeps talking about Tom Finney. He hopes that Danny likes Tom Finney one day. When Sophie says that Casey is going to buy a store, he snaps. That's another one of your crazy stories.

Q9 "He doesn't believe you, although he would like to." Who says that, about whom and in what context?
Responder:Geoff tells Sophie this about her father. He snapped at her story of meeting Danny Casey. Geoff said that she met him in the arcade and later told her how he was. Her father aggressively said that she was getting into a lot of trouble. Sophie asked Geoff to confirm that it was true. That's when Geoff made those comments. *-

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Q10. Why do you think Goeff is telling Sophie the following?
(i) "Casey must have had a number of girls."
(ii) "As if ever to appear."
Responder:Geoff knows that Sophie is very young and immature. She's crazy about Danny Casey, the Irish wunderkind. He tries to convince Sophie that a celebrity like Casey must have a lot of girls after her. She says that he doesn't have any. He will give her an autograph next week if she wants to meet him next week. Geoff is not convinced. He doubts that he will ever show up.

Q11.Who was Danny Casey? How did Sophie's family members react to him?
Responder:Danny Casey was a young Irish footballer. He played for United. The Irish prodigy easily dodged past defenders and scored goals. Sophie's father was a football fan. He admired old heroes like Tom Finney and the young prodigy Casey. Geoff had a big United first-team poster on his bedroom wall. On the bottom row were three color photos of Casey. Every Saturday they went to see United play.

Q12. Why was the visit of Sophie's father and family to see United 'her weekly pilgrimage' from her?
Responder:Sophie's father was an avid fan of the cadence. He was very interested in the career of Danny Casey, the Irish wunderkind. Geoff was also interested in soccer. Sophie considered Danny Casey her personal hero. She always dreamed of him. Casey played for United. The family regularly visited the stadium to see it. So the family visit was like a religious or sacred weekly ritual: a pilgrimage.

Q13. Where did Sophie meet Casey and what happened between them?
Responder:Sophie met Danny Casey in the arcade. It was she who spoke first and asked if he was Casey. He seemed surprised. He was definitely Danny Casey since he had an Irish accent. She had already heard it on television. She asked him for an autograph for little Derek. But none of them had pen or paper. Before leaving, she promised to give him an autograph if she wanted to meet him next week.

F14. What promise does Sophie want from Geoff and why?
Why does Sophie say, "Promise you won't tell anyone" and "Promise Geoff-dad would kill me."
Responder:Sophie wants to tell Geoff what happened when she met Danny Casey. Before telling her the details, she wants her to promise not to tell anyone about her meeting and the upcoming "date." She is afraid of her father's anger. She fears that he will kill her. Geoff assures her that she is quite safe. Her father doesn't believe such wild stories.

Q15. Geoff kept his promise? How do you know?
' O
Why did Sophie say, "Damn, Geoff, that was Geoff's, not Jansie's."
Responder:Sophie had told Geoff about her meeting with Danny Casey and asked him to promise not to tell anyone. It was a secret between the two of them, something special just between them. Geoff didn't keep his promise. He told Jansie's brother, Frank. Sophie cursed Geoff because it was his doing, not Jansie's.

Q16. Why didn't Sophie want Jansie to know that she knew Danny Casey?
Responder:Sophie knew that Jansie was "curious." She was very curious by nature. She was particularly interested in learning new things about others. Sophie didn't trust Jansie because she couldn't keep a secret. She could spread the word around the neighborhood.

Q17. How did Jansie react to Sophie's story about meeting Danny Casey? [Delhi 2014]
Responder:Jansie was Sophie's classmate and friend. She lived in the same neighborhood. She knew Sophie quite well. She was also aware of Sophie's habit of dreaming. When she found out about her meeting with Danny Casey, her first reaction was disbelief. "You never have," Jansie exclaimed. But when Sophie told her about her autograph request, Jansie softened a bit, saying, "Jesus, I wish Fd had been there."

Q18 What did Sophie want to hide from her father and why? How did Jansie react to this revelation?
Responder:Sophie told Jansie that she wanted to keep her meeting with Casey a secret. There would be a fight if her father knew. Jansie thought she would be happy. Sophie told Jansie how miserable her father was. Besides, she didn't want too many people asking about her and Danny Casey. She feared that he would kill her. Her mother got upset every time there was a fight. Jansie assured Sophie that he could trust her to keep her secret.

Q19. Why did Sophie choose to walk along the canal? What she did there?
Responder:Sophie walked along the canal on a sheltered path. She was away from the noise and crowd of the city. She used to play there when she was little. There was a wooden bench under a lone elm tree. Lovers sometimes came there. This was the most appropriate place to dream of her hero, Danny Casey.

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Q20. How did Sophie react as she sat for hours waiting for Danny Casey and imagining him coming?
Responder:At first Sophie was optimistic. She envisioned him emerging from the shadows. As time passed, her doubts stirred within her. She became sad and discouraged. Danny wasn't going to get there at all. She was afraid that people would laugh at the story of her meeting Casey.

Q21. Sophie is your typical hero-worshipping teen who takes her fantasies too far. Comment.
Responder:Sophie is a dreamer and an escapist. She is also a hero worshiper. Danny Casey, the wonderful Irish footballer, was her hero. She gave herself up to illusions and dreamed of meeting him. The imaginary meeting of her brought him immense joy. But the pain of not knowing him made her sad and dejected.

Q22. "Sophie's dreams and disappointments are all in her head." Justify your answer.
Responder:I totally agree with the observation. Sophie's dreams and disappointments are all in her head, she is a hero worshiper. The Irish prodigy is her hero. She imagines her meeting with him. Her daydreams make her sad and discouraged. The thought that Casey won't come at all hurts him a lot. Therefore, her dreams and disappointments are only products of her mind. They have nothing to do with reality. '

Q23. Why did Sophie crave her brother's affection? [All India 2014]
Responder:Geoff wasn't very talkative. He was an introvert. Sophie thought that Geoff had access to the world that she couldn't even visit. He wanted to be a part of her brother's world. That was why she craved his affection.

Q1 What impression do you have of Sophie when you read the story "Going Places"?
Sophie has her own dreams and disappointments, but they are all her own creations, the creations of her own mind. She justifies the statement.
Responder:Sophie is a young schoolgirl. She dreams of big and beautiful things. Some of these are beyond her reach or her means. Your ambitions have nothing to do with the harsh realities of life. She thinks of a boutique. She wants the biggest store this town has ever seen. She then thinks about becoming an actress. There's real money in that." Actresses don't work full time. So she would run the boutique as a side business. If necessary, she can become a fashion designer. She doesn't realize that her family is not rich enough and her dreams cannot be fulfilled.
Sophie develops a romantic fascination with Danny Casey. He is a young Irish footballer and the hero of his dreams. She indulges in hero worship. She tells a story that she met Casey. Her father calls it one of her "wild stories." Even Geoff doesn't believe him. He tries to warn her. Casey is a celebrity. Many girls follow him. But Sophie ignores him.
She is an incurable dreamer. She's only seen Casey once, but she thinks of him all the time. She sits alone and awaits his arrival. She is sad and despondent when Casey doesn't come. She suffers because of her dreams. These dreams and disappointments are all creations of her mind.

Q2. Compare and contrast Sophie and Jansie highlighting their temperament and aspirations.
Responder:Sophie and Jansie are classmates and friends. They belong to lower middle class families. Both are destined for the cookie factory. Jansie's feet are firmly on the ground. But Sophie is completely blind to the harsh realities of life. She dreams of big and beautiful things. She wants to have a boutique. She is thinking of becoming an actress, as there is a lot of money in this profession. In a pinch, she too can become a fashion designer. In short, she loves to be impressive and sophisticated. All of her dreams are beyond her reach and resources. Jansie advises her to be sensible, but she remains a romantic dreamer.
Sophie and Jansie differ in thought and temperament. Sophie is lost in her dream world. She only shares her secret with one person. She is the older brother of her Geoff. Jansie's 'nose/. She is interested in learning new things about others. She can spread the story throughout the neighborhood. So Sophie doesn't want to share any secrets with her.
Sophie is an incurable dreamer and escapist. She is a hero worshiper. She loves the young Irish footballer Danny Casey. She develops a fascination for them. She gets sad and helpless, but she doesn't get any wiser. She is still a dreamer. Jansie is practical and realistic. She doesn't have such unrealistic dreams.

Q3 Describe the bond between Geoff and Sophie despite their differences in temperament and way of thinking.
Responder:Geoff was Sophie's older brother. He was three years out of school. He was a mechanic by training. He drove to work across town every day. He was almost grown. He spoke very little. Sophie was jealous of Geoff's silence. he he was silent
and did not facilitate new repairs. He found Sophie too young and immature. Geoff was mature enough to understand her limitations and those of his family. He never dreamed of big and beautiful things.
Despite their different temperaments, there was a close bond between the two. Geoff was always the first to reveal Sophie's secrets. He knew that Sophie's story about her meeting Danny Casey was not true. Still, he listened to her. Sophie trusted him. Her secret was something special between them. He wasn't meant for curious Jansie, who would spread him around the neighborhood. Geoff tried to convince Sophie. He warned her that Danny Casey was a celebrity. He must have a lot of girls like her chasing him. Sophie told him that Casey would give him an autograph if she wanted to meet him next week. Geoff didn't "think he was ever going to show up". So he acted like a big brother.
Geoff and Sophie have one trait in common. It's his fascination with the Irish prodigy Danny Casey. But they differ in their way of thinking. Like his father, Geoff wished that Casey would one day be a great footballer. Sophie had a romantic fascination with Casey. It was more than football.

Q4 Who was Danny Casey? How was he adored by Sophie's family and especially by Sophie and her father?
Responder:Danny Casey was an Irish prodigy. He was a soccer prodigy. He had won the hearts of countless fans of his. He played for United. Sophie's family was obsessed with the Irish genius. Sophie's father compared young Danny Casey to another great American football player, Tom Finney. He wished that one day Casey would be as good. She knew there were plenty of distractions for a young man at the game these days. She wished Casey would keep her head on his shoulders. Geoff commented that he was on the best team in the country. He hoped that Casey would prove to be a better player than Tom Finney. Geoff thought he was the best. Her father thought he was too young for the first team. The fact is that he played in the starting eleven with his extraordinary ability.
On Saturday, Sophie's family made the weekly pilgrimage to the stadium to watch United play. They saw their hero Danny Casey in action. He ran, surrounding the two tall defenders. He then he stood on the edge of the penalty area. Sophie's father yelled at her to run away. They saw him hit the reluctant goalie from a dozen yards. He scored the second goal. United won two to nil. Sophie smiled proudly. Geoff was delighted. Someone wishes they were English. Little Derek declared that Ireland would win the World Cup. Her father went to the pub to celebrate.
Sophie loved Danny Casey. She had a romantic fascination with the Irish prodigy. Her young heart beat for her hero. She pictured Casey walking up to her. She sat under an elm tree, waiting for Casey and dreaming of him. She realized that he would not come. This made her sad and depressed. Sophie became a victim of her own dreams and disappointments.

Q1 Unrealistic dreams determine negativity and failure. Childhood dreams sometimes discourage and disappoint people. Write an article on the topic "The horror of unreal dreams" and take ideas from the following lines:
"For a while, as she waited, she imagined his arrival. She looked along the canal, saw him step out of the shadows, and imagined her own excitement."
Responder: the terror of unreal dreams
Humans have violent and uncontrollable desires. The search for a better life is one of the most basic human longings. But they deviate significantly from the path of righteousness when they feel that their insatiable desires can never be fulfilled. They found themselves in the depths of the depression. Mortals must use their wisdom to establish
realistic goals. Imagination is three times removed from reality. Undoubtedly the human race
ruled by your imagination. But it is also a harsh fact of life that "He who has imagination
without learning it has wings but no feet. It must be remembered that there is a difference
between real life and role life. Dream events cannot take place in this physical
World. Those who ignore the current situation while setting their goals will regret it later. Men
You must identify your latent talent and potential to realize your goals. One must thoroughly know their interests and views.

Q2. The world we live in is full of hypocrites and weaklings. We find it difficult to trust our secrets to anyone. But it's important to have someone you can trust. Discuss the topic taking ideas from the following expressions:
"Sophie looked at the floor. Damn, Geoff, that was Geoff's thing, not Jansie's. There must be something special between them. Something secret. It wasn't a Jansie thing at all."
Responder:The man is a social being. He needs to interact with those around him to vent emotional grievances and sentimental resentments from him. He needs a person, a Mend, to trust him with his secrets. This world of dog eating has numerous people who seem to be trustworthy. But they are hypocrites, hypocrites and opportunists. A person who leads a lonely life never feels happy and content. His life becomes hell. The expression of thoughts illuminates the human soul. It is a fact that true repairs are lacking. People don't believe in others. Material prosperity and unhealthy competition have eroded trust. Our ancestors worked together, lived together, and made a living together. In the modern world, a lack of trust has created nuclear families. The common family concept was based on the principles of trust, honesty and fraternity. These virtues have no meaning today. Faith gives us strength and courage to overcome the obstacles we encounter in life. It is said that a distressed repair is actually a repair. We need to have someone with us to tell our secrets and reveal the truth. There should be a person who could objectively listen to our open confessions.

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Q3 “Children start out loving their parents. After a while they judge her. They rarely, if ever, forgive them." The attitude of the parents shapes the perception of the child. Write an article on effective parenting using ideas from the following lines:
"Sophie's father stuffed the meatloaf into his mouth as fast as he could, his plump face still dirty and the seat scarred from the day... Outside the pub, she brushed past her father's bike, who was leaning against the wall, and was cheerful."
Responder: Effective Parenting
Caring for children requires endless patience, great tolerance and profound wisdom. Children are emotional and delicate creatures. They should not be treated as things. People often scold children. Consequently, they become rude and arrogant. Child spankers easily forget that children want to explore the mysteries of physical objects. All the things that are available at home arouse the curiosity of children. Their insatiable curiosity is stimulated and awakened when they are given the freedom to touch them. Your spontaneity should not be hampered. Parents should encourage children to create new things. They should develop their interest in various activities to make their life more colorful. Questions asked from innocence must be answered carefully. It is a generally accepted fact that children learn by imitating others. Parents should never argue with each other in the presence of their children. You must treat children with love. They must play the role of a fixer, teacher, council member and parent.
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