Ninjamas pajama pants 8-12 years Test (2023)

With the new Ninjamas pajama bottoms, Pampers once again offers its own product for older children. The panties should help with bedwetting and allow your baby to sleep soundly without wetting the bed. Panty diapers are available in two age groups. We tested large pants for children aged 8-12 years. They are available for both girls and boys with their own designs, so we decided to try both variants. In this test report, we summarize the test results. Alternatively, Ninjama pajama bottoms are also available for 4-7 year olds.

A few years ago, Pampers tried to enter the segment of older children with its product. But Pampers pads never caught on and quickly disappeared from the shelves. We do have one, thoughUnderjam ReviewIt remains to be seen if we'll be selling Ninjamas pajama pants on the shelves for the next few years. However, the many positive comments show that Pampers does many things well. You can find more information about the manufacturer of PampersHere.

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Below you can see a selection of pajama bottoms that we tested in November 2022. You can find more in clear summaries with all of themPajama pants test results.


size and style

Unfortunately, Ninjamice are very small, because they are the shortest diaper pants with the smallest circumference. Pampers fully stretched pajama bottoms fit a hip circumference of 92 cm. The soft stretch waistband is very soft throughout and is very comfortable to wear even when stretched.

Visually, ninjas are very attractive in the version for girls and boys. There are two beautiful patterns that do not immediately reveal that it is a diaper.

Pampers pajama bottoms can also offer something eco-friendly as they are made in Germany with 100% green electricity and only FSC-MIX certified cellulose is used. The pants have the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate and are dermatologically tested.

Ninjamas pajama pants are the test winners in the current comparison. This is where the whole package is most appropriate. They are the best choice for children aged 8-12 years for bedwetting.

Ninjamas pajama pants review for girls and boys ages 8-12

We first tested the new Ninjamas pajama pants for 8-12 year olds in November 2022. As already stated in the conclusion above, Ninjamas are our current test winners. Full details on why we came to this conclusion can be found in the test report below.

Advertising packaging, packaging and manufacturer

Ninjamas pajama pants sold in this country are manufactured at Procter & Gamble's large plant in Schwalbach, Germany. Each package currently contains 9 diapers. They are said to provide up to 12 hours of discreet protection and have an underwear-like construction. They feel like underwear and have quick-absorbing technology. The manufacturer also highlights the 360° tailored cuffs and side cuffs that are easy to tear. The material used is quiet and discreet. The package can be opened in the upper third on 3 sides at the perforated seam.

Ninjamas pajama pants 8-12 years Test (2)
Ninjamas pajama pants 8-12 years Test (3)
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Ninjamas pajama pants 8-12 years Test (4)
Ninjamas pajama pants 8-12 years Test (5)

Components and compatibility of Ninjama pajama pants

The suitability for the skin is dermatologically confirmed, and the pants do not contain EU fragrance allergens. The cellulose used is 100% bleached without chlorine (ECF). The lack of harmful substances is confirmed by the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate.

  • Skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed
  • It has the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certificate
  • 0% EU-Perfumallergene
  • 100% bleached without chlorine (ECF = bleached without elemental chlorine)

benefits for the environment

Ninjas also offer advantages in this regard. First, the cellulose used is FSC-MIX certified. Second, the diaper is made in Germany, which means that transport routes can be kept to a minimum. Production is also carried out using 100% green electricity.

  • Cellulose has FSC-MIX certificate
  • Production in Germany
  • Production from 100% green electricity

Themes and design

Visually, Ninjamas pajama pants for girls and boys look very attractive. Each package contains two different themes. Blue and green tones predominate in boys' pants. In the version for girls, purple, turquoise and pink dominate. The side cuffs are also colored. The absorbent core is white. The back is not signed. This means that you have to take a closer look when putting on a ninjama. We cannot confirm that Pampers pajama bottoms look like regular underwear. After a closer inspection, it is clear that these are diaper shorts.

Ninjamas pajama pants 8-12 years Test (8)
Ninjamas pajama pants 8-12 years Test (9)
Ninjamas pajama pants 8-12 years Test (10)
Ninjamas pajama pants 8-12 years Test (11)

How are Pampers Ninjam pajama bottoms?

The pants are very comfortable and flowy all over, but overall the pants don't have any hard spots that would make them uncomfortable. Ninjas are only 6 mm thick and are therefore almost invisible under clothing. Dry weight is one of the lightest at 44 grams.

  • maximum thickness: 6mm
  • Dry weight: 44 grams

smell and rustle

Ninjamas pajama pants smell strongly of perfume, but are not chemically unpleasant. However, this fact should be taken into account before purchasing. The material used is very quiet.


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The side cuffs are particularly large, they are 14.5 cm wide and can withstand a load of up to 7.3 kg in the test. For comparison, it is almost three times more than in the caseBambo Dreamy Night Pants. After use, the diaper is easily torn at the seams without removing the panties.

  • Length of torn seam: 14.5 cm
  • maximum pulling force: approx. 7.3 kg

Absorbent body

Ninjama's absorbent core consists of several layers stacked on top of each other. It is equipped with suction channels that enable high suction speed. In terms of surface area, it is one of the very small absorbent pads, as it is only 33 cm long and 9 cm wide. By comparison, the longest absorbent pads are currently around 49cm long and sometimes even 13cm wide.

  • Length: 33.0 cm
  • Front width: 9 cm
  • middle: 9 cm
  • back: 9 cm

diaper size

Ninjamas pajama pants for girls and boys are the smallest of all pajama pants tested for ages 8 and up. They are only 56 cm long, which means that they are 5 cm shorter than the largest products of the brandThe beauty of a child,iD ComfortableLubbebin san. The stretchability of the cuffs is also limited. Ninjamas fit perfectly from a circumference of 65 cm to 74 cm. A larger circumference up to a maximum of 92 cm is also possible. The cuffs also withstand heavy loads very well.

  • Age: 8-12 years
  • Height: 123-158 cm
  • Length: 56 cm
  • Width: 21 cm
  • Hips: 65-74 cm
  • maximum hip circumference: 92 cm

What age are Ninjama Pajama pants suitable for?

The 8-12 year old version is actually the best fit for this age group, but the pants can also be used for slightly older children and teenagers with a normal build.

What waist size do Ninjama pajama bottoms fit?

Ninjamas pajama bottoms for girls and boys fit perfectly from 65cm to 74cm in circumference. At maximum stretch, a girth of up to 92 cm is possible. The cuffs withstand the stresses of large volumes very well.

Are Ninjama pajama pants suitable for adults?

No, Pampers Ninjamas pajama bottoms are not suitable for adults.

Absorbency, speed of absorption and dryness

  • Practical suction power: 340 ml
  • Laboratory suction power: 560 ml
  • Suction speed for 200 ml: 46 seconds
  • Dryness per 200 ml: 100%

Ninjamas pajama pants for girls and boys ages 8-12 perform very well in two of the three key points in this category. However, the suction power is not entirely convincing because the maximum suction power in the practical test is a low 340 ml. Ninjas can safely absorb this amount of liquid even under pressure. Therefore, it is one of the least absorbent diapers in this category. However, this suction power is sufficient for light to moderate bedwetting.

In a laboratory test under ideal conditions, Ninjamas pajama bottoms for girls and boys absorbed 560 ml of liquid. For this purpose, the absorbent core was completely flooded with salt solution until it absorbed the largest possible amount. Then we squeezed the absorbent insert as much as possible to prevent it from tearing. Ninjams have the lowest reserves of all the pajama pants tested so far.

High suction speed

The absorption rate is very positive because in just 46 seconds the diaper can completely absorb 200 ml of liquid in our standardized test procedure. This makes them one of the diapers with the fastest absorption rate.

Ninjama pajama bottoms dry

In this category, Ninjamas pajama pants are the absolute best diapers, with a 100% dryness rate with a test fluid volume of 200ml. This means that the entire inside of the diaper is dry in the measured area. We measure dryness according to a strict procedure, which means that it can be compared with other diapers.

Are Pampers Ninjamas pajamas suitable for nighttime?

Yes, Ninjamas pajama bottoms are good for night care. However, with a note that it is the most moderate bedwetting. If you have severe bladder weakness, you should switch to a more absorbent product. for exampleAbena Abri Flex Junior XS2. However, excellent dryness values ​​and quick absorption definitely speak for use in night care.

Price-performance ratio

The price-performance ratio is good despite the expensive price. Ninjamas pajama pants for girls and boys scored very well in almost all test areas. This fully justifies the higher price. So, aside from the overall win, the Ninjas are also recommended from a price and performance point of view.


Ninjamas pajamas for girls and boys convinced us the most of all the diapers tested in the November 2022 test, which is why they are our current test winners and therefore the best choice for children aged 8-12. The price-performance ratio is also good, as the price is high, but not overpriced. Now you can find out why Ninjas are our current favourites.

>>>Ranking - pajama bottoms for children aged 8 to 15 years ranked by overall rating<<<

Ninjama's dryness is absolutely unique as they give by far the driest result. In addition, they can achieve a high suction speed. The absorbent core with channels shows its great strength in these two aspects. The weak point is the low absorbency, which is slightly below the average of all pajama bottoms tested. That's why we recommend Ninjama only for mild to moderate incontinence. For severe bedwetting or severe bladder weakness, there are more absorbent products, such as Abena Abri Flex Junior XS2.

Ninjamas pajama pants are super soft and comfortable all over. The pants are thin and can therefore be worn discreetly under clothing. However, it should be noted that they themselves have a slightly perfumed smell. The side cuffs are particularly wide and very stable, which means that they can withstand even the heaviest loads for a long time. Ninjama can therefore be stretched considerably without tearing the cuffs.


Ninjamas pajama bottoms for boys and girls ages 8-12

about 88 cents each

Ninjamas pajama pants 8-12 years Test (12)


Price-performance ratio





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absorption and dryness


Ecological assessment (manufacturer's data)


Compatibility (manufacturer information)



  • high suction speed
  • the best dryness
  • Absorbent body with channels
  • extra wide and very stable cuffs
  • it is particularly comfortable and soft
  • thin and subtle
  • very nice diaper patterns
  • FSC-MIX (pulp), made in Germany with 100% green electricity,
  • Dermatologically confirmed skin compatibility, OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified
  • 0% EU fragrance allergens, bleached pulp without elemental chlorine (TCF)


  • darling
  • low suction power
  • very short and narrow suction body
  • no page mark
  • it smells like perfume
  • it turns out to be very small
  • small stretch cuffs
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1.Recommendations for use:
Day and night care

2.Suction power and suction speed:
Maximum suction power: 560 ml
Dryness per 200 ml: 100%

3.Height, weight, age, with normally stretched cuffs:
Length: 56 cm
Width in the middle: 21 cm
Hips: 74 cm
Height: 140 cm
Weight: 38 kg
Age: 11 years


4.Hip circumference with maximally stretched cuffs:
maximum hip circumference: 92 cm

I provide all information to the best of my knowledge and conscience. Despite careful checking, we do not guarantee correctness, so always contact the manufacturer directly if in doubt.


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