PS4 can't connect to the server; How to fix: reading notes (2023)

Ps4 can't connect to server.A connection to the PlayStation Network is required for the games to function properly on the PS4 and on the system in general. When PS4 fails to connect to PSN servers, the app may: not launch at all, not work online, not update.

A constant online connection to the PSN servers is a prerequisite for many games. Any errors that occur can be fixed quickly without losing access to the community and online opportunities for a long time.

First you need to verify that the PlayStation Network is working. This can be done from any device at If the service goes down, all you have to do is wait and leave the settings alone.

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  • PS4 failed to connect to server: solution

Causes of PSN/PS4 Connection Errors Cannot connect to server

If the PlayStation Network stops working unexpectedly and for no apparent reason, it is better not to go into the settings, but to wait a few hours. Maintenance work, accidents, temporary server failures, software updates, provider errors, DDoS attacks: there are enough reasons why the PSN network will not work for some time.


PS4 throws one of the errors at this point:

  1. Could not connect to server to verify license.
  2. Failed to connect to PSN within the specified time (CE-33987-0).
  3. Unable to connect to server (NW-31201-7).
  4. Could not connect to the server. There may be a problem with the network connection, or the PlayStation Network or service provider server may be temporarily busy (WV-33898-1).

If the problem started initially, or after you reset/changed your TV or set-top box settings, there is no point in waiting for the problem to resolve itself. Or reconfigure the internet and PSN connections on your PS4 system and try to determine the cause of the problem.

Setting up a Wi-Fi connection

Connecting the PlayStation 4 to the Internet via a cable can eliminate a number of problems that arise when connecting via Wi-Fi. However, for most users, it is extremely inconvenient to pull the cable to the set-top box, especially if such an arrangement was not foreseen when the apartment was renovated. For this reason, you should first try to set up an over-the-air connection - modern WLAN routers accept the set-top box without any problems. Older models can cause errors and do not guarantee a stable connection to the network and PSN, and also have slow speeds.

Setting up a wireless network connection:

  1. Go to the PS4 home screen.
  2. Select "Settings" - "Network" in the top menu.
  3. Select the item "Establish an Internet connection".
  4. Select Wireless from the LAN/Wi-Fi options.
  5. Choose the type of connection: simple or special.

Usually you have to choose the simple mode - the PS4 itself will find all available networks in range and then offer to select the desired network from the list. A lock icon is drawn next to the password. Secured Networks - The security code for WPA, WPA2, and WEP networks is typically found on the back of the router or is set by the user/administrator when setting up the network.


The special mode also scans for networks and allows you to choose any you want to connect to. The difference is that in special mode the following parameters can be configured:

  1. IP Address.
  2. DHCP-Hostname.
  3. DNS.
  5. Lawyer.

It is not desirable to make these settings without proper knowledge. It is better to choose the simple mode so that the system can determine all the information itself. When the PS4 successfully connects to the internet via Wi-Fi, the system will prompt you to test the connection. To run the test and complete the setup process, you need to click on the offered “Test Internet Connection” button.

Please understand that being connected to the internet does not mean connecting to the PlayStation Network. You will need to log into your PSN account with your username and password.

For this you need:

  1. Sign up for a PSN account (you can create one directly from PS4 when signing up for the first time).
  2. From the PlayStation 4 home screen, go to Settings.
  3. Select [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Sign In].

If the connection fails, you should try an alternative option: connect to the Internet via LAN.

(Video) How to fix ps4 connection error (the connection to the server timed out)

Setting up a wired LAN connection

On a PS4 system, connecting to the internet via a cable is completely different than using a wireless Wi-Fi network. Wired network access provides high connection speed and also allows you to get rid of errors and no connection associated with an outdated network. WiFi router model.

PS4 connection via Ethernet cable:

  1. Go to the PS4 home screen, go to "Settings".
  2. Select "Settings" - "Network" - "Connect to the Internet".
  3. Select “Use a LAN cable” from the options offered.
  4. Select one of the connection modes: simple or special (by default you must select simple mode).
  5. If everything is done correctly, the system will offer "Check Internet Connection" and complete the network settings.

As with a wireless connection via Wi-Fi, a special connection mode allows you to specify an IP address, DHCP, DNS, MTU and proxy settings. For a normal user, this setting is unnecessary and it is not recommended to use it without proper knowledge. It should be understood that PlayStation Internet connection alone does not guarantee normal access to PSN as PlayStation Network servers may not be available on their own.

PS4 failed to connect to server: solution

If the initial wired/wireless internet setup was successful but the PS4 still failed to connect to the server, you should try to find a solution from the list below.

The most common problems and solutions:


  1. PS4 Remote Play will not connect. Remote play only works with reasonably high internet speeds. If the system does not connect, most likely there is simply not enough speed.
  2. There is no WiFi connection. You should try to connect via cable. If it helps you, you need to replace the old router with a new one. With ZyXEL Keenetic routers (ZyXEL Keenetic II), new Asus models and models with similar characteristics and cost, such problems do not arise.
  3. If replacing the router is not suitable, or this model worked before, you can try flashing the router's firmware.
  4. With newer router models it can be helpful to temporarily disable the 5 GHz band. You should turn it off completely or try to connect using a standard 2.4GHz channel.

Nothing helped? Don't despair, you can try constantly resetting the settings and trying to connect again:

  1. Restart the PlayStation 4 system.
  2. Reload the router. Check if network access works on other devices. If it works but the PS4 won't connect, try connecting using a cable.
  3. Reset all settings of the router, reconnect according to the instructions (Settings - Network - Connect to the Internet). You may need manufacturer instructions to set up your router.
  4. Update the router's software, especially if the model is old and hasn't been updated before.
  5. Check your internet connection. If it's not already there, check if the following ports are blocked by a firewall or other programs: TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080; UDP: 3478, 3479. These ports are used to connect to PSN.

Remember to check the service status under [Settings] > [Network] > [Check PlayStation™ network service status]. If the entire network fails, no tambourine dance will help. You can also check your network status on from any device, phone or computer.


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