PS4 Error Codes - What they mean and how to fix them (2023)

What do the PS4 error codes mean? In this report we will help you better understand the most common error codes and give you the necessary instructions so that you can solve them.

There are manyPS4 error codesthat will appear on your console, but throughout this content we will explain what they mean and how to unravel the most common ones. We remind you that you can simply check our other review.ps4Errors and how to fix them, helping you with problems like blinking blue light thatps4turns itself off or PlayStation 4 ejects the disc. We leave you with that without further ado.especially often PS4 error codesand how to solve them.

use:Several of the issues we discuss in this report can ariseps4in the style of several different codes. It is important that you not only listen to the code, but also its explanation so that you can find an answer quickly.

Error code NP-39225-1

Meaning:It is usually an error associated with the web connection of theps4System.

Solution :First of all, if you want to fix the error codeNP-39225-1, you need to check the status of PSN and also the status of the sports server you are currently playing from official sources. If you still get the error after checking if the servers are up, the next step is to test the status of your internet connection. To do this you want'Ideas', contribution 'red' and the ' beginstest internet connection' Function. The last step isregulate network settingsPlease update the firmware of the router to the latest version if necessary. If the error code still appears, then the problem is also in the local network, it should be temporarily busy, and in this case it is better to try again later.

Error code CE-37732-2

Meaning:The downloaded file was not successfully installed on the system. It even warns us that the information may be corrupted during the download.


Solution :the main option you should try to fixPS4 error code CE-37732-2is to delete the file and download it again. To delete the file you want, go to 'notifications' and then 'downloads'. There you decide the file that gave you an error and delete it.

After deleting the file, now it's time to download it again. In case you get the error downloading a patch, you want to select the sport within thePS4 menuand press the button'options'button to choose which one'search for updates'Possibility. If the error occurs when downloading a full game through thePlayStation-Store, just visit your library and select the error app to redownload it.

If the error persists despite having followed the steps that we have explained to you, you should try to initialize itps4entering the initialization tab in'Ideas'and select short console initialization. Then try downloading the content again. There is one specific case where you want to follow other tracks as well, and that is if you have previously modified them.ps4 drive. In this case, you may want to reset the first drive and reinstall the software, thus re-downloading the content that is giving you an error.

Error code E-8200013A

Meaning:HePS4 error code E-8200013Aindicates that a problem is preventing us from accessing the PSN server.

Solution :Now it's out of our hands to give an answer, but don't worry and check if the PlayStation Network service is currently under maintenance. It may also be that the traffic on the servers is incredibly high, which causes minor problems. In this case, you should wait a few minutes before trying to access PSN again.

error code CE-32889-0

Meaning:HePS4 error code CE-32889-0indicates that an error has occurred in the game or application.

(Video) PS4 ERROR CODE ‘An error has occurred’ EASY FIX!

Solution :The most important thing to try is to test your Internet connection. If during the above test you also get the error connecting to PSN, please try again later as the servers have some issues as well. If your connection is fine, try restarting the device a few minutes later, or remove the sports CD and reinsert it into the PS4 after a short wait.

Error code CE-34335-8

Meaning:This can be one of the most worrying error codesplayer, and it shows that the system does not recognize themps4 drive.

Solution : so you can figure this outPS4 error code CE-34335-8We believe that the simplest way is best to explain what steps you need to follow.

  1. First of all, you want to turn off your PS4, unplug the cable, and remove the top cover. To do this, follow the instructions thatsonyhe himself gives you thisshortcut.
  2. Next, you want to confirm that the hard drive is installed correctly. As? Well, extract it and insert it back into your PS4.
  3. If you still receive the error code after following the steps above, your hard drive may be faulty or the system may need service. So you need to contact them.PlayStation Support Service.

Error code WC-40360-3

Meaning:HeError code WC-40360-3refers to issues related to the PlayStation Store when making a purchase.

Solution :

The truth is that the answer could not be simpler, but it is no less true that on many occasions, when we encounter problems in the PS Store, we usually leave the device directly hoping that when we restart it it will work correctly. Well the answer to thatPS4 Error Code WC-40360-3is to delete everything you have in your PlayStation Store cart and check out again a minute later.

(Video) How to FIX CE-34878-0 PS4 Error Code & Fix Application and Software Crashes (Best Method!)

Error code CE-30784-2

Meaning: PS4 does not recognize a USB device

Solution :You must first confirm that we are inserting a USB 2.0 and 3.0 compliant USB device. Then you need to confirm that the device is inserted correctlyps4and wait at least one minute before attempting to access the content. fix itPS4 error code CE-30784-2It is also important to confirm that the device is not partitioned, and if your USB is still not working despite all of the above, try formatting the device into onepersonal computerbefore trying to reproduce the information againps4.

Error code CE-40306-3

Meaning:If you find out the aboveError code on PS4, implies that an error occurred while updating thePlaystation VRSoftware. It should be noted that this specific error can be represented by different codes(CE-40325-4, CE-40312-0, CE-40316-4...)so before proceeding with any solution, check the message next to the error code to find out exactly what is happening.

Solution : Get certified before you touch anythingPlaystation VRproperly supported and correctly connected (PS4, processor and display unit). If everything is connected well and the problem persists, follow the steps belowActualizar PlayStation VRcorrect.

First, make sure that the console is properly connected to the InternetPS4 y PSVRHave the latest system software.

(Video) PS4 Error Code "A DNS error has occurred" HOW TO FIX!

if not pleaseUpdate PS4 Softwareinside the "Settings" tab and connect like thisPSVRupdate your software. If the update does not appear automatically, you can participate'Devices'inside the Settings tab and select the update inside thePlayStation VR Section.

Error code CE-30005-8

Meaning:this implies that there was a slip up when accessing the unit orBluRay/DVDDrive.

Solution :remove thatps4disc and confirm that it is not dirty, scratched or damaged. If the disk is fine, you may want to rebuild the system database using option 5 in safe mode. Here's how to use safe modeshortcut. If the error persists despite everything, the PlayStation 4 system may be faulty and need to be repaired. In this case, you should contact thePlayStation Support Service.

Error code WC-40345-6

Meaning:The credit or open credit information is invalid. is a relatively common error code that can also appear in the multitude of various codes that change their meaning, but are always linked to the payment method data. Another message is shown as an example, which is the following:Error code WC-40382-7and "The deposited Mastercard is invalid."

Solution :fix itPS4 Error Code WC-40345-6(and any other error codes related to payment information) you must first verify that you have received the information from MastercardPlaystation 4is correct, including the expiration date. You also want to verify that the mailing address of yourSE (Sony entertainment network)The account matches the bank statement. You may have tried to post data in a very few hours looking for an answer.


What are the most common PS4 problems? ›

Some of the most commonly occurring PS4 faults include blinking lights, overheating, damaged or worn out HDMI and USB ports, as well as malfunctioning hard drives.

Why is my PS4 having so many errors? ›

PS4 console may crash during the gameplay or when it just starts. A number of factors can crash PS4. Some are associated with software issues like improper game installation/update and a conflict between two different games/apps, while some are related to the defective hardware component like faulty hard drive.

What does CE 34544 0 mean on PS4? ›

The information required to start the application can't be found. Make sure the latest system software is installed by going to Settings > System Software Update.

What is the error code WS 37368 7? ›

If you see the error code WS-37368-7 when attempting to sign in to PlayStation™Network, your account has been suspended because your financial institution reversed a charge on one or more of your PlayStation Network purchases.

What is error code 34878 0? ›

An error has occurred with the application. Close the application, install the latest System Software and game updates and restart the system. If you have upgraded the Hard Disk Drive ("HDD") in your system, please re-install the original HDD.


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