The toughest puzzle for children and their parents (with answers) (2023)

Do you like to exercise your mind and logic?If you are here, it certainly does that.And it's always a lot of fun to do so with your children.Accustomed to this, don't wait and start solving our tasks.They can be difficult for younger children, but teenagers and adults can appreciate them and think together, with the younger people involved in listening and understanding the logic of tasks.

1A man went to a supermarket to buy some things and asked for the price of the items.The seller replied:

  • One costs $ 1;
  • Eight also cost $ 1;
  • Thirteen cost $ 2;
  • One hundred and sixty -eight cost $ 3;
  • Four thousand nine hundred and eighty and OitĂŁo are for $ 4.

What did the man bought?

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Responder: Main holder numbers.

2You are standing in front of a closed room.There is a lamp and there are no windows and slots to see the light inside the room.

To the right of the door that leads to the room, there are three switches that are in the "off" position, and only one of them is connected to the lamp.Switches as many times as necessary, but you can only enter the room once.

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1.He controls two switches at the same time and leaves the third inoffposition.

2Wait a few minutes, turn off one of the switches that were lit before and enter the room.If the lamp is on, the switch that remains is correct.

3If it is still dark in the room, tap the lamp.If it is hot, a switch that comes out before entering the room is correct;If it is cold: a remaining switch rotates the light.

3.The builder has 8 bricks, 7 of which are the same weight, and one is heavier.How can a builder identify a defective brick with a scale in just two weights?

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Responder: Everything must be done in some steps.

1.Didive 8 bricks in three batteries of 3, 3 and 2.

2.Par 2 batteries of 3 bricks.

3.If they are balanced, despite a two -brick battery and finds the defective.

4No, take three bricks of the battery that became heavier.Color two of them on the scale.

5If one is heavier, it is defective.If they are balanced, it means that the heaviest of all is what was on the sidelines.

4The boy asked the girl, "How old are you?"The girl's birthday and when the conversation between the couple took place.

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Responder: The boy and the girl said New Year (January 1), and the 23 years were on December 31.AntierIt was December 30 and the girl was 22 years old.A day later, she turned 23, she will turn 24 on the last day of the year and next year the girl will celebrate her 25th birthday.

5How to draw a triangle so that all your angles are 90 degrees?

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Responder: In a ball or any other spherical object.

6.Write eight eight to add up to 1,000.

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Responder: 888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 1000.

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7.It has two wires of the same length, and it is known that if an end is connected, a wire will burn in one hour.How to measure 45 minutes with only two of these topics and games without playing the threads with your hands?

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Responder: Light the two ends of the first wire and one end of the second.When the first line is complete when it burns completely, it will take 45 minutes.

8One night, a butcher, a baker and a candle manufacturer went to a hotel.However, when they got their account, it was for four people.Who was the fourth person?

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Responder: A gentleman

9A man was cleaning the windows of a skyscraper.

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Responder: Fell from the second step.

10A man and his son were injured in an accident.They made two ambulances and took them to different hospitals.The son of the man was in the operating room, and the doctor said, "I can't operate with you. You're my son."How is this possible?

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Responder: The doctor is the wife of the man and the mother of his son.

11What instrument can you hear, but you never see?

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Responder: Voice.

12How to call a clutch and teeth bear?

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Responder: A gelatin bear.

13What happens to a chicken when he's on his back?

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Responder: He's eating.

14If a blue house is made of blue bricks, a red house is made of red bricks, a yellow house is made of yellow bricks.What is done a green house?

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Responder: Glass, wood and plastic.

15.One building has four walls.All the walls are south, and there is a bear inside it.What is the color of the bear?

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Responder: White, since it is a polar bear on the North Pole.

sixteenIn a white house with floor, there was a white person, a white cat, a white fish, a white computer, a white chair, a white table, a white phone, a white shower, everything was white!

What color were the stairs?

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Responder: There was no stairs since the house was a floor.

17A man walked through the park when he began to rain outside.The man did not have a hat and a guard -he put with him, and could not find shelter between the trees due to heavy rain.As a result, all the clothes were wet, but it is not a single hair on the head of the wet man.How could this happen?

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Responder: The man was bald.

18In a field implanted in the field during the battle, a soldier was in guard at night.South.And although the commander was not a superstitious person, he still published observers in the southern part of the plain.

After a while, the enemy attacked exactly on the side shown by the soldier, but as the measures were taken in advance, the army could easily reject the attack and attack in response to the enemy, defeating.After an exhaustive battle and Victoria, the commander put the soldier in prison.Why?

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Responder: Soldiers do not have the right to sleep in guard.

But it is hot.
He sits in the sand,
It is in particular.
People are known,
Follow everywhere.
But he gets nowhere
And all they can do is look.

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Responder: A mirage.

20.A man was driving his car.His lights were not illuminated.The moon was not out.Lady, a girl was crossing the street.How did he see her?

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Responder: It was late on a sunny day.

21.Napoleon Bonaparte, Reina Elizabeth, Neil Armstrong, Sherlock Holmes, William Shakespeare, Nostradamus, Barack Obama.What is superfluous on this list?

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Responder: Sherlock Holmes, since he is a fictitious character, while others are real, alive or dead people.

22I have three syllables.Five letters and a man will remain.Four letters and one woman will remain.Three letters will appear, and a great man will appear.The complete word shows what Joan was arc.

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Responder: Heroin.

23.Ochho girls is at home, and each is busy with some companies:

  • The first is to prepare dinner;
  • The second is to shoot the fireplace;
  • The third is reading a book;
  • The room is playing chess;
  • The fifth is drawing an image;
  • The sixth is cleaning the house;
  • The seventh is hanging from the curtains.

What is the eighth girl doing?

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Responder: The eighth girl is playing chess with the bedroom.

24What word starts with and ends with and, but does it have only one letter?

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Responder: About.

25You take where you want you to go, and you are never heavy.What is it?

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Responder: A name.

26.As you take more, but you leave them behind.What are?

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Responder: Steps.

27As more, you will see.What is it?

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Responder: Darkness.

28.You are a boat full of people.

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Responder: All passengers are married.

29If you show others, it was forever.What is it?

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Responder: A secret.

30How do soccer players stay during a game?

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Responder: They are next to the fans.

32My rings are not made of silver or gold, but I get more of them as I got older.What I am?

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Responder: A tree.

33What can you find at the end of a roming arc?

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Responder: a track w.

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34How many bricks are required to complete a house?

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Responder: Only one (the last brick makes the house full).

35.What all, and some will remain.What is it?

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Responder: WordSano.

36This is an insect whose name contains the name of another insect.What is it?

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Responder: A beetle.

37What is the size of an elephant, but without weight?

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Responder: The shadow of the elephant.

38What can a large room fill without occupying space?

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Responder: Luz.

39If it rains cats and dogs at sock, can you know if it will be hot and sunny in 96 hours?

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Responder: It will not be, because it would be in the middle of Nigth in 96 hours.

40Anna's parents have three children.The eldest son is called Paul.Your younger brother is Peter.What is the name and gender of the third child?

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Responder: Anna, and of course she's a girl.

The toughest puzzle for children and their parents (with answers) (1)

The toughest puzzle for children and their parents (with answers) (2)

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