Top 10 backgrounds | style with ease (2023)

We reviewed dozens of splash guards and listed our top 10 picks.

Jens Hammond

Last updated on April 13, 2022

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    An essential addition to any kitchen, the best kitchen splatters can feel the power of messy cooking. If you're a messy cook, you're probably tired of leaving splatters on your walls and the hassle of removing tiles and grout. A bulkhead can be a great solution for you.

    The splatters come off easily and no one will ever know you cooked that steak! But not everything is messy. They are also a stylish addition to your kitchen and can add interesting accents. your kitchen design.

    We've researched for hours to save you the unnecessary hassle of looking for the best splashbacks, and ultimately to make sure you're buying the right splashback for your budget and needs. Let's take a look at some of our favorite splashback walls.

    The best of 2022


    Rangemaster UNBSP110BL
    Top 10 backgrounds | style with ease (2)

    Similar to other Rangemaster glass cooktops, only this one is designed for those with an even bigger stove. Or maybe you want a real eye-catcher that covers most of the wall.
    This 110 cm bulkhead can be used in conjunction with large hobs and ovens thanks to its enormous capacity. It will capture every little splash, even if it's a little misguided.
    As always, it's built to last and to make cleaning your kitchen an easy task. This is a sleek and stylish design that will add style to your kitchen and is available in your choice of stainless steel or black.

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    • Dimensions: (W) 67 x (L) 109.8 x (P) 0.6 cm
    • Suitable for: 110 cm hobs and kitchen stoves
    • Material: Metal
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Colors: stainless steel and black

    reasons to buy

    • Choose between two colors
    • So the metal can withstand the heat
    • Easy installation on tiles

    reasons to avoid

    • It costs more than €150
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    Top 10 backgrounds | style with ease (3)

    The Logic Splashguard steel offers excellent value for money and, of course, a lot of practicality.
    Kitchen spatters are not products to be sold - over time, we've learned how important they are and it makes sense to ensure we have one that not only lasts, but also complements the style of our contemporary home kitchen settings.
    You can buy this 90 cm screen for under €50, making it one of the best budget screens on the market. It's an incredible price, but still perfectly suitable for use alongside a large 90 cm wide stove.
    It is made of stainless steel, easy to clean and can be easily mounted with the supplied wall fixings.

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    • Dimensions: (W) 65 x (L) 109.8 x (P) 0.7 cm
    • Suitable for: 90 cm hobs and stoves
    • Material: Stahl
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Colors: stainless steel

    reasons to buy

    • It's available at an incredible price.
    • It is made of metal and is durable, can withstand high temperature.
    • Can be easily installed

    reasons to avoid

    • one color only


    unbranded SBK100
    Top 10 backgrounds | style with ease (4)

    This metal splatter offers an attractive look as it is a sleek and attractive panel that you can use to cover your splatters to prevent grease and other cooking splatters. It's free of tags or any embellishments, which we found very attractive overall! At 100 cm wide, it shouldn't be too difficult to set up and keep in place.
    It's high temperature resistant, which means you should never have too much trouble keeping those pesky splashes and spills from getting all over the place. It is very easy to clean and keep clean, and it is also extremely easy to mount on the wall. If you're struggling to find the best splash resistance and ease of cleaning, this is probably a good choice for you.
    It's easy to install yourself, so make sure you measure carefully and you're good to go.

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    • Dimensions: (W) 75.0 x (L) 100.0 x (P) 1.0
    • Suitable for: 100 cm wide hobs and ovens
    • Material: Metal
    • 1 year warranty
    • Colors: stainless steel

    reasons to buy

    • very easy to clean
    • Heat-resistant material makes it ideal for stoves and ovens
    • Super easy to hang on the wall
    • Big enough for most stoves

    reasons to avoid

    • none that we can see


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    Sandstrom S90SPGB13 splash guard
    Top 10 backgrounds | style with ease (5)

    This affordable and stylish kitchen splash will probably fit well in modern kitchens with monochrome color schemes - though it probably looks great in most modern environments. It is very easy to fix it on your kitchen wall without any help and without drilling. Simply attach with the included adhesive and you have a great looking splash guard right out of the box.
    This splash guard is stain resistant and easy to clean. Plus, it's also heat resistant up to 200 degrees C, which means it's probably ideal for most hobs and stoves. Measuring 90 cm wide, it's perfect for small to medium sized kitchen areas where grease and other splatters can stick to the walls. Make sure you protect them with something that is strong and durable.
    Overall, this is an inexpensive kitchen splashback that works perfectly in any kitchen that can create a lot of mess!

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    • Abmessungen: 750 x 895 x 5 mm (A x B x T)
    • Suitable for: 90 cm wide hobs and stoves
    • Material: Glass
    • Colors: black

    reasons to buy

    • attractive price
    • Elegant veneer and appearance
    • dirt repellent
    • Temperature resistant up to 200 degrees C

    reasons to avoid

    • Color may not suit everyone


    Top 10 backgrounds | style with ease (6)

    This luxurious, high-quality back cover has been specially designed for Rangemaster cookers, meaning you're probably in the best position to match your wares. This opulent splash is available in sleek black stainless steel and is likely to look great alongside all of the brand's popular kitchen units and appliances.
    This splash guard is finished with a non-porous coating, which means it will likely always be easy to clean and keep clean no matter what you throw at it. At almost 110 cm wide, it is recommended for Rangemaster's widest products, meaning those with narrower units should look for an alternative.
    However, this is by far one of the best looking splash guards on the market right now - and it might be worth the investment.

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    • Abmessungen: 670 x 1099 x 6 mm (A x B x T)
    • Compatible with: 110 cm Rangemaster cookers
    • Material: stainless steel
    • Colors: black
    • Warranty: 2 years

    reasons to buy

    • Looks fantastic - black gloss
    • Very easy to clean and keep clean
    • Ideal for Rangemaster units and products
    • Premium quality construction

    reasons to avoid

    • Very expensive


    Top 10 backgrounds | style with ease (7)

    Unfortunately, spills and stains easily get out of your pots and pans onto the wall. If you regularly cook tomato-based dishes or roast chicken/steak, you know they can be stubborn and cause permanent discoloration. Fortunately, we have the resolution.
    Smeg designed this stainless steel splashback that is easy to attach to the wall. It's a well-known name in the world of small and large appliances, but whether you have your own fridge/freezer/oven/blender or just want a touch of luxury, it will fit perfectly in any kitchen.
    After using your hob, you can simply wipe off the spill and enjoy hygienic cooking. This steel pickaxe is therefore also resistant to high temperatures, ensuring a durable item.

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    • Dimensions: (W) 75 x (L) 89.2 x (P) 3.5
    • Suitable for: 90 cm hobs and kitchen stoves
    • Material: Metal
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Colors: stainless steel

    reasons to buy

    • It is durable and strong and can withstand high temperatures.
    • It comes from Smeg, which means it's reliable and of high quality.
    • easy to install

    reasons to avoid

    • It costs around €150


    Baumatic BSB6.1SS
    Top 10 backgrounds | style with ease (8)

    Kitchen splashbacks come in different sizes and you need to choose one based on the size of your stove. It is suitable for a medium-sized board as it is 60 cm wide.
    With this metal splash guard, you can protect your kitchen from kickback when preparing the most delicious spaghetti Bolognese, soup or stew. It comes in stainless steel color and is easy to install with tile adhesive. As it is made of metal, it withstands high temperatures.
    Attach it to the back of your stove in minutes and enjoy the durable design that will keep your kitchen clean and stylish for years to come.

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    • Dimensions: (W) 75.0 x (L) 60 x (P) 1.1
    • Suitable for: 60 cm hobs and stoves
    • Material: Metal
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Colors: stainless steel

    reasons to buy

    • It's a great value and can be bought for less than £50
    • It's easy to clean
    • easy installation

    reasons to avoid

    • Only one color available
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    Rangemaster UNBSP994BL
    Top 10 backgrounds | style with ease (9)

    By now you know the Rangemaster and its dominance when it comes to kitchen stove products. Understandably, they also do an excellent job of providing glass splatter for the stove backdrop.
    It's important to put a splash guard on to protect your decor, especially if you cook messy things often, and this does a great job given its size. It is designed to fit behind a large hob or hob, perfectly occupying the space between hob and hood.
    It is easy to install with clear silicone adhesive. You can also easily clean it when you're done cooking. This is the perfect stylish addition to your home and kitchen and comes in a few different finishes to match your other appliances.

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    • Dimensions: (W) 75.0 x (L) 99.4 x (P) 0.6
    • Suitable for: 100 cm hobs and kitchen stoves
    • Material: Glass
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Colors: Silver, Black and Gray

    reasons to buy

    • It's super stylish and comes in three colors
    • Made from colored glass that is not only smooth but also easy to clean.
    • Offers protection against stoves and wide ranges
    • easy installation

    reasons to avoid

    • One of the most expensive options


    Rangemaster LEISP100SS
    Top 10 backgrounds | style with ease (10)

    If you already own one of their ranges, you already know that Rangemaster makes quality products and this mudguard is no different.
    We loved the glass model when we reviewed it, but this one is metallic, which might suit some decors and environments better. This time, you can still enjoy easy cleaning and peace of mind knowing your product can withstand high temperatures. As such, metal may be better for those who frequently cook and fry on the stovetop.
    Your choice of black and stainless steel so there's one for you, and adhesive or tile fixings make it an easy-to-attach option.

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    • Dimensions: (W) 67.0 x (L) 100 x (P) 0.6
    • Suitable for: 100 cm hobs and kitchen stoves
    • Material: Metal
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Colors: stainless steel and black

    reasons to buy

    • It is made of metal, which makes it durable and sturdy.
    • It is elegant and offers stainless steel and black
    • Can withstand high temperatures
    • easy installation
    • easy to clean

    reasons to avoid

    • Color options are solid, but still on the basic side.


    LIGUE 444442908
    Top 10 backgrounds | style with ease (11)

    Again, we have another bulkhead compatible with a 90 cm wide cooker and hob surface.
    It shines with a high-quality design and is available in a black finish. It makes cleaning easy after cooking, and you can enjoy the durable tempered glass surface that is easy to maintain, scratch-free and shiny.
    Heat, water and shock resistant, it's sure to be a staple in your kitchen for years to come, no matter what tasks you throw at it.

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    • Dimensions: (W) 75 x (L) 90 x (P) 4 cm
    • Suitable for: 90 cm hobs and stoves
    • Material: Tempered glass
    • Warranty: 2 years
    • Colors: black

    reasons to buy

    • It was made of tempered glass, which makes it resistant
    • It's stylish and easy to clean.
    • easy to install

    reasons to avoid

    • It costs around €200
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    See how to find the best

    Thanks to our compilation, finding the best splash guard is very easy. All you have to do is find one that suits your home, keeping the following points in mind.


    The most important factor is size, which depends on the size of your stove. If your cooktop surface is 90 cm wide, you should look for a hob that matches that size. There are a number of variations with sizes including 60cm, 90cm, 100cm and 110cm. However, you might want a bigger one to fill an empty space.


    Depending on your preference, you can opt for metal or glass. Both can be stylish and durable, but generally metal is the more durable of the two when it comes to high temperatures and glass is usually the most stylish addition to your kitchen.


    We have selected different products that fit different budgets. If you have less than €50 to spend, you can find a stylish metal splashback, but you can also find quality tempered glass products for around €150-200.


    Our team has listed the warranty on each specification. While there's not much that's wrong, issues such as discoloration or warping can occur after a few months. Choose one that has been around for at least a year to ensure you have peace of mind when purchasing.

    To install

    Fortunately, almost any splash guard is easy to install. Many of them even come with a fixing kit, which you can use a silicone or other adhesive to secure the hob to the tiles on the back of your stove. Usually no drilling or hammering is required, making them good for rentals or apartments as well.

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