Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (2023)

Write-O-Rama is your chance to try several workshops offered by Hugo House mentors in one writing-filled day! Try Hugo House classes, meet our teachers, and try genres and topics outside of your expertise without the pressure of signing up for full classes.

Event overview

This Write-O-Rama will be held virtually on Zoom. During the day, you will attend four workshops of your own choice, one per hour of the event.

The first class starts at 12 noon. There will be four workshops to choose from in each session, each session lasting 50 minutes with a 10 minute break before the next session starts.

Choose your favorite workshops and go to the virtual room where they are held! The instructor will give a short talk on the topic, followed by a prompt for writing or practice. After 50 minutes you can stay in your room or move on to the next class of your choice.

Types of parties

  • $60: Write-O-Rama registration, which gives access to four workshops of your choice.
  • $100: Write-O-Rama registration plus discountMembership in the House of Hugo, which is good for a year of pre-registration, discounts on classes and events, discounts at local bookstores, and other great benefits.


12:00-13:00 PT classes:

The Poetics of Translation with Jeanine Walker

As many poetry mentors have confirmed: if you want to write poetry, translate. Today, working with Korean (no previous knowledge of Korean required), we will translate a few lines and get inspired in our efforts to find new ways to create our own poetic sentences.

Let's write a story with Holly Day

In this class, we'll cover the basics of how using an outline can help you start a story and bring it to completion. We'll also discuss how basic plot structures change drastically depending on who your characters are, and especially who the writer is.

Belonging: Homescape with Christine Hemp

Especially in times of upheaval, we seek refuge in a place of belonging, past and present. Maybe it's a country you had to flee from; or the playhouse from childhood; a corner in your kitchen; or, after a pandemic, to discover that your home is no longer your home. During this mini-workshop we will deal with the questions: "What really is home?" and "How are we going to write about it?"

Eat an Apple: Writing Sensual Experiences with Yasmine Ameli

Using Imtiaz Dharker's How to Cut a Pomegranate as an introductory text, these interactive guided exercises will encourage writers to practice mindful sensory awareness. Writers eat the fruit of their choice in real time while recording observations about the experience; we will study fruit in many stages: unopened, during preparation, during eating and after consumption. We will then review our observations; circle the descriptions, lyrics and language that excite us the most to continue; and share these discoveries in the chat.

13:00–14:00 PT Activities:

A Letter from Home: Kincaid's Jamaican One-Sentence Stories with Noah Zanell

In this workshop, we'll look at Jamaica Kincaid's one-sentence short stories and explore how she uses the recurring lyrical sentence to blend flash fiction with prose poetry. We will then write our own one-sentence stories in response to Kincaid's work.

World Building with Scott Driscoll

All fiction writers are involved in world building. The better you do this, the more likely the reader will want to follow your character into that world and root for them to solve the problem. This 50-minute course will begin with a look at building the outer world. What is that. How do you do that. Comparison of realism and fantasy. We will then explore how the character's inner character and commentary give meaning to these worlds.

Unlock your stories with Margot Leitman

You have great stories to tell, you're just numb to them. In this session, we'll use bestselling author Margot Leitman's tried-and-true advice to uncover the real stories in your life that you've completely forgotten about.

The antidote to Beth Slattery's indifferent nature

Whether you're writing about fictional or real people, these "characters" should appear 3D to readers. This generative session will be devoted to writing new characters (and reviving old ones) until they are alive and well.

14:00–15:00 PT Activities:

Silent Anatomy: Writing the Body with Christie Valentin-Bati

A book of hybrid visual poetry by Asian-American poet Monica OngSilent anatomycombines art, photography and written poetry to discuss topics such as immigration, family dynamics and femininity. Often her works transpose images of the body into text. Drawing inspiration from her poetry, prose and art, participants will work with medical body diagrams to write their own visual and hybrid poetics.

How to kill a boring sentence with Ramón Isa

Probably the only rule of writing is to never be boring, especially at the sentence level. Join Ramón Isao for a fun and safe way to bring nonsensical sentences to life.

What is your diary REALLY about? with Jennifer Haupt

Perhaps the hardest part of journaling is coming up with a container for your story. What is the driving question? What are the main events and, just as importantly, what is not in your book? In this workshop we will do some generative exercises to start answering these questions.

Being Brave in Narrative Time with Peter Mountford

(Video) Spring Home Decor - Third & Main Spring 2023 Modern Farmhouse & Contemporary Subscription Box

Your stories - real or fictional - don't have to be shy over time. In this class we will look at how to make big movements over time: stretching, chopping, stopping, scattering. Flashbacks, flashbacks, nested flashbacks, we'll do it all.

15:00–16:00 PT Activities:

Poetry Under Pressure: Finding Freedom Within Limits with Jennifer Perrine

Constraints can help us shake off our habitual writing habits, push our poetry in a new direction, or find language for what seems unspoken. We'll write using several playful and poetic constraints—such as lipograms, acrostics, and bout rimés—to discover what happens when we skip hard constraints.

Undertones and Subtweets in Contemporary Fiction with Carolyn Abram

As more and more communication takes place online, fiction writers face a dilemma – how do you represent a textual conversation online? In this dynamic class, we'll look at some examples from contemporary fiction, discuss how text exchanges differ from their IRL counterparts, and practice turning text into fictional dialogue.

Writing the Possible: Micro Memories with Darien Hsu Gee

Micro prose (300 words or less) provides an unexpected route to the narrative of our lives. Poet Maggie Smith's heartfelt and captivating memoir,You can make this place beautiful, fills 208 micromemories, lyrical vignettes about the most difficult and beautiful moments of her life. We will discuss the micro-prose form, create a class writing activity, and then explore what is possible with the work and its dissemination.

One day it will be fun: take out the humor of Natasha Moni

How do you find your comedic voice in your literary work? Going beyond the usual suspects of comedy itself, these courses will use advice/quotes from contemporary comedy geniuses to accelerate your own pursuit of humor. From wit to slow burn, we'll try a few exercises to get you out of the editor's head, leaving you with comedic suggestions/resources to explore on your own.

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (1)

Christie Valentin-Bati

she hers

Christie Valentin-Bati is a poetry teacher from Chicago. Her work has been commended by the Academy of American Poets, commissioned by the ACLU, and her micro-chapter "Journal" has been featured in Porous Gallery. He likes plants and shadows.

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (2)

Jasmine Amelie

she hers

Yasmine Ameli is an Iranian-American writer. Her work has appeared in Poetry, Plowshares, The Sun, BWR and more. She teaches creative writing and works independently as a holistic writing coach.

Web page:yasmineameli.com


Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (3)

Noah Zanella

I'm a non-binary writer and musician from Chicago. I have a master's degree in poetry from Columbia College Chicago. In 2022, I received an award from the Academy of American Poets. Elieen Lannan. I try not to miss everything.

Web page:noahpzanella.wixsite.com/moja-stranica

(Video) 2023 EARLY SUMMER HOME TOUR | SPRING & SUMMER Cottage Decorating Ideas | Home Decor Tour

LinkedIn:Noah Zanella

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (4)

Margot Leitmann

she hers

Margot Leitman is an award-winning storyteller, bestselling author, public speaker and teacher. A former narrator for This American Life, she is considered a leading expert in the growing field of storytelling. Leitman wrote two books on the subject: a bestsellerA Brief History: The Only Guide to Storytelling You'll Ever Needand her lastWhat is your story? A handbook for the storyteller in all of usboth from Sasquatch Books. Her Comedy DiaryGawky: Tales of an extremely long awkward phaseis available from Seal Press/Perseus Books

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (5)

Peter Mountford

The author of the novel is Peter MountfordA young person's guide to late capitalism(2012. Washington State Book Award for Fiction) iDark science(as selected by NYT editors). His works appeared inParis Review,Southern Review,Atlantic,Sun,Grant, andMissouri Review. He currently teaches in the MFA program at Sierra Nevada University, teaches at Creative Nonfiction, Hugo House, and is a writing mentor and developmental editor. Peter's former students and clients have published numerous books, stories and articles, including two NYT bestselling authors (Tara Conklin and Rachel Griffin).

Teaching Style and Philosophy: I believe the best thing I can do for students is to free them from the tyranny of giftedness and the vagaries of inspiration that are fair-weather friends. Instead, I want you to refine your personal aesthetic and develop an author's voice, and most importantly, develop a fluidity with the elements of craftsmanship. When you can easily control what happens on the page, creating work for publication is no longer a mysterious case, but a familiar and not at all scary process.

Web page:petermountford.com

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (6)

Natasha Monia

she hers

Born in the North and raised in the South by native Dutch and Native Americans, Natasha Kochicheril Moni writes and lives in the Columbia River Gorge. Her poetry, prose, essays, and reviews have been published in over 70 magazines, anthologies, and magazines, includingDIAGRAM,Indiana Review,Verse,Rumpus, andEntropy. Natasha's poetry collections includeCardiologist's daughter(Two Sylvias Press, 2014.),Put away your fleece(Pocket press for shirts, 2017),Almost(press for dancers, 2018) iPeople(Imaginary) (2018 Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Contest Winner, 2018). As a former editorCrab Creek Review, an Artist Trust and Hedgebrook panelist and an intern at Small Press Distribution Books, Natasha enjoys advising writers on their submission and publication journeys.

Web page:nataszamoni.com

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (7)

Jennifer Perrine


Jennifer (JP) Perrine is the author of four award-winning poetry books:Again,The body is not a machine,In the human zoo, andNo confession, no mass. Perrine's recent poems, stories and essays appear inMissouri Review,New letters,The magazine Sdemi val,Buckman's Diary, andGay and lesbian review. Based in Portland, Oregon, Perrine co-hosts the Incite: Queer Writers Read series, teaches creative writing to teens and adults, and serves as a wilderness guide. To learn more, visithttps://www.jenniferperrine.org.

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (8)

Beata Slattery


Beth Slattery moved to Seattle after eighteen years of teaching creative writing and literature at Indiana University East. Since moving, he has been writing and editing. Beth is currently working on a collection of personal essays about her middle-aged marriage to Zimbabwe, her move from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest, and her reluctant acceptance of the call to adventure. Her most recent publications includeTest: Journal of journalistic studiesandSouthern women's revue. Beth's recent editorial work includes being a "beta" reader for an author with a multi-book contract, content and copy editing of a personal collection of essays, and providing comprehensive editorial services for an edited academic volume subsequently published by Oxford University Press. He received an MA in Fiction Writing from the University of Miami and an MA in Literature. She received her PhD in Creative Nonfiction from the University of Southern Maine - Stonecoast.


Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (9)

Karolina Abram

she hers

Carolyn Abram is a writer from Seattle. Her work is focused on the intersection of technology and everyday life. Her short stories have appeared in various publications, includingThe New California Writing AnthologyandUnusual. Her works have also appeared inMcSweeney'sInternet trend iwrap around. She is the author of eight editionsFacebook for morons. She graduated from Stanford and California College of Arts.

Web page:carolynabram.com

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (10)

Hollyn and

she hers

Holly Day has worked as a freelance writer for over 30 years, publishing over 7,000 articles, poems and stories worldwide, includingAnalog SF,Review from Harvard, andNOW. There are dozens of books and notebooks published by both large and independent publishers, the latest of which are non-fiction books,Music theory for dummies,Musical composition for dolls,Frequently Asked Questions About Tattoos, andA history buff's guide to Minneapolis; and books of poetryThe Book of Beasts,The tooth is the largest organ in the human body,Bound in ice, andLinks to the summer book. Her work has been nominated for the National Magazine Award, the 49th Parallel Prize, the Isaac Asimov Award, multiple Pushcart and Rhysling Awards, and has received two Midwest Writers' Fellowships, the Plainsongs Award, the Sam Ragan Poetry Award, and the Science Fiction Poets Association's Dwarf Star Award.

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (11)

Janina Walker

she hers

Janina Walkeris the authorThose two can outlast me(2022). She has received writing grants from the Artist Trust, the Jack Straw Cultural Center, Wonju, a UNESCO City of Literature, and Inprint. Her works appeared inBennington Review, New Ohio Review, Pleiades, Prairie Schooner, and anywhere. PhD poet Jeanine is a creative writer at the University of Houston. She is a longtime poetry teacher and most recently taught English at Kangwon National University in Chuncheon, South Korea.

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (12)

Christina Hemp

she hers

(Video) What’s New in Homesense Spring 2023 | Home Decorating Ideas | Come Shop with me

Chapter of Christine Hemp's memoir,Wild ride home, was recently published inThe New York Times. Her poems and essays were also publishedSalon.com,Iowa State Review,Psychology todayand on NPR. He believes that in order to write well, one must live well, not in terms of "professional success" or an "excellent" essay. a story or a poem, but in how we accept the unknown, the uncomfortable and the ecstatic. Only then can we offer our readers the truths they crave.

Web page:christinehemp.com

Facebook:/hemp ropes


Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (13)

Jennifer Haupt

she hers

Jennifer Hauptis the author of the novelIn the shadow of 10,000 hillsandCome as you are. As an editor, she received the Washington State Book Award for General Nonfiction in 2021Lonely together: love, grief and comfort in the time of COVID-19. Her essays and articles have been published inOh, Oprah Magazine,Psychology today,Rumpus,Sunand many other publications. He teaches at Hugo House and elsewhere.

Web page:jenniferhaupt.com

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (14)

Scotta Driscolla

Scott Driscoll je nagrađivani instruktor (UW, Educational Outreach Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Arts and Humanities 2006), a njegov debitantski roman,You better go home, was chosen as the winner of the competition for the first preface book of criticism. In 1989, he won the University of Washington's Milliman Prize for Fiction.

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (15)

Ramon Izao

Ramón Isao is the recipient of the Tim McGuinness Prize for Fiction, as well as a member of the Artist Trust and the Jack Straw Cultural Center. His stories appear in magazines such asThe Iowa Review, Deveto pismo, Moss,andHobart,and his films include ZMD and Dead Body. He holds a master's degree from Columbia University and is the fiction editor of the New Orleans Review.

Write-O-Frame Spring 2023 | Hugo's house (16)

Darien Hsu Gee

she hers

Darien Hsu Gee is the author of five novels published by Penguin Random House that have been translated into eleven languages. In 2022, she worked as editor-in-chief of Nonwhite and Woman: 131 Micro Essays on Being in the World. In 2021, her collection of micro-essays Allegiance was awarded the IPPY (Essays) Bronze Award. Her book of poetry Other Little Stories won the 2019 American Poetry Society Chapbook Fellowship, judged by Patricia Smith. In 2015, she received the Ka Palapala Po'okela Award of Excellence from Hawai'i Book Publishers for her non-fiction book, Writing the Hawai'i Memoir. Darien lives with his family on the island of Hawaiʻi.

Web pages:dariengee.comandpisarz-ish.com


Who is the executive director of Hugo House? ›

We are pleased to announce today that the Hugo House Board of Directors has named Diana Delgado as Hugo House's new Executive Director.

What is Hugo House Seattle? ›

Hugo House is a nonprofit literary arts organization that aims to open the literary world to everyone who loves books or has the drive to write. It is our mission to give people a place to read words, hear words, and make their own words better. We strive to create a place where that vision comes to life.

Is Hugo House non profit? ›

Hugo House is a nonprofit literary arts organization that aims to make writing accessible.

Who is the boss of the executive director? ›

Executive directors report directly to the board and are responsible for carrying out the board's decisions. Although an executive director is also involved in the day-to-day management of the organization, these duties may be shared with a chief operating officer (COO).

Who is the toy shop owner in Hugo? ›

His life in the station is made complicated by a toy shop owner named Georges Melies. Yes, this grumpy old man, played by Ben Kingsley, is none other than the immortal French film pioneer, who was also the original inventor of the automaton.

Is Richard Hugo House open to public? ›

Free and open to the public; program, hosted by Nancy Guppy, includes readings from local writers (including Maria Semple, Anastacia-Renee, Quenton Baker and Hugo House writers-in-residence Kristen Millares Young and Amber Flame), live literature-inspired music, a Works in Progress open mic and an after-party (8-10 ...

What does Hugo do for a living? ›

Hugo (musician)
Hugo at VERY TV in November 2014
BornHugo Chula Alexander Levy 6 August 1981 London, England
OccupationsSinger songwriter actor
Years active2000–present
6 more rows

What is the oldest house in Seattle? ›

Ward House (Seattle)

Who is the richest non profit? ›

Wealthiest foundations by endowment value
1Novo Nordisk FoundationCopenhagen
2Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationSeattle
3Wellcome TrustLondon
4Stichting INGKA FoundationLeiden
43 more rows

Does the CEO of a non profit make money? ›

Non-profit founders earn money for running the organizations they founded. They often put in long work hours and make far less money than executives at for-profit organizations.

Who pays the CEO of a non profit? ›

What should a nonprofit pay its chief executive? The board of directors is responsible for hiring and establishing compensation (salary and benefits) for the executive director/CEO that is “reasonable and not excessive,” but is also enough to attract and retain the best possible talent to lead the organization.

What is higher than CEO? ›

The chairman of a company's board of directors is superior to the CEO. A company's CEO must seek board approval to make any significant decisions. As head of the board, the chairman holds considerable sway over how the board votes on decisions proposed by the CEO.

Is executive director higher than MD? ›

While both the managing director and executive director are high-level positions, the managing director is the highest-ranking executive position.

Is A CEO higher than a director? ›

A managing director is below the CEO in a corporate hierarchy. The person filling this role reports directly to the CEO and must fulfill the CEO's orders and expectations.

What is the most famous toy store in New York? ›

FAO Schwarz New York

The biggest toy store in New York is FAO Schwarz. The iconic store has been in the city since 1870 and is one of the oldest toy stores in the United States. The toy store offers extraordinary, unique toys for all ages from all over the world.

What is the biggest toy store in the world? ›

Hamleys' flagship store has seven floors covering 54,000 square feet (5,000 m2), all devoted to toys, with different categories of toy on each floor.

Who is the kid who owns Woody? ›

Woody is the favorite toy of his owner Andy Davis and is the leader of the toys in Andy's room. However, his position is jeopardized by the arrival of Buzz Lightyear, an astronaut action figure that Andy got as a birthday present.

What is the history of Hugo House? ›

Linda Breneman (Jaech), Frances McCue, and Andrea Lewis founded Hugo House as a home for those who prize the written word. They named it for Richard Hugo, who etched the Northwest in verse and who taught so many others how to improve their work. As the founders suspected, people came: to learn, to listen, to write.

Why did Hugo Go to jail? ›

The man tells him that he was originally sent to prison for stealing a loaf of bread to save his sister's family. This is the same backstory that Hugo gives for Jean Valjean. At another point he tries to escape by conning a superstitious guard to give him his clothes.

Did Hugo have a girlfriend? ›

Love Island star Hugo Hammond has found love again as he has moved in with his Love Island Australia girlfriend Layla Ruby John.

How did Hugo lose his body? ›

When Hugo learned the truth about how Vector's promise was always a scam, he tried to climb up to the sky city with his newly upgraded cyborg body, but security measures on the tube severely injured him and he fell to his death despite Alita's best efforts to save him.

What is the oldest livable house in America? ›

Fairbanks House (Dedham, Massachusetts)
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap Interactive map showing the location of Fairbanks House
Location511 East Street, Dedham, Massachusetts
Coordinates42°14′36″N 71°10′04″W
Builtca. 1641
Significant dates
10 more rows

What city in the US has the oldest houses? ›

1. Taos Pueblo. The Tao Pueblo is an active Native American community that is situated at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range. The rich oral history of the Tao expresses the longevity of the Tao people and scientific data dates the oldest buildings as being built between 1000 and 1450 AD.

Where is the oldest house still standing in the United States? ›

According to the people who still inhabit the Taos Pueblo, the main part of the existing structures was built between 1000 AD and 1450 AD — which makes the Taos Pueblo the oldest building in America.

Who are the most generous billionaires? ›

The richest and most generous Americans in 2022 include Michael Bloomberg, who has given away US$14.4 billion over his lifetime; Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, who have contributed US$3.9 billion to charities so far; and Bezos, with total donations of US$2.79 billion.

Which church is the richest in the world? ›

List of wealthiest religious organizations
OrganizationWorth (billion USD)Country
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints100.0United States
Sree Venkateswara Swamy Temple30.0India
Catholic Church in Germany26.0Germany
Catholic Church in France23.0France
9 more rows

What charity gives the most to the poor? ›

Charity NamePercentage of funds that go directly to the cause, versus administrative or fundraising costs
Matthew 25: Ministries99.40%
Kids In Need Foundation99.40%
Brother's Brother Foundation99.40%
Direct Relief99.40%
15 more rows
Dec 28, 2017

Can I pay myself from my nonprofit? ›

Is it legal to pay yourself? There are thousands of nonprofits throughout the United States that employ individuals to work on a full-time basis. It is perfectly legal to pay individuals for their work!

Can a founder of a nonprofit be fired? ›

The founder of a nonprofit organization can be fired if his or her actions are not approved by the board of directors or shareholders, or if the actions of the founder cast a negative light on the organization.

What happens when a nonprofit makes too much money? ›

When there is a surplus of nonprofit cash it can lead many board members and staff of the organization to question what to do with the extra money. The money will need to be reinvested back into the organization in a number of different ways.

Who is the boss in a non-profit? ›

The CEO/Executive Director is responsible for the management of the non-profit, which implies day-to-day oversight of employees, programming, operations, and finance. However, the CEO also typically co-creates the long-term vision with the Board and helps to organize and manage the Board.

Can you pay yourself as the CEO of a nonprofit? ›

💡Can I pay myself in a nonprofit organization? Absolutely. Fair work deserves fair compensation. You will just have to be sure that what you are being paid is considered "reasonable compensation" by IRS standards to avoid penalty.

Can I be the CEO of my own nonprofit? ›

A nonprofit can have a president/CEO and an executive director if the organization maintains a specific structure. For example: President/CEO who has full authority for operations. Board with a volunteer chairperson.

Who does Hugo live with? ›

Synopsis. In Paris in 1931, Hugo Cabret (Asa Butterfield), a 12-year-old boy, lives with his widowed father, a kind and devoted master clockmaker.

Who is the executive director of Napa? ›

Olivia Dodd has been named the first executive director of Napa Valley Presents, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, supports performing arts through grants for programs that create, present, and connect people with performing arts.

What building does Hugo live in? ›

Based on Brian Selznick's 2007 book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, it tells the story of a boy who lives alone in the Gare Montparnasse railway station in Paris in the 1930s, only to become embroiled in a mystery surrounding his late father's automaton and the pioneering filmmaker Georges Méliès.

What is the audience rating for Hugo? ›

Rating & Content Info. Why is Hugo rated PG? Hugo is rated PG by the MPAA for mild thematic material, some action/peril and smoking. Violence: People are pushed and shoved to the ground as characters race through the train station.

Who owns most of NAPA? ›

One shows the largest owners of Napa County grape acreage, currently led by:
  • Laird Family Estate.
  • Diageo (Beaulieu Vineyard, Sterling Vineyard, Mumm Napa Valley)
  • Foster's Brewing Group (Beringer Vineyard)
  • Robert Mondavi (Robert Mondavi Winery, La Famiglia di Robert Mondavi, and half of Opus One Winery)

Who is the executive director of Auberge at Scottsdale? ›

Amy McWilliams - Executive Director - The Auberge | LinkedIn.

Who is the CEO of Queen of the Valley NAPA? ›

Meet the new chief executive at Napa's Queen of the Valley medical center: Terry Wooten. He's been with Providence and St. Joseph health for 25 years.


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